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    cityofRaven got a reaction from Bigrhsfan in Falcon Future   
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    Post needs more Precious.
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    cityofRaven reacted to Deleted Account in FB HS Updates Wk. 9- 10-25-13   
    A beak-breaker for the Buzzards.
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    cityofRaven reacted to Deleted Account in The Backyard Brawl: Richlands @ Tazewell   
    This thread is at critical mass in levels of butthurt.
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    cityofRaven reacted to birddog in Parent files Bullying complaint after sons team loses 91-0.   
    Back in the day if you stood up to the bully and got a good lick in on him, chances are he didn't want to fool with you anymore. With todays policies, if you stand up for yourself you are as guilty as the agressor.
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    cityofRaven reacted to Lance in "These Are Their Stories" - new book by Lloyd Combs   
    Lloyd stays on the road so it might take him a few days to ship them out, but no worries, he will get them out for sure...he's an honest guy. 
    I don't see how he does what he does...talked to him last night at 2am and he was doing girls volleyball article write ups. When Lloyd retires they will have to hire 5 people to take his place lol...and I'm not kidding.
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from Jason in What 1A playoff games are you wanting to happen?   
    Honaker/Haysi State Title game?
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    cityofRaven reacted to BigO in great expectations from our teams   
    My only comment will be that BOTH parents AND kids need to learn to "suck it up" and keep on keeping on.  Life's not fair and the sooner everyone realizes that the better off we ALL will be.  Accept your role in life or change it.  Not by manipulation, bribery, or ass kissing.  Earn it.  You can rationalize everything but the truth remains.  We ALL want what we feel is best for our kids...as we should.  But "giving" them what's best for them is far different from them realizing it on their own and then going and getting it.  The kids ability to realize it comes from parenting and proper discipline.  I'm guilty of it as well.  I bought my son his first car (nothing real nice).....I had to buy my own back in the day.  Busted my ass to get it too.  But, we always tell ourselves that we want better for our kids so we help them too much some times.  I fully believe media doesn't help the situation in the least and the "instant gratification" world we live in doesn't help either.  Its a battle everyday raising kids.... and we as parents will occasionally lose a battle.....we just gotta make sure we win the war. 
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    cityofRaven reacted to barondawg77 in great expectations from our teams   
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of hearing about whose fault it is when something goes bad. This conversation is just another example of it. The pressure that needs to be put on these kids should be focused on responsibility for their own actions. Sports are the perfect platform to teach that.
    "Well let me ask those that do "get it". What are you doing to help this failing generation? Coaching, Big brother/sister, Sunday school teacher, Donate time for after school projects, working the Teen Center, or just complaining about how bad this generation is getting." 
    Yes mrb...I do some of these and a few more that most aren't willing to do. BUT...there is no need to go into that because it is about the children. I won't ask anyone to speak up, because those of us that do these things for kids really don't give a crap who knows about it. The ONLY reason I responded to this is because you asked and I felt a bit offended that somebody would question it. I would hope that most of the posters on here help out in at least some capacity.
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    cityofRaven reacted to Deleted Account in 2013 thoughts   
    In other news, man invents wheel. This and other stories if the day coming up at 11:00.
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    cityofRaven reacted to BandanaVTDavis4321 in great expectations from our teams   
    Disagree with you and actually believe you are 100% wrong and that your way of thinking is one of the reasons our kids are failing across the country when looking at most statistical measures of success and happiness.  Drug use, teen pregnancy rates, teen dropout rates, teenage crime, jobless rates among recent graduates, etc.....most measure show a generation that is in serious trouble when comparing this generation to historic generations.  One of the reasons for that in my opinion is your attitude.  Actually MORE pressure needs to be put on kids, not less.  Kids in this generation are in trouble because of the old cliche, "everybody gets a trophy" etc.  To truly summarize it....this generation isn't allowed to deal with anxiety, stress, or major challenging issues that require initiative at a young age.  In stead, we teach them to take a pill before learning the coping mechanisms of how to deal with stress and what later becomes.......life.  Therefore, I respect agree with your concern about these young men and I truly mean that, but I disagree 100% in your approach.  There is little to zero pressure.  In Africa, many kids have nothing to eat and have 1 parent who dies of AIDS and one of who is about to die.  In Afghanistan, one kid lost his brother to a landmine and his father is putting pressure on him to strap a missile to himself and blow himself and others up to get revenge.  In parts of Asia, a 12 year old girl is worried about her fathers recent decision to prostitute her.  See my point?  Worrying about "performing" in a High School Football isn't stress when we compare it to what is true stress and truly concerning.  
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    cityofRaven reacted to Bulldogs52 in The Backyard Brawl: Richlands @ Tazewell   
    Hypes said in the paper he will be? Does that man lie? lol
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from rabidbeaver in Crowds on Battle Hill   
    I've only been to one game on Battle Hill, last years playoff game with Va High. That atmosphere was pretty awesome. I like the stadium layout and with the seats right on top of the field it's even better. Hopefully Battle can keep it up and be up there with the Richlands', Gate City's and Union's of SWVA for years to come.
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from Jacob C. Ball in VHS @ Richlands   
    I long to be so cool one day...
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from ThomasDenton in question   
    It's too difficult to throw a spiral with a basketball.
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from redtiger in question   
    It's too difficult to throw a spiral with a basketball.
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from BIGkid in VHS @ Richlands   
    I long to be so cool one day...
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    cityofRaven reacted to BIGkid in VHS @ Richlands   
    If you take pride in getting under your teams coaches skin and being a negative distraction to kids then please do not attend sporting events. Have a little pride and learn how to behave! Respect yourself!
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    cityofRaven got a reaction from face-n-dacrowd in Precious Hike   
    What ever your mother pays for I have to do. I'm a customer pleaser first and foremost.
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