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  1. Boomhauer

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I’m not very locked into local politics, but what exactly has Griffith done for 9th? (Not being a smartass) I’m genuinely asking.
  2. Tennessee right now: ouch.
  3. Is this the year that UVA beats Virginia Tech..?
  4. Boomhauer

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Who is everyone supporting in the midterms?
  5. Boomhauer

    2018 ARBY'S Classic Field

    Any of these teams good?
  6. I don't know, that might be a painful route to take.
  7. My money is on Wake Forest.
  8. Just sitting here waiting on the Bama dynasty to end one day.
  9. Boomhauer

    Boone @ GC

    Very sad to see GC like this.
  10. Keep it going. I think UVA is winning so far.
  11. WVU is a totally different team than most support here! I do like the way they play ball, too.
  12. I love it. Give me the fodder.
  13. Boomhauer

    Questions for this weeks Podcast?

    Will Chris Akers continue coaching at Gate City through the end of his contract? Is Chris Akers to blame for the Devils shortcomings?
  14. Boomhauer

    2018 College Football Thread

    My FSU prediction isn't looking so hot..
  15. Boomhauer

    2018 College Football Thread

    But he fits in so well at LSU