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  1. Never heard of a coach stepping down like this during a tournament run. Strange to say the least. Worst kept secret in Wise County. Wild career that involves various incidents that overshadowed a pretty mediocre coaching career. God bless whoever gets that job. They are 5-6 years away from competing for anything and next season they could finish dead last.
  2. Central’s girls aren’t very good. Probably the worst team since consolidating. I doubt they could win the SWD.
  3. Central got away with a blatant intentional foul that changed the game. McAmis played great for Central, kudos to him. Hopefully TJ and Stevie come back next year when we win by 50. Telling your kids to score at the buzzer when the other team has stopped fouling is Central in a nutshell.
  4. Thoughts? Be interesting to see how the game is called. After TJ publicly mocked the AOA, his games have been called much tighter as he requested. The Lee game was a free throw fest. Central should be favored but Union has gotten better all season long. This is basically a must win game for Central. They have two games left against teams that beat them first go around.
  5. SWD boys should win a game or two games, Graham should beat M7 4 and Richlands is a tough place to play although I would favor Union in that hypothetical game. On the girls side, I can’t see the SWD winning more than one game.
  6. I agree with your assessment. RV boys really need to beat AHS or Union this go around, if not they could finish sixth and I don’t see how you get in the regional after finishing sixth unless you win the district tournament?
  7. I wish they’d use the football system but they need to let me people know the system whatever it is.
  8. I’ve said it all year. One of Union/Lee/RV will be left home and it’s a shame. Not sure there is 5 point difference in any of the 3 anytime they play. Does anyone know the system they use to determine regional qualification in M7 basketball? I could see all 3 of those schools ending up with the same record.
  9. They still are. They’ve already won at Lee and at Union and have played at GC.
  10. Shocking result. Central won at TN High during Arby’s and played GC nip and tuck. Abingdon lost by an average of over 30 points to both of those teams. Unless someone was sick or out injured for Central something is majorly wrong.
  11. Ridgevuew vs Lee - This game is huge after Lee’s loss to Abingdon. The loser of this one is going to be in trouble when it comes to make the regional tournament especially if it’s RV. Union vs JSB - Union has just one M7 win and it’s a must win game for the Bears. A loss ends Battle regular season, they’d be too far back to catch up and would be totally reliant on the tournament. Abingdon vs Central - Must win game for the Warriors to stay in the race for first. TJ says he can’t get a fair whistle, be fun to see how his games are called the rest of the way. In past years the AOA has caved to him and sent him the same 5-6 refs for every game, will that happen again? It’s also coach Williams return to Central and their is no love lose between he and TJ dating back to his days at Burton. This is the game of the night. On paper, none of the girls games should be competitive tonight.
  12. Isn’t Grant the AD? I guess he could just hire himself? Not sure they can take outside candidates without a job open at the school? My money is on Tiller.
  13. Pulled this from Facebook. Looks like McAmis saved the Warriors bacon.
  14. At what point is enough enough? Can you point to a year a M7 team got in that shouldn’t have and a SWD team was let out? Why are you all opposed to expanding the football system? You cool with letting inferior teams in?
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