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  1. 99Bama

    Gate City @ Central

    Serious question. Is it a definite that he's not at Gate City next year?
  2. 99Bama

    VOTE Week 10 Top 10

    1. Bluefield 2. Pulaski County 3. Chilhowie 4. Graham 5. Abingdon 6. Ridgeview 7. Union 8. Galax 9. Radford 10. Patrick Henry
  3. 99Bama

    Marion at Tazewell

    I agree to an extent. Idk if you watched the game last night or not. For 3 quarters Tazewell got whipped. In the 4th quarter they showed they can play football. The only way to describe the first 3 quarters is flat out LAZINESS!The play calling, the type of offense, or the type of defense did not change in the 4th quarter. The only difference was they decided to play. They are under achieving and if they don't change their mentality next year will be a repeat of the past 10 years. Next year starts Monday in practice for these kids. The excuse "they are young" needs to end. Sooner or later they are going to have to decide how bad they want it. Can't blame the coaches for everything.
  4. 99Bama

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    I asked for the Bluefield score. You gave me the score and page number to find it. No worries. I appreciate your help.
  5. 99Bama

    Score Updates: Week 9 (10/19/18)

    Bluefield score?
  6. 99Bama

    Richlands vs Graham

    There's probably been a little bit too much read into Palmer "being fired" by Mance. 25 years is a long time for two coaches to work together. It was probably more like a mutual agreement to just part ways. Besides, would Graham's players really pay that much attention to that anyways?
  7. 99Bama

    Richlands vs Graham

    I'm sure D. Palmer had a part in the defensive game planning for this game. But Rex Bradshaw's contributions to our defense can't be overlooked.
  8. 99Bama

    Richlands vs Graham

    Like Ryan said Richlands quit in the 2nd quarter. That's the best I've seen Graham play as a unit in a very long time. Total team effort, good play calling, and most of all the defense played great. Good luck to Richlands the rest of the way. Continued prayers for the family and friends of Justin Dye. He was represented well tonight.
  9. 99Bama

    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    What is it??
  10. 99Bama

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    So Chris Akers is the reason the Redskins didn't have enough kids for a team this year?
  11. 99Bama

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    Good point. From a law enforcement perspective, what exactly can be done? Say for instance Little Johnny is making fun of someone's weight, height, race or whatever the case may be. What can they do to put an end to it before a child takes his/her life? I'll be honest, I know schools place signs up in the hallways and tell everyone they have a "No Bullying Policy" but when it's reported to the school most of the time nothing is done.
  12. 99Bama

    Keep Richlands High in your thoughts

    I would think the kind of home life a kid as would play a role in it. Parents and family involvement in a kids life or lack there of can make a big difference. When we went to school our issues were basically over at the last bell. Today kids take it home with them via their cell phones. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social media have really enabled bullying.
  13. 99Bama

    Marion at Tazewell

    Very true. I had high hopes for Tazewell having a winning record this year. Friday night's performance was disappointing to say the least. If Marion can find someone willing to run the ball up the middle it may be another long night for Tazewell.
  14. 99Bama

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    I can understand the frustration from the Gate City faithful concerning their football team losing as much as they have lately. Sometimes when you are inside a situation like this you don't always see things the same way as someone on the outside looking in. In this case those of us on the outside see a handful of Gate City fans bashing the coach for the past year and a half. When you watch the video that was posted that isn't a team that has given up on their coaching staff or the game of football. Whether the fans, coaches, parents, or kids want to admit to it or not the talent simply isn't on the field. Are the "athletes" not playing because of Chris Akers? Possibly. I'm gonna say it has to do with a lot of kids walking around with a basketball in their hands hoping to be the next McClung. I'm not saying that's a bad thing but it is what it is. I'm sure back in the day kids were wanting to be the next Houseright. I may be reading the few of you wrong but it seems there is a perception that when Reed or whoever takes over Gate City football will return immediately to its glory days. That may very well be the case but just in case it doesn't happen then what?