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    13-5 Central over Eastside
  2. #BBN

    Central vs Eastside

    10-3 after 6 Central up on Eastside
  3. #BBN

    Central vs Eastside

    10-2 Central right now....not sure what inning it is in!
  4. How did this scrimmage go? Heard Union won 5-4, anybody have any insight on this?
  5. Anybody have the upcoming baseball and softball schedules?
  6. #BBN

    State semifinals

    Congratulations Warriors and Good Luck!!!!
  7. #BBN

    State semifinals

    OT at the Prior center
  8. #BBN

    Will Harless

    Man he stroked that ball!!! Great seeing kids from the local area producing at the next level!!!
  9. #BBN

    Thomas Francisco

    Awesome to see this. He didn't just hit a homerun, he hit a BOMB......
  10. #BBN

    Baseball getting started

    Union is traveling to Knox Central for a scrimmage Saturday weather permitting.
  11. #BBN

    Baseball getting started

    Anybody got any insight on Union? Rumors going around that losing to anybody other than Abingdon in the conference would be a disappointment? Know a few of the kids playing for them and they are good athletes but will they be that much better than everyone else? Central returns 3 strong arms on the mound, and the infield will be strong. Replacing Stallard is a big task behind the plate but I believe Stanley will step in and do just fine. Does anyone know if Lester is playing baseball? He could be a big help in the outfield and on the base paths with his speed! What does Ridgeview and Lee High have, and what are everyone's thoughts on how the conference standings will end up?
  12. #BBN

    Region D Scores/Updates 2/22-2/23

    It should the way the past games have been for them this year!! I would expect it to be another great game!!!
  13. I have an LG 50 inch TV, 2 and a half years old that I was watching fine Saturday, went to bed and turned it off. Come home Sunday, went to turn it on and it would not come in to a full picture. It would blink to a black screen, and then to the picture on the tv. I have read that the LED strips could be bad or the backlight could be bad? I am not a TV repairman, but from what I have read it is not hard to replace and fix! Does anyone know of someone who works on LED TVs and would not charge me an arm and a leg to look at it and possibly fix it! Thanks!!
  14. #BBN

    LG 50 inch tv

    Thanks Single A Fan, I dont want to spend a fortune on it but it's worth checking into.
  15. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Yes I agree, like I stated it's hard for kids to understand the difference between a good clean foul, and a cheap intentional foul. The pushing of McClung was not a good foul and it looks awful, the foul on Lester was awful and in my opinion was just an all out cheap shot, no matter if Dean had been pestered all night long, that's not how you react, and this was early in the game. I've also seen a video of a kid from Central during the regular season game be shoved into the mat under the goal, and no foul was called and nothing said......
  16. Now 1inStripes you know everyone loved playing on that field. Always had a chance of flooding with a little rain, but the best part was hitting a towering fly ball about 250 for a homerun!!😂🤣🤣
  17. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I find it very hard to believe that any coach has instructed a player or players to take a kid out or try and hurt him. From an inside source McCamis has never told his players to take a kid out or hurt anyone, but has told them if they are going to commit a foul on a layup, make a good foul and not let them convert in a 3 point play, which to me is common sense in basketball. Although some kids do not understand the difference in a good clean foul and an intentional foul! Great City said it best, the referees need to take control of the game from the start. It never seems to happen in a high intense ball game. Central is 0-18, but from the past games it is always a big game, with emotions running high. I think if the Referees that ref this game would grow a set of #$@!!, and not put up with the coaches jawing back and forth and give them a technical and sit them both down, it could calm it down some. Referees now let the assistants come on the court and talk to them, and question calls and the truth is the Referees do not even have to answer to the assistants, and should tell them to sit down and if they have a question the head coach should come talk to the Referees. Just my opinion......
  18. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    You can't convince me that the referee standing there with a plain view of it didn't see it happen and just swallowed his whistle. Could of cost a kid to be seriously injured....
  19. #BBN

    Old System vs New System

    I am nominating this post for post of the year! VHSL has basically decided to hand out participation trophies by letting these teams make the playoffs, just so they can make a few extra dollars! I am not knocking any teams, but no way should a team under .500 be in the playoffs competing for a Region D championship or a chance at a State championship.
  20. #BBN

    Region D Tournaments

    So what does the Region D tournament look like now?
  21. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    The kids on the Central basketball team all are pretty good kids, I know most of them pretty good and have been watching them play since they were in elementary school, so don't let the actions of a COACH ruin it for the kids!
  22. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Everyone is fussing about McCamis at Central, and the sad thing is the people of Wise and Pound will not go and say nothing about it. I am not from Wise or Pound, but I have seen many Central games this year and they have a really good chance to be a great ball team, but something is holding them back........and I'll leave it at that and let you all discuss what's holding them back......
  23. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I seen 6 for the consolation game and 730 for the championship game!
  24. #BBN

    VA western district tournaments (girls)

    Dee Cvetnich scores her 1000th point tonight against Gate City, and Porter was 8 points away the last time I heard!
  25. #BBN

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    GC/Battle score