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  1. Darren Reed Out

    He will be learning from the best.
  2. Honest question

    Let's just be glad a kid from this end of the state made it D1, especially in basketball.
  3. Graham 2018 home games

    We are just providing job security for the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. If we could just put a tent over this mess we would have ourselves a circus. In the last two weeks we have covered two school closings, coaches not being paid, now they are getting paid, no middle school sports, and now one high school getting an "anonymous" 50k donation to cover the expense of them playing football at Mitchell Stadium. Stay tuned we haven't even started back to school yet. This has been a busy off season for TCPS.
  4. Graham 2018 home games

    You called it right! Talking about small town shenanigans at its finest. Gotta love it!
  5. Graham 2018 home games

    Are you saying TMS will be playing their games at GHS? I didn't think Tazewell had a JV team.
  6. Graham 2018 home games

    I really didn't realize there was "bad blood" between the two. This is unfortunate.
  7. Graham 2018 home games

    According to BDT the issue of Graham playing at Mitchell Stadium still hasn't been resolved. Middle school and JV games are to be played at Graham HS. I'm assuming those fans are to have a seat on their thumbs just like the school board has been doing as of late. Lots of finger pointing in today's article between Va and West Virginia.
  8. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Very possible. I'd hate to see kids k-5 be on a bus for that long of a ride but I'm sure they would do that before they would bus kids from Dudley to Abbs Valley. Lol. I would have rather seen them close Dudley or Graham Intermediate and sent those kids to Springville. Unless there have been changes the last time I was at Dudley there wasnt enough room to whip a cat much less house that many students and helicopter parents.
  9. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    I will be stunned if Dudley is on the chopping block. Maybe the other two but not Dudley.
  10. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    That is an interesting article. It does seem as if we are in a perfect storm of disaster on this end of the state. As far as Tazewell county goes, I wonder where we rank across the state for personal property taxes. I think after this last increase we are .60 per $100 accessed. I may be incorrect on that. I'm sure I may be looking at this wrong but it seems raising the property taxes "this time" is somewhat of a short sighted answer to the problem. In Bluefield, Va we have two elementary schools that are probably 1.5 miles apart. Dudley being a k-2nd and Graham Intermediate 3rd-5th. Both Richlands/Cedar Bluff and Tazewell/North Tazewell are somewhat similar in distance between each other but they are all to my knowledge k-5. I dont see the benefits of the having the two schools in Bluefield Va set up the way they are. I'm afraid we have some more tough decisions to be made in the very near future.
  11. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    And the BOS way of raising taxes. Lol
  12. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    My thoughts exactly.
  13. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Any updates on public education and athletics or lack thereof?
  14. TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Thanks for sharing. Very good.
  15. Graham 2018 home games

    According to WVVA the city of Bluefield has decided to keep Mitchell Stadium.
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