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  1. Gate City Football

    He’s there to stay!
  2. James Mitchell is a.....

    This made my day ?
  3. Appomattox

    I just want everyone to see that I haven’t always cheered against Appomattox! Not until they banned the horn at least ??‍♂️
  4. Podcast Questions--End of the Season Show

    That’ll keep them busy!
  5. Appomattox

    That was a crazy play! And I thought that would be the back breaker for Appo but that next drive they went 3 plays and in the end zone. Much respect to them for never quitting as well as Lee. Had Appo not gotten field position on the 50 every possession Lee might have taken this one by 2 tds.
  6. Appomattox

    Congrats to Appo on 3 amazing seasons. R.E. Lee was the better team IMO, but they got out coached in all phases of the game in that 2nd half. Appomattox may not 4-peat next season, but with this new Era they have started, they will now be in the mix of things for seasons to come.
  7. VA Football State Championships 12/10/2017

    I was at the 10yd line. It was a first down. Should've been spotted at the half yard line.
  8. Chilhowie vs. Riverheads - 1A State Championship

    Best of luck to the Warriors! Pull off the upset and bring the trophy back to SWVA!
  9. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 15

    I just let dad listen to the part about the horn and he absolutely loved it!
  10. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 15

    No problem @Union_Fan! Even though we didn't get the outcome that we wanted, me and my father had a blast! Looking forward to making future trips to BSG!
  11. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 15

    Well said my man!
  12. SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 15

    Thanks fellas for the work and time y'all put into doing these podcast!
  13. Football only part of fight for Louisa Co HC

    Whether Louisa wins or loses, that will be a very emotional ending. I lost a step dad to cancer a few years ago who was only 54. He was in my life for 19 years, so he truly was a second dad. I hate to see anyone have to battle that.
  14. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I watched film on how we blew it in 2012 and 2013 and I could see how people might get upset. I wouldn't ever go as far as to say that it cost a team to lose a game, but then again im not on the field playing so idk what it sounds like out there. But no one has had a problem with it in the last few years.
  15. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    Since it was your first time hearing it this year, did you think that it was disrespectful how it was blown? Or will you admit that it was blown right, the same way we’ve been blowing it since 2014. One of the goals of Saturday was to make Appo look bad for how they were complaining that it was blown “inappropriately”. I found it comical that Appo coaches went to the refs before the game even started to complain about it.
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