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  2. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    Looks like Cameron is Big 10 bound
  3. Eastside Head Coach

    Big big loss for UNION, but EASTSIDE will gain a great d-minded coach.We will see if he has the o-minded chops too, either way EASTSIDE will be better
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  5. Head Coach?

    An add to above... Dave Walls‏Verified account @DaveWallsWSET #BREAKING: Trevor Porter hired as head coach of @ACHSLancers football. 15 year veteran HS head coach, most recently in Jonesboro, GA, at Mandy’s Mill HS. @ABC13News @13Sports #ABC13FootballFriday great state Hmmm, I'm thinking I've never heard of Mandy's Mill...then realized it was Mundy's Mill HS in GA The former Amherst football coach , Cecil Phillips, stepped down from the ACHS position, to take an assistant coaching job in GA. So, the former Amherst coach went to GA and the new Amherst coach came from GA... :)
  6. Head Coach?

    NEW FB COACHING HIRE Matthew Hatfield Retweeted Bob Alvis‏ @TheSportsBuffet Amherst County has named Trevor Porter as their new Head Football coach. He succeeds Cecil Phillips great state
  7. Eastside Head Coach

    TimesNews Sports‏ @tnsportslive Union's Rhodes named new football coach at Eastside http://www.timesnews.net/Football/2018/06/20/Union-s-Rhodes-named-as-new-football-coach-at-Eastside.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=1 great state
  8. Eastside Head Coach

    Per Kevin Mays on Twitter: Union defensive coordinator Mike Rhodes has been named as the new head football coach at Eastside, pending Wise Co. School Board approval, according to Eastside Principal Bryan Crutchfield. Rhodes, also was head softball coach at Union.
  9. Eastside Head Coach

    I worked a 5k run this past Sat. the run was for the UNION BEARS football.All the coaches were there except D coach, but he not big into running distance ha ha. I spoke at lenth with TANNER KENNEDY grandfather he spoke of TANNER getting ready for college ball but never mentioned any coach leaving except to say that TURNER came real close , i.e he turned it down , to getting the D B job
  10. whats going on with the blues

    You think you’re funny, Wise Guy? Eh? 😂
  11. 2018 ADM numbers

    Seems like a lot of schools within an hour’s drive of Charlottesville are just below the cutoffs for their respective divisions. Perfectly legit, I’m sure...
  12. whats going on with the blues

    They’ll go 4-6 at some point in the future, I’m sure. Just not in the foreseeable future.
  13. whats going on with the blues

    I won’t say state. But I don’t think you’ll see a 4-6 Blues team again.
  14. 2018 ADM numbers

    Oh there’s a reason for that lol
  15. Eastside Head Coach

    I heard one of Union's coaches is getting the Eastside job, not sure which one though.
  16. 2018 ADM numbers

    It is amazing how Riverheads manages to stay just below the 2A level while the other schools in close proximity fluctuate so much.
  17. 7 on 7's

    Definitely agree QB switch isxa great decision! What teams did they play at UVA-Wise? Top caliber?
  18. Last week
  19. whats going on with the blues

    Ya think we will be good enough to make a run at state or atleast a deep run in the playoffs...
  20. Pro Soccer Thread (Premier League, MLS, etc.)

    Liverpool supporter here. (And the less said about the Champions League final, the better. Thank you very much.) Got tickets for the ICC match next month in Charlotte against Dortmund and we are looking forward to seeing the Reds live. Of all teams at any level, this is probably my strongest allegiance in soccer (and my kids would probably say the same) -- even though the primary reason behind our support is pretty dumb, to be honest. In terms of MLS, I follow DC United primarily because they're the closest franchise to my residence (and we have gone to more than a few matches at RFK over the years). Oldest son pulls for LA Galaxy, which makes things a bit interesting in our house. If San Diego is ever granted a franchise, I would have a strong inclination to follow them (mainly to aggravate the eldest boy). We also watch La Liga primarily for the quality of play. But just to stir controversy there, two of my sons support Real Madrid, one declares for Barcelona, and I pull for Atletico. And our travel club has some formal connections to Swansea (EPL) and Rangers (Scottish Premiership), so I have some interest in them. Really enjoy international competition, but I think USA soccer still has a way to go in terms of being truly competitive. Since USMNT failed to qualify for the World Cup, I find myself guided by ancestry in terms of a rooting interest this summer. Strongest personal ties are to England, so I'll be following Three Lions for as long as they are in the running.
  21. whats going on with the blues

