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  1. Burrell’s Pearls

    Lee Has a Vacancy

    Will this lead to any players transferring to Union?
  2. Burrell’s Pearls

    State championships (3/6-3/9)

    Best coach in SWVA history, not even sure it’s debatable at this point.
  3. Burrell’s Pearls

    Baseball getting started

    Baseball is the most competitive sport in far SWVA on the male side. I expect that to continue this spring, our area has produced some really good players recently. It’s interesting to watch around here, many have adopted this launch angle philosophy which has led to great success for the better players and has led to complete failure for the others.
  4. Burrell’s Pearls


    Rarely if ever discussed on here but man what a run these last two years. Back to back trips to the Final 4 and to do it after losing all they lost last season. Pretty incredible, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wise isn’t a sellout Tuesday.
  5. Burrell’s Pearls


    Don’t disagree, would’ve made more sense to play AA at Va High and A at Wise or vice versa.
  6. Burrell’s Pearls


    Seems to me it would’ve made more sense to have A at one venue and AA at another, wouldn’t matter which gym had which.
  7. Burrell’s Pearls


    So both their boys and girls teams could be coming to Region D and play at different sites on the same day? Way to stick to it to them, why isn’t GC playing at UVA-Wise? That would alleviate this issue.
  8. Burrell’s Pearls

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Nothing happened with racist twitter accounts, nothing happened when McClung was intentionally fouled, nothing happened when Central was going to let anyone dressed in all white in free when Union had 3-4 black starters, nothing will happen now. Sick place, sick people I blame the communities for continuing to support these antics. Stand up, don’t be a lemming!
  9. Burrell’s Pearls

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    I agree. I have no issue with the kids, it’s the coach. Sad situation that won’t end. Why don’t the parents or supporters raise enough stink to force a change?
  10. Burrell’s Pearls

    Mountain 7 District Tournaments

    Never ends with Central. Nobody in Wise has the guts to stop it. Embarrassing for the entire area, shame. I have the upmost respect for the other programs at the school. Boys basketball is just a mess and it will never end. I can only hope injuries are avoided for the kids involved.
  11. Burrell’s Pearls

    Central @ Union

    Congratulations to Central on a big W, outplayed and out hustled Union. Still don’t understand why #20 doesn’t play more for them. Officias swallowed their whistle their at the end, not sure it would’ve mattered way Union was played. They just got out worked and didn’t respond to the physical play.
  12. Burrell’s Pearls

    Central @ Union

    Yes, I’d arrive early. If the past is any indicator a large congregation of Central fans sit behind their bench regardless if that’s the home side or not.
  13. Burrell’s Pearls

    Ridgeview @ Central

    How does Grayson fit in, are they having a good year? I guess hypothetically if Central lost to Union and Battle next week they could miss regional?
  14. Burrell’s Pearls

    Ridgeview @ Central

    What does this do for regional seeding? As for the game, did Central play small and play the Bishop kid or play big?
  15. Burrell’s Pearls

    Central at Gate City

    Horrible year for injuries, Central and Union have each lost their best player to go with the injuries at GC and Richlands. Shame, you only get 4 years to play high school ball. Kids won’t ever get this time back.