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  1. Seating going to be an issue?
  2. Good hard nosed game ....neither team performed well offensively but both teams played hard on defensive side......Grayson made many uncharacteristic mistakes....some of that had to do with Richland defense. Hard fought game.....Grayson pretty limited offensively. Richlands was better team tonight regardless of stats
  3. Weather good...field looks ok.....Richlands has big advantage based on eye test but we will see. Big recievers!
  4. Wow....I somehow forgot Appo....I agree , they might have something to say about it
  5. Region C is a little down this year but teams still strong enough to pull upsets......personnally think Graham substantial favorite in D 2 this side of state.....Chilhowie may be 2nd best team in SWVA overall?
  6. Just saw Richland roster ...if accurate they have MAJOR size advantage at skill positions.....Grayson skill on both sides very small
  7. Gate City needs to be patient and find right fit for kids....tune out noisy parents etc....find a guy who will work ,establish relations and build with emphasis on kids. After all this chaos etc it is a big hire go GCHS
  8. This is a pretty good assessment Jags 52 ....Grayson pass D has given up a ton of yards past 2 weeks.....they just have very little team speed
  9. Suprised even having discussion concerning Grayson this late in year as 2 seed......definitely over-acheiving again which makes them "little" dangerous. Last night huge contrast in speed/athletes with GW. Grayson just grinded away and survived...much like they have done all year. Next 2 Fridays could be rough for them
  10. Grayson will lose both...IMO....dont mean to be harsh if you have seen them play you will know why
  11. Other than the score this outcome should not come as a surprise...Graham has by a significant margin the best athletes currently in 2D...they arguably have had the best the past 5 years...if they can continue to reduce self inflicted wounds which was evident last night they very well could win it all
  12. Fort also had a ton of returners ....based on eye test they have by far best looking kids in MED
  13. 475 was set as a hard number...if you are 475 and under 1A ...if above 2 A.....they are below=1A.....I think Roanoke paper had their current enrollment 447...it will be under 400 very shortly
  14. The players Grayson lost were all 2 way starters and MAJOR contributors....they are decent but no where near the were at end of last season
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