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  1. I wish you would go back to the trailer park and never come out...
  2. Floyd IMO is not that good of a team. But we'll see what happens with Glenvar.
  3. I have no complaints on defense. But when you run 44 15 times and it doesn't work, don't try that play 20 more times. We attempted 2 pass attempts and had people open all over the place both times. When the defense is stacking the box, you pass it some to back them off.
  4. I'm usually not one to ever complain about coaching, but if Williams doesn't start airing it out some, he's gonna get Beidleman killed because he has to do it all. Horrible play calling tonight kept Floyd in the game. But a win is a win, if we play call against Glenvar like tonight then they will beat us by 30
  5. Giles 38 Floyd 17 4Q 4:17
  6. Giles 31 Floyd 17 4Q 6:42
  7. Blacksburg winning 42-12
  8. Giles 24 Floyd 17 3Q. 1:17
  9. Giles 24 Floyd 10 16 seconds til halftime
  10. Giles 17 Floyd 7 2Q. 7:07
  11. Giles 10 Floyd 7 2Q: 9:47
  12. Giles 10 Floyd 0 2 mins left in the 1st
  13. Giles 3 Floyd 0 6 mins in the 1st
  14. Abingdon Giles Radford John Battle Graham Union Ridgeview Marion William Byrd Bland Rural Retreat George Wythe Hurley Twin Valle JI Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Chilhowie Boise St. Tennessee Virginia Tech Oklahoma St. Georgia West Virginia Atlanta Minnesota Seattle Kansas City Oakland GotW Grundy 42
  15. I'm going with Byrd on this one but I'm thinking it'll be a 10 point game.