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  1. TSSAA 2017 Playoffs

    I am watching Maryville 14 Cane Ridge 0 on CH 16 CW at my house
  2. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    If he's a LOLfins fan he needs plenty of beaver to keep him from blowing his brains out :)
  3. Please pray for a Chilhowie Coach's family

    Lifting him and his family up in my prayers
  4. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Best defensive effort I have witnessed in ages. Bears were much more physical and dominated this one. If Union plays like that next week Appomattox will have their hands full
  5. Region 2D Championship: Graham @ Union

    Very glad I live just a hair from the park and can walk instead of dealing with that parking mess tomorrow:)
  6. Head Coach?

    In all seriousness there's tons of talent on that bunch coming up at Central and folks who have been paying attention to the feeder games know this. The looming question is will they have a solid coaching outfit to put it to use?
  7. First round Playoff updates

    Not at all surprised (even with a weak JIB team)
  8. Bullit Park vandalism

    Start them off with a walk of shame through an irate crowd:)
  9. Bullit Park vandalism

    The folks from Central were some of the first to pitch in and help clean up when the concessions were hit
  10. Bullit Park vandalism

    :) My profession dictates I have a large array of firearms at the ready to keep me and mine safe off the clock and on your serious note I agree. I guess trash wants the town to look like trash
  11. Bullit Park vandalism

    Folks have also removed mailboxes and strewn mail all over Aviation and some other neighborhoods. We have set up security cameras at our house,and If i am lucky enough to catch these punks,there's a great chance some buckshot will be lighting up asses like a Christmas tree. Folks in our town have worked very hard to make BSG a nice place to live. Pisses me off royally

    He'll go to VT and lose to my Canes:). I hope he does well wherever he goes though.
  13. Score Updates -Week 10 (10/27/17)

    GC 14-12 over Central. 7 mins left
  14. Score Updates -Week 10 (10/27/17)

    Score on here said 67. I'm glad for that. I have no issue with Galax reserves scoring. They work hard and you can't tell them not to make plays when they get their chance
  15. Score Updates -Week 10 (10/27/17)

    So Galax gets the 2 up 67-7? I hope that was an accident
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