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  1. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I seen 6 for the consolation game and 730 for the championship game!
  2. #BBN

    VA western district tournaments (girls)

    Dee Cvetnich scores her 1000th point tonight against Gate City, and Porter was 8 points away the last time I heard!
  3. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    GC/Battle score
  4. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Next year with McCamis back, could be a very good year for the Warriors. You have McCamis, Hayes, Bishop, Lester, Trey Mullins, Brody Allison, Lance Colley, all will be seniors, and you add Brickey in the mix as a junior, and I'm sure a few sophomores from the JV team. All of the returning players have played good minutes this year, and I believe if McCamis comes back healthy it will give them a boost to possibly be favored in the M7 next year!
  5. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Union vs Central for the third time this year!!! Be a very exciting game, can the Warriors complete the sweep or will the Bears grind out a win. John Battle vs Gate City, will Dean go for 50 again and March into the M7 championship or will Battle make a game out of it and keep it close? Whats everyone’s thoughts on tonight’s games, and do these games help or hurt anyone for the Region D tournament?
  6. #BBN

    Region D Tournaments

    Thanks swva_havok_fan.
  7. #BBN

    Region D Tournaments

    Who from the M7 is in the region tournament now? This new system has me all messed up!!! First round games are at host school, then 2nd round is at Graham for Region 2D? Is that correct?
  8. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Boys Bracket: Will Gate City play the winner of Abingdon/John Battle, and the inner of Union and Lee play the winner of Ridgeview and Central? Are these two games being played Monday at 7pm?
  9. Good win by Union! With that win I assume they have control of the #2 seed. With Central losing to Abingdon tonight, where does this put them? I assume the #3 seed. Is John Battle and Central tied now or is John Battle the #4 seed?
  10. I didn’t think Mack was officiating anymore, not seen him in awhile.
  11. Officiating makes all the games around here hard to watch. Looked like a football game the other night between Central and Union. A lot of fouls not called the other night!
  12. Central down 14 with around 3 to go, turned it off and quit listening to it.
  13. Any idea on the Union score?
  14. 31-27 Abingdon up at the half!
  15. Can anyone post updates of these games. Big games for all teams involved for regional seedlings!