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  1. Pulaski Co. Richlands George Wythe Floyd Co. Radford Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax Grayson Co Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie JI Burton Thomas Walker No. 9 Florida No. 13 Wisconsin No. 8 Auburn Florida St. North Carolina West Virginia No. 21 Virginia No. 3 Georgia Buffalo Kansas City Minnesota Los Angeles Chargers Los Angeles Rams GotW Narrows 31
  2. Looking forward to this one Friday night. Graham’s biggest issue right now is penalties by far. They have left a lot of points off the board this year so far because of penalties. Graham is a great football team but once they get the penalties cleaned up, they will be a excellent football team. Much respect for Union and their program and I believe this will be a great hard hitting game. With that said I believe Graham has more speed and will win 35-21.
  3. bgibb

    Giles @ Graham

    Safe travels to the Giles fans coming to Bluefield. Hoping for a great and injury free game!
  4. Galax Radford Graham Ridgeview Gate City John Battle JI Burton Union Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Tennessee Grayson Co Twin Valley Patrick Henry Castlewood Hancock Co., TN North Greene, TN Lord Botetourt No. 13 Penn St. Tennessee Virginia Tech West Virginia No. 17 UCF Marshall No. 9 Florida No. 1 Clemson No. 25 Virginia Minnesota Tennessee Pittsburgh Dallas Los Angeles Rams Atlanta G(s)otW Pulaski Co. 60 Chilhowie 42
  5. As a Graham fan we just need to call it what it is and be honest. Yes, Graham gets transfers and we have been for years now. With success usually comes transfers of players that aren't on successful teams. I don't blame the kids or parents because if you want to get noticed and play at the next level, it helps when you are on a winning team. College recruits are more inclined to watch a good player on a good team than watch a good player on a bad team. Richlands was the team to beat for a decade so of course they received their fair amount of transfers and took a lot of heat for it which I always found to be extremely unreasonable.
  6. Abingdon going against a tough Pulaski team + Coach Mance with a extra week to prepare = a Richlands W
  7. Thoughts on this game? On paper Graham should name the score, but Giles always plays the G-Men very tough. I never overlook Giles because of that offensive system
  8. After seeing the dawgs in action last night I can say that this is the best team they have had in awhile, Graham just had more athletes on the field and executed almost to perfection. If there is such a thing as a good loss, I believe last night was a good one for Tazewell. They now know where the need to be in order to compete in the district and against teams with more talent than VA High. This game against Mt View could be a make or break game. If the dawgs win this game I believe it will do wonders for them with confidence in the rest of the season, but if they lose the season could turn into a long one. With that being said, Tazewell wins by at least two touchdown. Good luck the rest of the way Dawgs!
  9. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Carroll Co. George Wythe Giles Central Battle Ridgeview Graham Narrows Galax Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Holston Rural Retreat Bluefield Virginia (Friday) Boise St. Virginia Tech Missouri Clemson BYU LSU North Carolina Cleveland Philadelphia Kansas City Los Angeles Chargers New England G(s)otW Union 41 Chilhowie 43
  10. If Graham can contain the speed of Tazewell from breaking to the outside then Graham should win this game. We definitely need to get Lester some help and get our running game going Friday night. This kid is a beast but he did everything but drive the bus to the stadium last Friday. I can see Tazewell keeping it close for a couple of quarters but Graham will win this game 42-20.
  11. Ridgeview Pulaski Abingdon Carroll Co. Ft. Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Central Richlands Union Honaker Chilhowie Virginia Glenvar Grayson Co. Narrows Grundy Hurley Patrick Henry Rye Cove Cumberland Gap, TN Twin Springs East Mont. West Virginia South Carolina Tennessee App. St. Boston College Marshall No. 16 Auburn Virginia No. 4 Oklahoma (Sunday) GotW Graham (39)
  12. Graham has the athletes to keep it competitive, but Bluefield is loaded with upperclassman talent this year. Traditionally, Graham doesn't handle the Bluefield press well and the game is being played at the Armory. Bluefield by 10-15
  13. I believe that Bluefield would have beat Goochland but I believe that Graham would have beat Fairmont. Fairmont exploited Bluefield's offense by stopping the run and making Bluefield pass which is something they don't do very much because lets just be honest, they don't play anyone that can stop their running game. Graham has a good balance of run and pass which could have scored on Fairmont. Goochland would not have been able to contain the speed of Bluefield and Bluefield would have smothered Goochland's running game just like the G-Men did. Graham finished as the best team in the area this year and they have hardware to prove it, Bluefield does not. As far as who would win in a rematch, if Graham and Bluefield were to play this Friday, with the new additions and strides Graham has made on defense, I personally believe Graham would win by at least 7 points but unfortunately we will never know.
  14. The Polar Bears will be hype for the re-match and I believe way to emotional wanting to get "revenge". Bluefield will win back to back state titles and win by at least 2 touchdowns.
  15. If Graham keeps playing the way they are playing then Graham makes it to Salem. This is the most focused I have seen any Graham squad in a long time. No disrespect to Radford or anyone else, but I honestly believe the only team that can beat Graham right now is Graham by shooting themselves in the foot. Keep rolling G-Men!
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