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  1. I agree with you. Part of the running game was the defense. Same type plan vs unions lbs didn’t produce the same type results. They had more attempts last night because they had more success running. The spread isn’t always air raid. It’s all about matchups. The matchups favored the running game. Steele took advantage. The qb looked more comfortable as well. The bubble screens worked last night as well.Didnt run many but worked . Basically a run in that type offense. Getting # 8 and #9on the field offensively helped. Webb can be a weapon on the outside without doing anything, if teams put 2 defenders on the single side of the field to cover. Good balance this year in 2d. I think there are about 4 or 5 teams that could pull an upset on a given night. Last year Cam Allen made sure that wasn’t the case .
  2. Blocking looked better last night. But game wasn’t old fashioned smash mouth. Richlands lined up in spread about all night long . Stretched field out. Webb drew a double team and stayed at wideout 90 percent of the time. This created running lanes and Steele ran hard. No lead blockers out of backfield. Good line play most of the night and took advantage of spacing to create plays in the run game . They passed just enough to keep Abingdon from loading box. It was run first last night but to me it looked more like they took what defense gave them which is what they have done for years out of the spread.
  3. The bears are way more physical. 2 tds better than Abingdon. I liked Martin though. Especially on defense.
  4. I called this score a week ago. Your welcome . Congrats to Coach Mance on 200.
  5. I’m anxious to finally see Martin play. I say that he has a good game and Webb for Richlands has a good game. To me , it will be which team has a few role players step up and it could be on offense or defense. Who ever does, probably wins. The 3 point play may be a factor this week.
  6. Ok. Now we can talk about this one. I like Richlands at home by 10.
  7. I’ve got 199 reasons Mance can stay as long as he wants.
  8. Most everybody is making good points on this topic. It’s not only lack of speed. It’s lack of athleticism. Some of the kids have some speed but maybe don’t necessarily use it to make them a better football player. No matter what offense they run. They have to be able to be athletic and tough. Union would have loved to had Richlands total yards the first half. However , there style of play eventually wore down the blues. Richlands puts a lot of stress on defenses by lining up in the spread. But if they don’t start making plays outside of the one or 2 players that have so far nobody is going to honor the outside guys. When Webb is at w/r take a look at the coverage. The coaches probably see that and know they have a really good matchup somewhere else. But so far no consistency from them to make a play. By the third quarter teams have made adjustments. The blues will get it figured out hopefully. I think graham and ridgeview are at the top right now. Then union , tazewell, gate city and Richlands is somewhere in that mix. Seeds 3 through 6 should all be competitive .
  9. My biggest issue is that someone needs to make a big play other than Webb. The punt block was really the only thing big that brought a lot of energy. If Steele can get going or Gillespie it would do a great deal. Or if tarter and whited get more involved in the pass game. Whited may have to be spread out in order to create some mismatch opportunities. Medley as well. If not , there is no choice but to pack it in and ground it out. But watching union bring 9 guys to the line of scrimmage when Webb was torching them , let me know that they feared no one else at that particular time. And they were able to shut him down somewhat. Maybe we could have at aired one deep to one of the other receivers and try to back them off but it’s easy to second guess. I still say that it is a personnel issue more than anything. A lot of these players are good but are they better than what Richlands has had the last decade ? No. Only about 3 of these guys would have started as little as maybe 3 years ago. Got to get some speed and athleticism. The brown kid that is a freshman will be tough. Just give him a few more weeks. Some of these sophomores have potential as well. But right now your playing some tough competition without the luxury of a lot of talent.
  10. Players transfer to better themselves. They hold back. If the school is winning it makes it easier to make the decision. Everyone hates it unless they get the 4 star kid . It’s all good. Been happening a long time. Social media just calls teams out on it harder now. Just to add my 2 cents though. Tazewell does not have the speed of graham. I don’t route for either team. Tazewell is improved. They are . They are all 1 year older )But you guys lost to Lebanon last year. You have a lot of the same players. Tazewell nor Richlands can make comparisons to graham right now. Not until they beat them. Or at least compete for 4 quarters with them.
  11. I agree. I heard our fans. Some with players playing. Some just fans. I personally had no problem with it. And the players I spoke too after the game didn’t use it as an excuse.
  12. Grahams D is better. Unions D is tough. Grahams offense is what will be the big advantage. Union did not cross mid field in the first half vs Richlands. They had 1 long hard nosed drive and then their D / special teams basically did all the rest. Richlands has more total yards than union and it wasn’t yards they picked up in garbage time. Union has a great D. Just don’t think they have enough O to steal one vs Graham. May be able to play them tough though.
  13. I agree on the noise. That was a great atmosphere for a game. Richlands fans defended there kids last year over the band debacle. They were right to do so. The union fans are gonna defend the horn. It’s football. It’s good stuff. The players will be better for it. Great stories to tell later on. I want to beat union every time we play them but they have great fans, good coaches , good players. That’s what you go to see.
  14. Maybe Mance should have scheduled a couple KY teams . Or lee high and Montcalm. Only good news for Richlands right now is that it is not debatable on who plays the toughest schedule. A 4 -6 Richlands could wind up playing an 8-2 team in the playoffs. Ask Grayson and Ridgeview about it. Not a matchup you look forward too even if you win it. Meanwhile go ahead and schedule , Honaker , and Montcalm , Grundy , etc. The average fan , just is happy with a W . Right ?
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