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  1. Coaching changes

    Agreed! Personally I think Central had the athletic ability and the athletes to win the Region this year!!!! I am anxious to see who they get, I’ve heard rumors that JW Salyers is going to Central and leaving a coaching vcacancy at Union!!
  2. I’m hearing some coaching changes are coming from the M7? Anybody heard who is going where? I know Mills has resigned at Central, and I have heard Salyers is leaving Union! Just curious what everyone else has heard?
  3. Va High 8 Central 7 in 9 innings. Great ballgame from what I listened to it. A coaching mistake in the 2nd inning cost Central a pitcher for the rest of the ball game. James started, and gave up 6 in the first inning, he was relieved by Jordan Bishop in the 2nd inning. Bishop got out of the inning giving up 0 runs and 3 strikeouts. Bishop was pinch hit for so therefore he could not re enter the ballgame as a pitcher! Bryson Collins come on in the 3rd inning and pitched one heck of a game and had to come out due to the pitch count, and VA High comes away with a double and scores the winning run in the 9th inning!!! Central fought and played a heck of a game after being down 6-0 after 1! I hate to see them lose but definitely not a walk in the park like most people were thinking!!! I would definitely liked to seen the outcome had Centrals coach not made the mistake and pinch hit for Bishop and allowed him to throw more than one inning!!! Good Luck to the rest of the teams still playing!!!! Bring a state championship back to this end of the state!!!
  4. 2A softball

    Consolation games that mean nothing to seeding should never be played!!! To much rush of an injury to a player that don’t even have a reason to be playing the extra game!!! I am a fan of the old playoff system, the conference winner and the winner of the tournament or runner up goes if the conference champion is the same as the tournament champion!!
  5. Region D 1A Baseball Tourney

    Anybody have a clue on region d 2a baseball?
  6. Central Lady Warriors

    All the talk about Eastside and Gate City in the State Fibals, let’s give these ladies and coaches some recognition!!! Who wins this game and why?
  7. Age Limit for Varsity Sports

    She will be on the JV team, but they might not have enough girls, and they don’t have enough for 8th grade, so she basically will have to sit out a year because she can’t play varsity until she is in 9th grade. Looks like they would switch the rule and be like Kentucky and let them play varsity whenever they are deemed ready by the coaching staff......just my opinion...... cheats some one kids out of a year of ball in my opinion!!!
  8. Have a question about requirements for playing varsity sports in the state of Virginia? What are the rules? My sister in law is in 8th grade and is playing JV softball, possibility of not having enough girls to compete on JV, they do not have an 8th grade team, so is she just basically having to sit out a year of school ball if they do not have enough for a JV team? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!!
  9. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    Is it coming on Ball is Life or somewhere else on Facebook? I’d like to see the win but Radford is a huge task in front of them!!!
  10. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

  11. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    Anybody have a score on the Rye Cove girls?
  12. VA Girls State Tournament pairings

    Any scores?
  13. Region D Brackets

    Where did his brother coach at? I am just amazed at how competitive he is year in and year out!!! Always seems to get the most out of his players!!!!
  14. With baseball and softball starting up let’s get some schedules!!! Post them if you have them!!!!
  15. Region D Brackets

    Robin Dotson is probably the most well respected head coach in SWVA history and very well deserved. To take the teams he has had and to constantly win and be in post season play and chances to win state titles speaks for himself. This years team has probably required the most coaching and they are playing in the state tournament. His records shows what kind of coach he is. Nothing but well wishes for the Central Warriors and Eastside Spartans this weekend!!!!
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