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  1. McCamis has a torn ACL and will miss the 2018-2019 basketball season. How do you all seeing Central finishing this year without McCamis in the line up. They still have a solid core of players returning, and I am guessing Elijah Hayes will be the starting PG now. Anybody else have any input on this situation at Central?
  2. #BBN

    Prayers needed

    Definitely a big scare. Hope a concussion is all it is. Prayers for the young man in days to come and hope he makes a full recovery!!!
  3. #BBN

    Aaron Rose from Virginia High

    Prayers for this young man. Hope everything goes well and he gets to finish out the season. Good luck the rest of the way.
  4. Possibly could be 3-3, was in position to beat Thomas Walker and Castlewood but couldn’t make the plays at the right time.
  5. #BBN


    All you referees on the board and those who are Friday night bleacher referees, my question, is it possible to be called for targeting as you are running the football, and a defensive player is approaching you to make a tackle? I’ve seen it called, and then I’ve talked with other people that sees the other side of it too. As a running back, on contact most are taught to lower their head and shoulder pads and make the defensive player pay for trying to tackle you. I would like to hear other people’s thoughts and comments on this. I understand the rule and don’t have anything against it because I know it is mainly for safety, but I believe it needs to be looked at more, into if it was on purpose or if it was a bang bang play and someone turned/lowered at the last second and it could not be avoided!!
  6. Houseright has made a big difference in the Rye Cove Defense. At this time last year Rye Cove has not even been in ballgames, and this year they have been in a couple ballgames that could of went in their favor. I’d love to see Houseright take over the Rye Cove program and bring a few more in to help him and I believe with a few boys Rye Cove has returning they could be a 4-6 and 5-5 possibly 6-5 in the next two years.
  7. #BBN

    Lee High @ Union

    Polier is a heck of a football player, no matter who he is playing for you have to love his intensity and what he brings to the game!!! Good luck to both teams and may all stay healthy!!!
  8. #BBN

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    How do you see UK football finishing their season? Is it possible to be 11-1, 10-2, or 9-3? What do you think of Benny Snell, is he a legitimate Heisman candidate? Sorry for all the UK questions but we rarely ever get to talk football and be excited about it.
  9. #BBN

    Predictem Week 7 / Weeks 6 Results

    Abingdon Castlewood Central Rye Cove Marion Lebanon Grundy Patrick Henry JI Burton Union Richlands Thomas Walker - LOCK OF THE WEEK!!! Good luck to all this week!!!
  10. #BBN

    Lee High @ Union

    Did the changes in the secondary make Union better on defense or was they better before? I didn’t get to go to Morristown West but seemed to be a great ballgame. Lee High and Union always match up good, but I just don’t see Lee High being able to match up and stop the power running game, or the quickness of Union. Bears 42 Generals 13
  11. #BBN

    Abingdon @ Wise Central

    Why is the QB out for Central? I know he came out of the game against Graham, but didn’t know how serious it was!
  12. Just curious what everyone’s marquee matchup is this week? What will be the best game to attend to see some good hard nosed football?
  13. #BBN

    Score updates 9/21

    Your right man, comes from a great family and is a great kid!!! Has more heart than any kid I have seen on a football field!!!!
  14. Prayers and thoughts to this young mans family and the community of Chilhowie. We all ask why and question the Lord, but it was well said above in that the Lord knows why and knows best.
  15. #BBN

    Score updates 9/21

    Matthew Gibson #52 from Rye Cove unofficially had 21 tackles tonight in the loss to Castlewood. Great game, it’s just rough on these smaller schools that have very few numbers and about every kid on the team is on the field for the full 48 minutes.