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  1. One entrancing Tiger fan here roaring into Mitchell on Thursday night in support of those "Government Men""! Give em he$$ and sling em high Graham High
  2. The Tigers and Linsly cancelled because one team is a bit naughtier than the other in offering themselves a refuge from vaccination. The Tigers had plans on delivering slappity slaps to the face of Linsly with offensive firepower, an assortment of air weaponry, and due diligence on Defense. But..........someone was Naughty....
  3. Please let me introduce myself. I'm a Princeton Tiger native and more specific, Glenwood. I would like to report any and all things about the Tigers in Football. They call me Naugs, and the only thing I love equal to the Tigers are MC riding and a delicate novel of the contemporary type. Lastly pertaining to myself, I am passionately gay and of the aggressive type. Why mention it? To get it out of the way for those who know me and wish to comment on things of no relevance in relation to High School Football. Now that the introduction is established......... Princeton's Coach equals making a difference. A divergence from its football history and turning point for the Tigers happens. Yes, the first three seasons of records were below what even a circadian-stricken sloth would consider abysmal. Nevertheless, those three years were needed to change an established culture of loss, shame, self hate, self loathing, and putridness. The change was evident in 2020 with an early near miss to the Beavers by a score of 13-15. Already this year, the Tigers have blootered the Beavers. The Tigers have a scintillating future. Our offensive system is exactly as described. It's offensive to defenses. Look for the Tigers of Princeton to win it's first playoff game this year and the second contest in the playoffs decision will be decided in the final minutes, as the Tigers are 50/50 to advance to the state semifinals before packing it in. Sincerely, Naugist "Naugs" Bigsby
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