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  1. #BBN

    Union/Va High Benefit Game

    Union wins with final drive scoring go ahead touchdown! I believe score was 24-21!
  2. #BBN

    Union/Va High Benefit Game

    Union up 17-7 at the half. Falin hit 38 yard FG as time expired at the half.
  3. #BBN

    Union/Va High Benefit Game

    I tuned in and listened to the first drive and now the broadcast has went out.
  4. Didn’t get to make it to VHS tonight, after the game can someone leave a little feedback on both teams! Thanks!
  5. #BBN

    Richlands and Grundy benifit game

    I don’t think you have anything to worry about before going to Gate City! Not a knock on Gate City, just a rough spell in talent seems like! Blues take that game easy!!!!
  6. #BBN

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Seems to me it would put a lot of schools in distress to find that extra game. I understand not having enough kids to play, but this had to be seen back when summer workouts began. Did the coaches think they could talk enough people into playing or what? This story as a lot of unanswered questions, I am sure a lot of people would like to know!
  7. Just wondering when and where everybody’s first scrimmage is? Has most of the local teams done away with jamborees and went to benefit games? I know when I played, I always liked playing in the jamboree, a couple different teams playing and the start of the excitement for the year!!!
  8. #BBN

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    Is Culbertson still playing at Burton? That kid was a heck of a LB and FB?
  9. #BBN

    Top returners...

    For Union the Polier kid is definitely one to watch. He will be a junior this year and just has got stronger. I believe he has made the move to LB this year. Bailey Turner is returning to the QB position after a season ending knee injury in the 2nd week last year. Jenkins is another tough player to watch, he’s quick as lightning just has to toughen up between the tackles. Bunch is returning on the line and with another year of experience under his belt he will be a force on the line.Those are three that come to my mind. Can’t wait for Friday nights!
  10. #BBN

    Questions for Pod

    Would Phil Robbins have as many state championships without Barry Jones being the defense coordinator? Phil had all the talent in the world and was a heck of a coach, but Barry was a master mind on the defensive side of the ball!
  11. Nice video Ryan, it has me all hyped up and ready for football to start! It can’t come soon enough!!
  12. #BBN

    Darren Reed Out

    Could Reed possibly be going back to coach at GC? From the sounds of it people wouldn’t happy with Akers, and would they be willing to take Reed back?
  13. I think a guy to watch defensively will be the Polier kid from Union. I was very impressed with him at DE last year, and if I am not mistaken he made a deep run in the state tournament in wrestling and has only got stronger!!!
  14. Will Gate City Football ever be back to what it used to be? The team that everyone dreaded to play?
  15. #BBN

    Defensive Coordinator

    Last I heard Barry Jones will be coming back to Union to help out, but Jay Edwards will be the D coordinator. If Barry does come back, I’ll be really excited to see him back on the field as a coach. Probably the best coach I ever had in any sport, great motivator and expected the best from you every day out!!! Always seemed to get the best out of each player he coached!!