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  1. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    Let's go Devils! Bring it home to SWVA
  2. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    Warriors clean up the sloppy turnovers and should be good
  3. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    Heartbroken for these kids. They all are class acts and play the game the right way. Heads up Sparty-helluva season boys
  4. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    They used to but nowadays only do state games in football
  5. VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    WDIC FM 92.1 is covering the Eastside as well as Central games
  6. My apologies Girls supporters

    Good to see you back. You've been missed
  7. Central Lady Warriors

    Hopefully he'll be disappointed come tomorrow night. Since you mentioned that football final I was there in my JJK gear screaming my head off for the Wave (same vs Franklin). I've made many trips upstate to pull for local kids that weren't Indians.
  8. Central Lady Warriors

    Not remotely close. All you have to do is look at the threads. I guarantee the count is nowhere near. That's the way it's always been and will continue to be though (sad but true)
  9. Central Lady Warriors

    Such a shame how the ladies get no credit. No program in any sport in this area has even been in the same solar system dominance wise than the Lady Warriors. I like Central in this one because of the big 3 factors: tremendous defensive pressure,experience,and playing in by far the toughest league in the state. I'm going 53-42 Warriors
  10. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    4 SWVA teams entered looking for semi spots today and 4 get them:) Way to represent Lady Warriors,Lady Spartans, Spartans and Gmen
  11. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    She was tough to handle for sure
  12. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    lol probably someone from GC trying to fire 'em up:). At any rate goodbye troll:)
  13. Region D Brackets

    lol Abingdon isn't nearly as despised as WC and GC are. They have work to do:)
  14. Region D Brackets

    So 2 wrongs make it right? (refer to my above post/point about scum in all fanbases) I am sure you aren't the first one to pull against our own local kids and you won't be the last. It is a personal choice,and I choose to support ALL of the youngsters in our area. We all know there's more than enough folks past Roanoke that are against us. As heavily as the odds are stacked against us,these kids need every bit of help they can get.
  15. Region D Brackets

    One of the things Coach Dotson is big on is sportsmanship,and I have seen it from Coach Frazier's girls as well. Every article you read after they are very complimentary of each other. There's an intense rivalry,but also a massive amount of mutual respect between the 2 programs.
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