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  1. Soccer_Dad

    M7 Soccer

    It's almost time for the 2019 season. Practices have started at most of the schools. So I am just wondering; Who are the teams to watch out for this Spring?
  2. Soccer_Dad

    Region D Tournaments

    Well we'll just chalk that one up as neither team playing their best game. Good luck to all four of the remaining teams. I hope one of them can bring home another championship for Southwest Virginia
  3. Soccer_Dad

    Region D Tournaments

    That's what I didn't know. I was wondering if Graham was having an off night as well or not. But just judging by tonight's game, that's what I saw. That was probably the most unforced turnovers Battle has had all year.
  4. Soccer_Dad

    Region D Tournaments

    Battle played bad in the areas that Union excels. Battle got destroyed on the Defensive glass. Graham had a lot of 2nd-3rd-4th chances on the Offensive end. They even rebounded several of their own missed free throws.
  5. Soccer_Dad

    Region D Tournaments

    Graham just beat Battle 60-59 in Overtime. That was about as bad as I've seen Battle play this year on Defense. Not taking anything away from the G-men. But in my opinion, Union shouldn't have any problem with Graham.
  6. Soccer_Dad

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Union over Battle 72-62... GC over Central 72-61
  7. Soccer_Dad

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    First off. I'm not from GC or Central. So I am not biased.... But the Central Students chanting "Bull**it" very loudly when calls don't go their way is a bit ridiculous. A few of the adults from Central are even standing up to ask them to stop. That has to be embarrassing for their fans.
  8. Soccer_Dad

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Does anyone have a clue what time the M7 Boys games are scheduled for tomorrow?
  9. Soccer_Dad

    Region D Tournaments

    Does anyone have a clue what time the M7 Boys games are scheduled for tomorrow?
  10. Soccer_Dad

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Abingdon won the coin toss. They will host Battle
  11. Soccer_Dad

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    No local teams left in the Winners' Bracket after the 1st Round as usual. Looks like attendance for the tournament just took another big hit this year. Other than the DB/Science Hill game (should draw a decent crowd), it'll probably be less than half full the rest of the way. Especially since most of the Tri-Cities will be at work while our local teams are playing. Oh well. Maybe next year...... Also, Knox Bearden & Carmel Christian look really good.
  12. Soccer_Dad

    Slagle out for Union

    That's just plain awful. I was really hoping he could finish his Senior season. I did get to see him play twice this past weekend at Sullivan East & he looked good. I wish him the best moving forward... Keep your head up young man.
  13. Soccer_Dad

    All Star Saturday!

    First off, Congratulations to all the kids getting to play in the 2 games. But I wonder what the criteria is for selecting the kids who get to play in the VHSCA & FCA All-Star games is. I noticed kids (Seniors) from our area who made 2nd Team Region D are playing in the VHSCA event while some 1st team selections (Seniors) were left out. I also noticed in the FCA event that a 1st Team Region D kid (Senior) was not selected, while 3 of his teammates who didn't make 1st Team were selected. I know this kid was really looking forward to getting a chance to play in this one. That seems kinda odd to me.
  14. Soccer_Dad

    All Region D Team?

    Congrats to all the kids selected
  15. Soccer_Dad

    2018-19 SW VA boys basketball schedules/scores

    Battle @ Abingdon tonight,12/11/18, has been postponed. Make-up date is January 10th