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  1. Graham Clark Resigns

    I'm just glad we are talking about football now and not basketball! Lol
  2. Gate City State Champs

    Congrats to Gate City!! Very glad to see a basketball state championship on this end of the state.
  3. Graham Clark Resigns

    Akers will be leaving Gate City now!
  4. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Dook is that you??
  5. Grundy wins #21

    Congrats to Grundy for another impressive performance. Congratulations to all the local kids for a job well done.
  6. Best McClung dunk yet?

    Very well said. Thank you.
  7. Wrestling 2017-18

    Was that the regional or sub-regional? Just curious. 2A held their districts this past weekend. Lebanon won the SWD.
  8. Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    I'd say you probably feel............guilty. Lol Just kidding Ryan.
  9. Head Coach?

    The ghost of Smiley Ratliff
  10. Grundy's wrestling schedule 2017-18

    Very impressive
  11. Peach Bowl

    Its official the governor of Florida just declared UCF National Champs. In other news Oprah is considering a run at the White House.......
  12. New VA State Tournament Format

    So how many place at State?
  13. James Mitchell is a.....

    @cityofRaven has to be in the running for Post of The Year. His posts as a whole are the best.
  14. Graham beats Mavahi...

    Even the Police Blotters are tough to read in the BDT.
  15. 2017 All-State teams

    Well said.
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