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  1. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    Well said, and Bluefield will go 10-0 regular season. I will bet anyone on this board about that. And I see what you’re saying about not screaming at the kids because these days they will quit. But tonight Giles did make a few good plays on defense and there should’ve been some excitement on the sidelines over it. Especially Bluefields second drive when we forced a 3 and out. I know they will improve, I just hope we can stay healthy and have the same amount of payers come week 10.
  2. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    Good to hear!
  3. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    I noticed Anton wasn’t dressed out. Everything okay with him?
  4. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    Bluefield is a very good team who will likely repeat. They are quick, big, and play like a team. Giles is young, inexperienced, and doesnt have team chemistry right now. I don’t see us having an 8 win season but I do think we will improve. I just want to see some more emotion on the sidelines from the players and coaches. Whether we go 0-10, 5-5 or 10-0, I’ll be there every Friday supporting our boys.
  5. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    I said this all week. No emotions at all on the sidelines
  6. SWVAgridiron

    Giles @ Bluefield

    Giles has not crossed midfield in the 1st half
  7. SWVAgridiron

    Mitchell Stadium

    It’s that time of year again to make Mitchell Stadium loud!
  8. SWVAgridiron

    Grayson Co. at Narrows scrimmage

    Not sure what Grayson retuned this year but they ended the season strong last year with big wins over Galax and Ridgeview. Sounds like Narrows improved since last weeks scrimmage.
  9. SWVAgridiron

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Backs have potential but they are young. I don’t see than making a transformation like Beidleman did from his Junior to Senior year but this will be a learning year for them. Another thing I’ve noticed is that there is no emotion from this team or the coaches(based off of scrimmage). Not bad mouthing the coaching staff at all but when I see how other coaches really get into it, I can see how it effects the players. If coaches show no emotion, than neither will the players. I was watching Jack Turner(new head coach of Carroll Co) last Saturday at the scrimmage and while people may have mixed feelings about him, the way he goes about teaching his players when they do something wrong, and giving them recognition when they do something good by running up to them and hugging them is what I’d like to see on our sidelines. Again, I’m not bad mouthing our coaching staff because I think we have a damn good staff, in my opinion we just need some more emotion.
  10. SWVAgridiron

    TMAR Nite

    Is it at 6 or 7?
  11. SWVAgridiron

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    About even. Pikeview lacks size but has some quick players. The rb #44 I believe doesn't go down easy. He isn't the fastest back but he runs hard. Narrows defense looks to be competitive again. Didn't see much from their offense.
  12. SWVAgridiron

    TMAR Nite

    Pretty sure this is happening tonight
  13. SWVAgridiron

    Graham vs Beaver how are teams stacking up?

    All I know is that if Bluefield wants revenge on Giles from the last two benefit games, this will be there year to get it. It’s going to get ugly quick at Mitchell Friday....
  14. SWVAgridiron

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Indeed Hokie we looked really bad
  15. SWVAgridiron

    Scrimmage Games and Jamborees?

    Giles' offense looked lost in the scrimmage against HV. We have a huge line but the blocking wasnt great and the backfield is very inexperienced. We had 3-4 turnovers which I guess is expected in a scrimmage. Run defense looked solid but secondary needs alot of work. I went and watched Narrows, Carroll, and Pikeview on Saturday. I would not rank Giles above any of those 3 right now, all about even in my opinion but I also dont know how good HV is this season. I think the potential is there for us to finish 6-4 or 7-3. Im sure the coaching staff will get the kinks worked out before district play.