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  2. SWD- Baseball Preview

    Not so fast...
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  4. Virginia High @ Abingdon

    It was a great game! http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/bearcats-continue-hot-stretch-down-abingdon/article_bfa59db6-4517-11e8-bad2-773c77bf1307.html
  5. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Looks like he was a hit at the Iverson Classic...20 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds... Behind the back windmill slam post game.... https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=Mac McClung&src=typd
  6. Local College Thread

    BristolSports‏ @BHCSports Cousin, Mance make their mark in UVa-Wise spring game: http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/cousin-mance-make-their-marks-in-uva-wise-spring-game/article_b40d8122-4516-11e8-b867-7f8e33c31e70.html … great state
  7. Last week
  8. Did Taymon Cooke sign with or....

    Changed to Marshall now and i think a better fit for him. http://wvmetronews.com/2018/04/17/potential-west-virginia-blueshirt-taymon-cooke-commits-to-marshall/
  9. Medicaid Expansion in Virginia

    The House of Delegates have passed a budget that includes Medicaid expansion. It's now up to the Senate to vote on it.
  10. http://www.timesnews.net/Basketball/2018/04/20/Lawson-bound-for-D-I-Mount-St-Mary-s
  11. Graham Clark Resigns

    I was being sarcastic when I said what used to be the winningest program in Tennessee wouldn't lower themselves to reach out to a SWVA coach. That's how D-B fans view their program.
  12. Virginia High @ Abingdon

    Not sure Havok. It does seem odd to play Daniel Boone and then the next day play VHS. Haven't heard anything about playing this weekend though.
  13. Virginia High @ Abingdon

    Thought Abingdon was in the DB Tribe Classic? Or is this game part of that tournament?
  14. Graham Clark Resigns

    Probably has nothing to do about being happy. The DB job around here is the premier job to have . for va coaches it would be big payday. That is three good candidates
  15. Virginia High @ Abingdon

    Tonight VHS is making the trip for their regularly scheduled rivalry game with AHS. Should be a good one. Both teams seem to be getting better as the season progresses. I'm looking for a close one tonight.
  16. Graham Clark Resigns

    Travis Turner one of 3... Some of you were spot on in your "Turner happy in Big Stone" and "DB wouldn't lower themselves to SWVA" assessments.
  17. Graham Clark Resigns

  18. Graham Clark Resigns

    I know for a fact that Jamie Harless of Lord Botetourt was one of the folks interviewed and was one of the folks who impressed the most.
  19. Graham Clark Resigns

    I was told today that all the interviews are completed and an announcement should be coming a week or so, all the candidates have requested anonymity except for Joey Christian. Christian was the only staff member who applied for the job.
  20. Mookie Collier commits to.....

    Marshall’s developed a good pipeline from SWVA over the years. A team can develop some quality depth poaching off the D-I talent that rises up here.
  21. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    This I can affirm. In my graduating class (2007), despite almost twice the enrollment, VT had 18 more African-American students than UVA did. That’s total, not pro rata.
  22. Mookie Collier commits to.....

    As a Marshall fan, I could not be any happier than what I am right now. Get these young men in the weight room and add about 20 pounds each and they both will have special careers at Marshall. Welcome Mookie and Taymon, congrats on your best decision ever!
  23. Mookie Collier commits to.....

    Mookie will have some company
  24. Yearly Football Records

    John F. Kennedy Richmond yearly footbal record. Record after desegregation. 1969 05-05-0 .500 Bill Joyner 1970 07-02-0 .778 Bill Joyner 1971 05-05-0 .500 Bill Joyner 1972 08-02-0 .800 Bill Joyner 1973 04-06-0 .400 LeRoy Diggs 1974 02-08-0 .200 LeRoy Diggs 1975 03-07-0 .300 LeRoy Diggs 1976 04-05-0 .444 LeRoy Diggs 1977 03-06-0 .333 LeRoy Diggs 1978 00-09-1 .050 LeRoy Diggs 1986 02-08-0 .200 LeRoy Diggs 1987 01-09-0 .100 LeRoy Diggs 1988 00-10-0 .000 LeRoy Diggs 1989 00-10-0 .000 Bill James 1990 01-09-0 .100 Bill James 1991 01-09-0 .100 Bill James 1992 00-10-0 .000 Bill James 1993 00-10-0 .000 Mel Rose 1994 02-08-0 .200 Mel Rose 1995 00-10-0 .000 Mel Rose 1996 01-09-0 .100 Mark Robinson 1997 02-08-0 .200 Mark Robinson 1998 02-08-0 .200 Mark Robinson 1999 03-06-0 .333 Mark Robinson 2000 02-07-0 .222 Mark Robinson 2001 02-07-0 .200 Mark Robinson 2002 05-05-0 .500 Mark Robinson 2003 03-07-0 .300 Mark Robinson 68-205-1 .250
  25. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    Another one of my weird foibles is that I really don't like capital punishment, but I tend to embrace the Native American concept of Blood Law. I feel completely abandoned by the "two party" system. But I'd probably be willing to vote for you if you ran for something. :-)
  26. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    Back to our personal experience on the athletic recruiting front, I have an immediate update from yesterday. Our bubble was effectively popped last night. I say that because my son did not play a single minute in a match that his team ultimately lost in overtime. The only obvious explanation is that he was not good enough to contribute to the effort. There were only two other field players who did not play, and they have already had the experience of sitting for the entire match for most of the season. So my conclusion is that it's unlikely for him to obtain a spot on a college team (which are relatively few in number and coveted by several outstanding players) if he can't secure a spot higher than the bottom of the depth chart for his high school team. If my son does follow up on any of the camp invitations, I think it's clear that he would find his role in the recruiting process similar to that of the "x number of other applicants" that are reported when an announcement is made about any new hire. If this comes across as bitter or harsh toward my son, that is not my intent. My purpose in this thread all along has been to provide some objective insight into the way the college recruiting process works -- at least for soccer. Without commenting too much on the children of other people (which I find awkward and distasteful), I am aware of several talented players my son's age who are performing at a very high level locally. But in at least one of those cases I know that they have not been contacted by any college programs -- despite the fact that this particular player is making headlines as a sophomore starter. He has a serious interest in playing at the next level, but he's still waiting for them to find him. I would assume that it's simply because he's a sophomore -- but that doesn't jibe at all with my son's experience and they have the exact same level of access to the process. Time will still tell. I think my son's fate is pretty well sorted out -- and reason applies perfectly to his scenario. But it will be interesting to see what happens with this other kid.
  27. Getting some personal insight into college recruiting

    I didn't dive too deeply into the political aspects for similar reasons. It would appear, you and I have like-minded ideas of race and affirmative action.
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