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    Had Devon Johnson not been plagued by injury I feel like he could have made a good run in NFL and possibly still have been here today. Rest easy ~ gone too soon.
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    Uncertain times mean uncertain topics

    TJ Rasnick if not for cancer he most likely would’ve ended as Tazewell’s all time leading rusher and would’ve had a good chance of making a run at the state record for most soccer goals
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    Eddie Hall for Graham.
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    Jay Sims of Bluefield.
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    Kimbo Spencer for Graham.
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    Michael Stidham - PV. Can't remember the year, but he had an awful knee injury on a kickoff against JJK as I believe a junior, and was never the same. Really nice player who could have easily played at a UVA-Wise or E&H.
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    Uncertain times mean uncertain topics

    It will be 10 years the 27th of this month that we lost an incredible young man to this awful disease. 31 is on-point with what TJ could have accomplished if the cancer hadn't occurred. Watched him play football and saw my first soccer game watching him. Special young man!!!
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