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  2. Just hope the Hoos dont have a UNC 7-5 type shitting of the bed vs Duke. Seen this movie too many times in my life.
  3. Not really sure what to say that hasn't been alluded to already. Hopefully, things will turn around soon for GC.
  4. From outside looking in I did not know. Now that I have been involved with it I am seeing what I had been hearing about. He refused to open bathrooms and concessions on two separate nights during little league.
  5. Lee has to hold on to the ball. Mistakes kills you in any game. Ridgeview defense had a good game
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  7. I really don't know. Tazewell can score a little bit, and Hurley is but a shell of what they were last season. I think Hurley wins, but if this game stays within a score into the 4th, it wouldn't be impossible for some magic to happen.
  8. Only Ohio State has a better home record than Boise State this century. 7th home loss for the Broncos since 2000. This isn't a vintage Boise team, but they're a competitive Top 40-level squad. Very happy to finally have hope again in this sport. Duke will be telling. A win there, and a bowl becomes very likely.
  9. Our AD is A JOKE AT BEST!!!!
  10. I'll say again, he is a transfer from Hancock or blackwater.
  11. I have been "out-of-pocket" for awhile and missed much of the football season to date. Clicked on the SWVAsports board this am to catch up and WTF! GC fans and their version of "Days of our Lives" have firmly migrated here. Much like soap operas, you really don't need to watch often, one or two episodes and you are all caught up on the misery and woe. SSDD, if you know what I mean. Hint(s) for some of the more brash, newer posters: (1) Don't piss off he who wields the hammer; and (2) UVAO knows his stuff. You better have your ducks in a row before entering battle with either.
  12. Pretty sure this has been driven into the ground. Tazewell is an extremely young team that will mature in 2 years. It's swva, ever team goes through waves.
  13. Powers that be not helping Travel ball any at GC. Refused to open the concessions today. A lot of mad fans from GC and Johnson City today.
  14. I think rv is improving and there d played great 90% of the game but to me they did seem to start getting wore down in the 2nd half ....... there is no doubt union is a better team than Lee not that Lee is not capable of pulling an upset if union comes out going through the motions
  15. GC had 26 players dressed out? For real??
  16. Has T'well had a primer time since that great general Kobro? Way back Dawg had a bite! Shakn head and all.
  17. Thanks from the gals and Sampson. We be on our way.
  18. Yea I would laugh too after your team gets beat by Grundy 47-21. Richlands beat Grundy in preseason. LOL
  19. Did not expect the game to be so lopsided but im glad it was go trojans
  20. While being from the holler aroung the BIg E Ewing. TO me you should so gradutationtude. Giles thumps W more then they eva lose. On scale on 1-10. 10 being a couch tater fan. You be a 10. Not much seems to be with ya. Ask Tazewell what use to be and now is. Hmmm. seems like you'n bit off base. By da way somatimes other teams have boyz to you know? You know? Ruby gal knows!
  21. I was amazed only 33 players and 7 of them not in pads.Looks like GC is in shutdown mode.sad They was improving though the South game , now this WOW!
  22. If Bluefield "ran up the score" then they would have had 90-100 points.
  23. @swva_havok_fan now that you've seen Union and Lee, did the pack play better against Lee per say as they did against Union? What do you think the outcome for the Union/Lee is based upon what youve seen?
  24. Go back to kentucky with your sister.
  25. To say Floyd is not that good is ridiculous, they have a great defense.
  26. He's been around all year, everybody keeps praising James, but look what this kid done tonight, he had 4 carries, 4 touchdowns, and he says he only got touched once.
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