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  1. Last I checked. They hired 5 assistants. Not 3. 4 of which, not 2 are on provisionals. #FactCheck
  2. Was a part of every State Team from 05-10 05 Was a good learning experience for both coaches and players 06 The talent got better from the year before and some players stepped up in big ways all year 07 Takheim Hedgeman just had a field day 10 Never could find a rhythm or would get out of one due to penalty or botched play I seriously think 10 was the best team (and not just because I played) we had a massive line blocking for someone who didn't need much blocking , Def POY in Will Lowe, a hard hitting linebacker duo with Cody Thomas and Devon Johnson, shutdown secondary with Austin Johnson, Bradley Strong, Jack Vance, Sean Overton, and Al Fajardo that I believe holds the School Record for INTs in a season (I know Bradley at least holds the individual record) and QB battle that any coach would love to be in with Lockhart and Reece Strong battling it out for snaps every practice. As mentioned above it did take a blocked FG to beat an 8-5 RC and came down to basically the last possession in the 10 State Game
  3. From what I've heard he has rescinded his Resignation letter and couldn't have played this better....Turned in his resignation the day after the last board meeting....got what he wanted and rescinded it the day prior to the next board meeting
  4. Is that the only hire they made?
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