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  1. redtiger

    8 Man Football

    I would watch 3 on 3. Its better than not having a program at all or watching a team struggle every season
  2. redtiger

    8 Man Football

    Ive argued for a few years that the small schools from SWVA(TW, TS, RC, TV, Hurley) plus some of the small schools from EKY(Harlan, Jenkins, etc) and maybe some of the small schools from TN(Hancock Co, etc) should drop VHSL football and form their own 8 man league. There would be some issues but the competition would be better. Single A west, why do you feel that way? Ive never watched 8 man ball. Just curious
  3. redtiger

    Eastside Head Coach

    Tony did nothing at RC and Tester wouldn't be a good move(why leave a successful Hurley program to take over a worse program to compete against your son?). Finding a good candidate will be tough this late in the game
  4. redtiger

    Trenton Adkins D1 offer

    Yeah, legit offers. Which is what I was trying to figure out. Lots of players get interest, not so many get offers. Pretty impressive for a Freshmen from SWVA.
  5. redtiger

    Trenton Adkins D1 offer

    Yes, MUCH more than I ever received. My high water mark was honorable mention all district lol. But the subject here isint my very average high school career, its about whats going on with a local player. Im glad for the kid, I truly am and I hope he does very well going forward but interest and offers are very different things. https://247sports.com/recruitment/trenton-adkins-120183/recruitinterests Very exciting for him. Keep working hard young man
  6. redtiger

    Trenton Adkins D1 offer

    Are we talking "sure, we wish you would come play for us" or "here's a scholarship to play for us".
  7. How did we go from stadiums like that to the bull$#!+ were building now????? I mean Central and Ridgeview have excellent football facilities and both along with Union have excellent schools but they pale in comparison to the layout, architecture and overall design to those above. I do understand that money is an issue but schools like Castlewood look great and would be incredible with a stadium out front. I love the stadiums where the football field is right in front of the school and its all a little crowded together.
  8. redtiger

    James Mitchell is a.....

    Post of the year nominee
  9. redtiger


    Last year at the Bates the parking lot was full, if anyone shows up to watch the all star game it will be a mess. UVA-W doesn't have the best parking setup anyway. Cant be helped though, theres so much going on this time of the year
  10. redtiger


    The all star game is the same day as the Bates Wrestling Tournament at... the Convocation Center. Traffic will be a nightmare. If you're not there at 6am then you're not getting a parking spot
  11. Go Warriors!!!!!!!!! I hope they win, don't think they will
  12. redtiger

    Any posters in BSG today?

    I just saw a screenshot of a Twitter tweet(?, I don't use Twitter, don't know the lingo), I cant remember exactly what was said with the pick but if I was Abingdon I would have taken it as disrespectful.
  13. redtiger

    Any posters in BSG today?

    Its disrespectful imo. Nothing wrong with taking a flag to games and proudly waving it but imo you don't put it up at another teams place, especially by the gate.
  14. redtiger

    Any posters in BSG today?

    Maybe it had something to do with Union fan/s putting up a Union flag near the gate at Abingdon
  15. redtiger

    Congrats Union!

    Great season, well done Bears! The Bears embody the greatest virtues of football (sacrifice, team work, toughness, etc), the kind of team everyone wishes their team was. Be proud of who you are and what you've accomplished