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  1. pretty sure that those 20 seniors graham lost to graduation had a few holdbacks. ( over half ). I hope Webb stays at Richlands , no matter who the coach is. But I believe he has ties to the bluefield staff, And after torching them last year for about 300 all purpose yards , they may want him.
  2. Richlands and graham would be early front runners to win the SWD. Tazewell will also be in the mix. This may change things slightly.
  3. Wish coach the best. Who will be the new coach ?Will they keep all there players ?
  4. X-fers take place each year. The kid at Richlands has already enrolled. I don't think he is expected to be a starting qb or a savior to the football team. I think he will probably end up be a starter somewhere on the team and add some depth . Coaches say kid can fill needs at a couple positions. So no need to speculate. Don't think George Wythe cares one way or the other. Kids transfer to better themselves or for family reasons . Very seldom do kids x-fer to any school (High School) just because a coach recruits them Coaches are opportunistic , and usually no successful coach refuses another warm body for his program if one presents itself. More importantly , who is going to be the favorites in each of the areas 2A districts next fall?
  5. Yes. Press was difference. Richlands forced graham out of their press in the Second quarter by scoring several easy buckets. Once graham erased the 10 point deficit and they managed to not get any deeper into foul trouble. (They had a few players with 3 in the first half and managed to keep them from picking up a 4th.) That was crucial for them to be able to press the whole game. It was fun !! Several people have said that was the best Richlands has played all year. I was hearing that the b ball team was way down but I though they played pretty good. I’ll come back anyway. I enjoyed it !! Both teams.
  6. Richlands vs Graham on Friday night was First basketball game I have been too in several years . The place was packed. The game was great. Atmosphere was great. It was a Tie game late into the 4th quarter. Richlands blew a 10 point lead just before half but the third quarter and most of 4 th was back and fourth. . Basketball may be down in the SWD but those 2 teams had athletes and it was a very , very entertaining game and competitive. I’ll be back for the rest of the district games at home. Webb needs to shoot the ball. He drove To the basket effortless at times and didn’t shoot much at all. Cade Simmons must have had 30 + points. Graves and Bradshaw were sooo athletic but one of Graham’s perimeter players moved to the foul line in the third quarter and may not have missed a shot. Both teams played hard. It was a good game. How is Va High this year ?
  7. Adkins team will be the front runner again on whatever team he plays on in the Region. I assume he probably stays at Ridgeview. Although , it’s been rumored that he would consider playing with WEBB @ Richlands. If he stays put ,the region will once again be pretty competitive. Wise central will be good. Graham, Ridgeview , Richlands , Union and Tazewell . Let’s hope Chance Harris returns 💯 , Adkins stays put , and Webb stays at Richlands. Those 3 , Crabtree , Bradshaw , Jordan , meadows and others will make the region good for a couple more years to come.
  8. Anyone hearing Rob Colley ?
  9. The average fan does not realize what 1 or 2 injuries do to a team without a lot of skill players. You will hear that 1 or 2 players do not make a team. It some cases that is true , but Not in 2a high school football.
  10. As an unbiased person in this conversation. Union overachieved in a big way. The early success was not anticipated in my opinion. I know they struggled at end of year with injuries but when I watched them over the summer at 7v7 and in the preseason I really thought they were a 6-4 team. 7-3 at best. Don’t know about the qb situation but coach turner is pretty good at this football thing. Very good.
  11. I usually agree with most of your comments but this one not so much. I think I’ve missed about the same amount of games since 2003. This years team went 6-4 in the regular season. The only game the blues lost that they had to play in the regular season was graham. It would be easy to fill a schedule minus bluefield , Abingdon Radford , union , gate city , as your non district games. You could finish the season at 9-1 and get a soft first round game. Then maybe win the next round. Then people outside the program don’t realize that you actually are not that good. This years team and last years team were 6-4 teams. Last years team made it at least 1 round Further than they should have. This years team probably made it 1 less round than they should have. Simmons played well. Cox came in several times early in the season and looked awful. Just wasn’t ready. His feet were not ready. Tuned the gate city game around in a hurry. I said it earlier and will again. No skill players other than Webb. No Lbs other than Absher. Steele ran hard this season. . Some of the other wr caught a few balls but needed to be capable of scoring or winning 1 v1 matchups consistently. The Altizer injury hurt the blues tremendously. This was a 6-4 team that could have maybe won another game or 2 but could have also lost 2 more in the regular season. Simmons played good. Exceeded expectations. Doesn’t make him the best qb around. Not trying to make that argument, But was gritty in wins over Abingdon , Radford , tazewell , etc. The blues will be starring at another 6-4 season unless the get some skill players fast. I think cox will be a player next year If he works on his feet. His arm is great. Needs months of feetwork. If he does, it will add a dimension next season that the blues lacked. I would love to see Webb back 10 lbs heavier and Steele 10 lbs. They say both of them are tireless workers in the offseason. if they all buy in and develop a couple lbs they can exceed expectations. I’m disappointed with the lack of toughness from the blues this year and last but saw some flashes with some of the younger players at times this year. I can’t wait till August . Good luck to all the area teams in the playoffs this year. and hopefully the blues will be right back in the thick of things at this time next year.
  12. My reply was to the guy that said Simmons wasn’t even close to top 5. I agree with Lester. Pickett and the others. Not saying that Simmons is better. The comment was basically that simmons had a solid year. No true fan or coach envisioned Simmons td / int ratio to be so good or for him to throw. For as many yards or as many touchdowns as he did. Qb play didn’t doom the blues tonight or this season. Couldn’t run the ball tonight and Webb probably only had 85 to 95 yards receiving. Central used a good blueprint. They stopped the run. Then limited Webb’s touches. That’s why the kicks went out of bounds. I don’t blame them. I would much rather give a team the ball at midfield than kick it to the 20 with potential of the big run back. Good game plan and they made the big play in the fourth quarter. Richlands was not good enough all year to overcome those type mistakes. A true 6-4 type team.
  13. You do realize that Simmons threw for more yards tonight than the central qb. He is definitely one of the areas five best qbs on the year. He did have some errant throws and tonight wasn’t a great night for that to happen. Central played hard and physical. And made the big play late in the game, and hats off to them for winning. As far as speed at receiver ? Who have you seen this year in any game as quick , and or fast as Webb. ? He plays receiver most of the time. Not following you with these comments.
  14. #1 Lester from graham. 2 Pickett. 3 #3 Simmons from Richlands , he has quietly threw for close to 1500 yards without a lot of proven receivers . I’m sure there are a few that I may have missed. Didn’t see them all play but those 3 are solid.
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