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  1. Then what is the point of playing or attending any of these games? So Battle is 1, Union 2, GC 3, Central 4? There seems to be no point to any of this.
  2. What a God awful setup. You can finish second in the regular season and fourth in district tournament and be the one seed? No wonder nobody can keep up with this stuff.
  3. I think it all changed when Abingdon came in. They did away with regular season automatically gets one seed because Abingdon could win and you could be giving the one seed to someone who didn’t win regular season.
  4. Unless the M7 changed their point system that’s not accurate. Union would outpoint JSB with a win or a JSB L.
  5. So if Union beats Abingdon or GC beats JSB, Union is the M7 #1 for regional baseball? Not going to lie, I didn’t see this one coming.
  6. Do any of these players have college offers? If so where?
  7. He throws harder than Moore. That’s what concerns me from a Union standpoint. I always forget Abingdon, I’ve not seen them. I’m referencing the 2A schools. Key to beating Grayson is contact. Their defense is shaky.
  8. Union would much rather play Graham. Grayson has a strong baseball tradition and one pitcher who is better than anyone in M7.
  9. Seems to be the trend at PV/Union the last 10-15. When football is rolling b-ball is just ok when b-ball is rolling football is ok. Reminds me of the Tyler Vernon years when he didn’t play football but the b-ball team made the state tournament.
  10. Maybe the kid just wanted to play basketball?
  11. Evidently the officials voted out their assigner and longtime official Johnny Poole is the new man in charge? Will this have any impact on the officiating?
  12. Aaron Williams interviewed this week from my understanding. He put in an application at some other places but from what I’ve been told he really wants the Abingdon job. He could make them dangerous in the M7.
  13. Will this lead to any players transferring to Union?
  14. Best coach in SWVA history, not even sure it’s debatable at this point.
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