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  1. Graham has the athletes to keep it competitive, but Bluefield is loaded with upperclassman talent this year. Traditionally, Graham doesn't handle the Bluefield press well and the game is being played at the Armory. Bluefield by 10-15
  2. I believe that Bluefield would have beat Goochland but I believe that Graham would have beat Fairmont. Fairmont exploited Bluefield's offense by stopping the run and making Bluefield pass which is something they don't do very much because lets just be honest, they don't play anyone that can stop their running game. Graham has a good balance of run and pass which could have scored on Fairmont. Goochland would not have been able to contain the speed of Bluefield and Bluefield would have smothered Goochland's running game just like the G-Men did. Graham finished as the best team in the area this year and they have hardware to prove it, Bluefield does not. As far as who would win in a rematch, if Graham and Bluefield were to play this Friday, with the new additions and strides Graham has made on defense, I personally believe Graham would win by at least 7 points but unfortunately we will never know.
  3. The Polar Bears will be hype for the re-match and I believe way to emotional wanting to get "revenge". Bluefield will win back to back state titles and win by at least 2 touchdowns.
  4. If Graham keeps playing the way they are playing then Graham makes it to Salem. This is the most focused I have seen any Graham squad in a long time. No disrespect to Radford or anyone else, but I honestly believe the only team that can beat Graham right now is Graham by shooting themselves in the foot. Keep rolling G-Men!
  5. If you go back a couple pages on this topic you will see the video of Union coaches “hype” video saying Graham’s uniforms look like McDonalds
  6. Who is buying the McDonalds?
  7. If all of these posts don't show why Graham and Union should play in the regular season every year, I don't know what will lol
  8. Graham will not "roll" in this game. If this game was being played at Mitchell, I would say Graham by two tds, but this is at Union. I will say, Graham did end up winning big on Saturday, but there were times when they looked rough and back to their old ways like the beginning of the season. Graham has the same mental block with Union like they did Richlands meaning they have lost the game in their heads before they even step foot onto the field. The only way to cure that is to win the game. Graham is peaking at the right time but what I saw on Saturday scared me. If Graham plays a complete game physically but most of all mentally, Graham will win this game but it is not going to be a blow out like everyone is saying. Graham 21 Union 16
  9. Bro you can't be that damn heartless. A 25 year old young man with all the kindness and talent in the world tragically lost his life, and instead of expressing condolences, you would rather take a cheap shot because your suck ass football team can't beat Richlands. Absolutely pathetic. Prayers for the Richlands community and Devon's family. I met him a few times in town and up at Marshall and he was such a nice person. He would actually take time to talk to people instead of brushing them off. Another young life gone way to soon, but heaven picked up a special angel today.
  10. The times he has played at QB I have been very impressed. If Cam was to be injured, it obviously would hurt, but Lester can hold his own. Great athlete.
  11. Last year we ended the streak, this year we add the exclamation point. Keep it up G-men!
  12. This game will come down to the mentality of Graham. Last year they finally ended the streak, but this is still Richlands we are talking about. Since the passing of Carlock, Richlands has owned us. Like a lot of other people have posted, if Graham commits stupid and unnecessary penalties, Richlands can name the score. I look for a good showing from both teams and the G-Men pulling out a very hard fought W over their bitter county rival. Graham 21 Richlands 17
  13. Prayers for this young mans family, friends, and RHS. Similar situation happened when I was in high school and it literally affects everyone associated with the school. I would love to see Graham and RIchlands come together before the game Thursday night and honor this young man with prayer.
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