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  1. bgibb

    Graham and Glenvar

    Very glad to hear this. I was there for only a short period of time, but what I saw when I was there was not good. How was Reed?
  2. bgibb

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Graham is hosting Glenvar this evening. I have seen the times of 5 and 5:30 pm. Free admission for anyone wanting to check out the G-Men or the Highlanders.
  3. bgibb

    Graham vs Beaver how are teams stacking up?

    Should be one of the more competitive games in recent memory. Both teams are loaded with returning players and both teams lost big time play makers, Taymon Cooke for Graham and Mookie and Truck for Bluefield. Look out for Cam Allen for Graham and I can't remember the name, but Bluefield has a young kid that is already getting d1 attention and is supposed to be lighting fast. The game will come down to which team can when the battle at the offensive and defensive line. Two big turnovers last year for Graham pretty much lost them the game, the interception returned for a touchdown and the fumble at the one yard line. If Graham wants to win, they can't turn the ball over at all. If they can hold on to the ball and contain Bluefield then Graham has a good chance of winning but Bluefield will be tough to beat this year.
  4. bgibb

    Questions for Pod

    If you could pick any coach that has coached in this area to coach your schools football program right now, who would it be? Past or present If you could change your schools team colors, would you change them and what would you pick?
  5. bgibb

    Prayers Needed

    Good morning everyone. I hate to start this morning off with some rough news, but everyone please keep the Princeton Tiger football team in your prayers. I do not have all of the details and I will not mention a name, but one of their players was in a pretty bad ATV accident and apparently it is not the best of situations right now. Living in Princeton now, I know the community, school, players, and family of the injured player could really use some good vibes and prayers sent their way.
  6. bgibb


    Well that would explain why I haven't heard anything haha
  7. bgibb


    Haven't heard a number for the G-Men yet but if I had to guess based on the previous seasons, it will be 40-50.
  8. bgibb

    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    1. Bluefield 2. Ridgeview 3. Graham 4. Union 5. Richlands 6. VHS 7. Galax 8. Marion 9. Chillhowie 10. Grayson Co.
  9. If anyone is interested, multiple Graham/Beaver games have been uploaded on YouTube the past couple of weeks. The most recent was the game in 2005, the first game after Coach Carlock passed. One of the more intense and passionately played games I have watched that have been uploaded so far.
  10. bgibb

    The Bluefield Beavers

    I don't see a school from WV beating the Beavers this year. Graham, Richlands, and Lord Botetourt have the best chances to win against the Beavers but still it will be tough. Hearing that the defense should be scary good this year. They have a pretty good shot of going back to back even with the Mookie and Truck now gone. I have said it before and I will say it again, Bluefield doesn't rebuild, they reload.
  11. Who is the early favorite to win the SWD? Who will be the surprise team of the SWD this year?
  12. Graham @ Richlands 2007. Graham upsets Richlands at Ernie to end their 33 game regular season win streak. Graham/Beaver 2008. Graham holds Bluefield at the one yard line to win the game in probably one of the most controversial moments in the history of the rivalry. Graham/Beaver 2017. Bluefield holds Graham at the one yard line to win the game. Any game at Ernie when Richlands is in the playoffs. Even as a Graham grad, the atmosphere is always awesome.
  13. bgibb

    2017 top talent,where are they going

    Graham's Taymon Cooke- Marshall Bluefield's Mookie Collier- Marshall Bluefield's Truck Edwards- Pitt
  14. bgibb

    Graham 2018 home games

    This is going to be very interesting. I'm sure that the Mercer BOE was banking on that Graham would still use Mitchell until the completion of the new Stadium. Now that it has been voted on, I can only imagine what will happen. There are so many questions that will have to be answered. What will happen with the Graham/beaver game? This year Graham is supposed to be the home team. What will happen to Mitchell Stadium? I would assume the BOE won't make BHS pay fees to use the stadium, so that only leaves Bluefield College paying the fees. There is no way they will be able to keep Mitchell open with only Bluefield college paying fees. They struggled to do so with Graham, BC, and BHS paying the fees. A lot of feathers are about to ruffled in the upcoming months. Also I would assume that Graham will have to play either on Thursday nights or on Saturdays if they are sharing Bulldog Stadium. Tazewell has a lot of home games at the beginning of the season and so does Graham. The City of Bluefield WV had to know that Graham was going to be building the new sports complex and then they decided to give ownership to the BOE because they saw $$$ going down the drain.