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  1. bgibb

    Richlands vs Graham

    Last year we ended the streak, this year we add the exclamation point. Keep it up G-men!
  2. bgibb

    Richlands vs Graham

    This game will come down to the mentality of Graham. Last year they finally ended the streak, but this is still Richlands we are talking about. Since the passing of Carlock, Richlands has owned us. Like a lot of other people have posted, if Graham commits stupid and unnecessary penalties, Richlands can name the score. I look for a good showing from both teams and the G-Men pulling out a very hard fought W over their bitter county rival. Graham 21 Richlands 17
  3. bgibb

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Prayers for this young mans family, friends, and RHS. Similar situation happened when I was in high school and it literally affects everyone associated with the school. I would love to see Graham and RIchlands come together before the game Thursday night and honor this young man with prayer.
  4. bgibb

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    People who say Bluefield plays a "weak" schedule obviously don't know how hard it is for the Beavers to schedule local competition. Teams in the area don't want to play Bluefield because they not only lose but get embarrassed. People always give Coach Simon hell for running up the score on teams but what is he supposed to do? Take a knee the entire second half? People don't like Bluefield for the same reason people don't like Richlands, they win all the time. If your team has dropped the Beavers off of their schedule, then you have no right at all to accuse them of playing weak competition. Especially when Bluefield has had to schedule teams like Charlotte Country Day School in the past because they couldn't get anyone around here to play them.
  5. bgibb

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    Lb with a 71 yard Td run first play on offense for them. Up 7-0 over the beavers
  6. bgibb

    Longest Tenured Coaches?

    Coach Carlock coached the G-Men for 31 years. 1973-2004
  7. bgibb

    Tazewell @ Richlands

    If this game was being played at Bulldog stadium, I would be calling for the upset. But with this game being played at Ernie Hicks Stadium, which I have said many times is one of the most intimidating places to play, Richlands will win this game by at least two touchdowns. Blues 38 Dawgs 20
  8. bgibb

    Lebanon vs Graham

    I call a spade a spade my friend. Believe me, I have the upmost respect for Coach Palmer and what he has done with our program since he has taken over. We have gone from a team that was getting scheduled for everyone's homecoming, to a team that is a threat every year. But it doesn't take Lee Corso to tell us that this team is undisciplined. That doesn't mean these young men are causing trouble or are not good upstanding young adults. It means their emotions get the best of them on the field. Great players and teams learn to channel that emotion and use it productively instead of negatively.
  9. bgibb

    Lebanon vs Graham

    Could not agree with you more. Graham is a good football team, but being undisciplined is what's stopping them from being great. The fault falls on both the players and coaches. Players for not being mature enough and the Coaches for not correcting the issues. Cam Allen's touchdown last week is a perfect example. Showboating and talking trash on the way to scoring a touchdown (against a team that has not won a game), only to be taken away. Graham has always had false start and offsides problems, but the unsportsmanlike penalties are uncalled for. Mark my words, Richlands will destroy Graham this year and not because Richlands has more talent, but due to the fact they have better coaching and are disciplined.
  10. bgibb

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    Other than Bluefield, who has the best chance to win the rest of their games? Which team, other than your winless and one win teams, should be pressing the panic button right now?
  11. bgibb

    Princeton vs Graham

    I do agree that Graham will win this game, but I have seen Princeton play this year and this game could be way closer than what everyone is expecting. Princeton plays schools much bigger than most teams in our area. One thing I will say about Princeton is that they tackle very well and hit extremely hard. Realistically Graham should win 40 something to 20 something, but if Graham comes out flat or continues to play undisciplined, the Tigers might win this game. I am thinking a final score of 34-24 G-Men.