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  1. Hopefully just a rumor...would like to see both teams full force Friday night.
  2. I hear rumors that Kastner might not be playing on Friday (unknown reason) - any truth to that?
  3. With some recent verbal commits from Bluefield and Graham - Does anyone know or speculate where others are going or leaning to?
  4. I hear that both McCLung and Ervin are both out sick with the same illness - anyone else hear if they are going to play?
  5. For $10 you can watch it online here - http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/vhsl
  6. They are 16, 17, 18 year old kids...one bad play, injury anything could happen and cause momentum to swing cause they are kids.
  7. I am going to assume that Unaka is a typo at 34
  8. I was listening on the radio during the coin toss and when the Bluefield player was asked what they want to do, he said we want to kick the ball and the ref asked again did you want to defer and the kid said..."I don't know man, I've never done this before" which I would blame on the coaches as much as the kid. In saying thathat the refs gave him ample opportunity to change his mind. So only person to fault is that on the coaches and player.
  9. just out of convenience, twitter easier to follow a # tag than reading everyone's comments
  10. anybody going to the game that will post updates via twitter that i can follow or any official twitter accounts for this game or teams?
  11. Just curious as to why? Crowd control? Seems like the only school in the area that does this so i'm just curious as to the thought process. Seems to me the best way to sell tickets is to give as many options to purchase as possible.
  12. I heard that Gate City wasn't pre selling any tickets at their school before the game any one else hear this?
  13. Richlands game officials are terrible, a lot of missed DB holding the WRs and missed holdong. What might be the worst is that there is no play clock and I've been timing off the official from my phones stop watch and it's continually 26-29 seconds. The hard hi fumbles must be the football gods trying to even it out on the field.
  14. What time is everyone leaving / expected to get to Appomatox?
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