    Running game is the only worry on the offensive side of the ball currently. Race is looking good at QB. Line this year will be much quicker and should be just fine. Good group of WR as well, which is key with the switch back to the spread with Moir. Defense should be just fine.
  22. whats going on with the blues

    I see they have done well in the 7 on 7s so far but who is going to carry the ball this year..do we have any new faces..not much talk going on
  23. Cam Allen picks up first D1 offer

    https://n.rivals.com/state_rankings/2019/virginia rivals ranked Cam as the #17 player in Virginia and the #80th Conerback nationally
  24. 2018 outlook region wide

    Palmer cousins.
  25. 2018 outlook region wide

    Welcome to Bristol! Make sure to shop as much as possible at The Falls, and help us climb out of our massive City debt lol. I feel that November 2nd will be a competitive game like last year. After beating an 8-0 Marion, last year's game at Richlands made me most proud of our team's effort, even in a loss. VHS went to into an environment where the Blues had everything to play for, and it took a late TD for the Blues to win by one score. That was a fun game, and should be again this year. My son told me that the extremely battle tested Richlands team of last year had the best O-line he played against, hands down. I imagine more of the same this year. As we get closer, I would like to repay the favor of you introducing me to the Bearded Moose. We have a few hidden gems in the area as well.😁
  26. 2018 outlook region wide

    Looking forward to November 2nd. Partly because I believe you that VHS should be a good team again, and partly because I now live in Bristol, and that will be the easiest game for me to get to lol.
  27. 2018 outlook region wide

    I'm definitely not the type of person who likes to pat themselves on the back, but with my preseason prediction of the VHS football team last season, looking back, I wish I had played the lottery that day, because I was on a roll 😂 In all seriousness, I'll see if I can be as accurate (or lucky) as I was here on last year's outlook, on this years'..... This years' VHS football should be the best team they have produced since the 97 group, who went 9-1 in the regular season, but had the unfortunate luck of drawing the eventual State Champion in Gate City(who also gave the Bearcats their only regular season loss) in the first round of the playoffs. This years' team could actually be more talented than the 97 group. VHS returns a majority of their starters from a team that was lead by a very talented group of juniors, with support from some talented sophomores. These guys are now juniors and seniors, and are as hungry for success as they could possibly be. They also have a couple of talented youngsters who will see some significant playing time. No doubt, there are a couple of losses due to graduation, that VHS will feel along their offensive line, that could affect their depth that they had last year, but I am excited to see a new addition to the team in a 6'3, 225 lb, 1st Team All-State baseball selection, who has developed himself the necessary mean streak to make him want to play football for the first time in a few years, for his senior year. He should make a great addition up front. As I said last year, I don't have grand illusions of the Bearcats winning a State Title, but do not be surprised if they are in contention for the district title, or even win a few playoff games. This is High School sports, so I understand they could just as well finish 5-5, but if I were a betting man, I would be "All In" on the former being more likely. The talented group of baseball players that play football as well, were in the weight room for football workouts, immediately after their State Championship game.... The Captain and one of the senior leaders of the football team, has been on the Camp circuit all Spring and Summer, and has generated intrest from over 30 schools from the D1 FCS to the D3 levels..... Something that is extremely rare in Bristol, is that the whole town has bought in for the upcoming season. Gene Malcolm Stadium may actually be tough on visiting teams, for once..... Last year, I was given some good natured ribbing for being the only member of this board for putting VHS in their preseason Top 10. I will most certainly do it again this year. If healthy, by season's end, VHS should be at or near the top in our region's collective eyes, along with Graham, Ridgeview, Richlands, and Union. EDIT: Two final notes that are in the Bearcats' favor.... This Summer, they will be at team camp, competing in game like situations with 3 other schools; Pulaski, Lord Botetourt, and Dinwiddie. They will be battle tested. Also, they have the same brutal schedule as last year, but instead of traveling to Big Stone for the Benefit Game, or Ernie Hicks, Mitchell Stadium, or Abingdon's field in the regular season, all of those games are in the friendly confines of Gene Malcolm.
  28. 7 on 7's

    Richlands goes 6-0 today at UVA-Wise and finishes as tournament champs. Looks like the switch at QB has sparked the offense, at least in the 7-on-7 season.
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