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  1. The RV fans on here are certainly not as optimistic as the team. Saw several statements in the paper that was state title or bust? One could argue they’ll have the best offensive and defensive player on the field in every game. Why the pessimism RV fans?
  2. School board votes to bring Moore back as the basketball coach at Union. The BSG community stood up and refuted some silent objectors who were trying to use this as a political play to improve themselves politically and re enter the political spectrum. Vicky Williams and Doneese Kern (BSG School Board members) scores a major victory for our community and our kids. Hopefully this ends a certain individual’s ambition of reentering the political realm, provides enough ammunition for the community to vote out a board of supervisor member who didn’t have the best interest of our kids and reiterates to the new administration at the school the wishes of the community. Its a great day to be a Union Bear!
  3. As a supporter of all Union sports. My suggestion to the whole community is to encourage that Moore remains coach and shutup. Not more that 650 kids up there so they have to play multiple sports, thinking this was contained to b-ball is naive. If they remove Moore, from an ethical standpoint they’d have to investigate other sports and God knows where that would lead. The kids were disciplined, move on, none of those kids will ever be at Union again.
  4. If the “lack of institutional control” began before b-ball season began how could he be held liable? Seemingly nobody wants to find out the answer to that. Thats the whole problem here. You can’t expect any coach to have control over kids at all times. It’s not possible, students were disciplined. Not sure what else could be done. Holding any coach responsible for this is absurd. The only people who could want Moore removed are either A) Without knowledge of what happened B) Wanting some unknown political move C) Never want the basketball program to win or D) Still holding some grudge over Pat Jervis not getting the job when the school opened. Let the man coach and move on, if something else happens handle it. One issue that possibly carried over from the fall over an entire career is not worthy of removal.
  5. If they remove Zack and no other coaches it’s going to be an obvious political play. Hard to fathom in a school that small this was contained to the b-ball program. Too many rumors going on about this but many claim it was going on prior to b-ball. Strange, they need to do something and move on. Whole ordeal stinks.
  6. Really they are the favorites in Region D. Best team from Wise/Pound since Pound went to state. I’m not sure how teams are going to defend them if you put McAmis and Hayes on same side of floor.
  7. Should be in the state tournament. Saw them all weekend at UVA Wise and they’re long with athletes. Hayes has improved more than any kid I’ve seen in recent memory. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won M7 and Region D, loaded bunch.
  8. Why switch helmets all the time? You never saw PV or Appy switch, stick to tradition or at least establish one.
  9. Lot of politics going on here. It led to running Williams out of town in basketball will it in football too? JIB better pray that Fischer takes the basketball job if not that coupled with this move would have your two main programs going from regional contenders to also rans.
  10. Union survives 5-3. Grayson left a small village on base. Hunter Anderson with big time pitching. I’m sure if GC had it to do over they’d walked Baker. His homerun was the difference and they had a base free. Not sure we’ve got anything for Lebanon but man what a hell of a ride this has been. I’d never dreamed they’d be a game away from the state tournament when this year began.
  11. Yes, everyone knows you. Hope to see you there! Go Bears! You do well supporting football and basketball, I’ve not seen you at a baseball game all year?
  12. Union hosts Grayson Monday. I expect to see you there, we’ll need all the fan support we can get.
  13. Union hosts Grayson Monday. I expect to see you there, we’ll need all the fan support we can get.
  14. Then what is the point of playing or attending any of these games? So Battle is 1, Union 2, GC 3, Central 4? There seems to be no point to any of this.
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