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  1. I’m not sure about any of these.
  2. Clemson, South Carolina, West Virginia... uhhhh.....
  3. Shoot, who does that even leave in the mid-Atlantic/southeast region that’s viable?
  4. Being a Tennessee fan seems painful, i do think they’ll come back eventually. But I don’t think I need that extra stress in my life.
  5. Someone is going to have to talk me off the ledge of choosing Tennessee.
  6. I didn’t say I was a masochist. But I’m all ears.
  7. I don't have a particular favorite style of offense, if I had to pick it would probably be the spread with some smart run plays here and there. Defense wise, I like to see hard hits, again no particular "formation" but if I had to choose I am fond of the 3-4. I like to have a passionate fanbase, but not to the point that it's delusional year in and year out.
  8. ETSU alumni here who has no real connections to any of the "local" D1 programs. This has been an issue for me for quite some time, people asking who I root for and it's always a "Erm...". So, SWVAsports faithful, help old man Boomhauer choose a division 1 college football team. I'm open to just about any team that is relatively local or within 5-6 hours
  9. Boomhauer

    Questions for SWVA Sports Podcast Season Preview

    Over-under that Gate City has a "new" head coach by the end of the season.
  10. Boomhauer

    Best Game(s) over the years (playoffs included)

    From recent memory: Game starts around the 17:00 minute mark. Who's that familiar face calling the offense for the Devils?
  11. Boomhauer

    Gate City State Champs

    Beautiful. Thanks for the memories, kid.
  12. Boomhauer

    VCU Parking/other amenities

    For those of us heading up to VCU, what should we know about parking/hotels or any other general advice about Richmond?
  13. Boomhauer

    Graham Clark Resigns

    You mean grab the loose change in the cup holder, and head towards Scott County?
  14. Boomhauer

    R.E. Lee v. Gate City: 2A State Championship

    I have absolutely no clue about RE Lee. I'll say GC wins in a close one to bring home their first boys basketball championship.. 71-66