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  1. Really they are the favorites in Region D. Best team from Wise/Pound since Pound went to state. I’m not sure how teams are going to defend them if you put McAmis and Hayes on same side of floor.
  2. Should be in the state tournament. Saw them all weekend at UVA Wise and they’re long with athletes. Hayes has improved more than any kid I’ve seen in recent memory. Wouldn’t be shocked if they won M7 and Region D, loaded bunch.
  3. Why switch helmets all the time? You never saw PV or Appy switch, stick to tradition or at least establish one.
  4. Lot of politics going on here. It led to running Williams out of town in basketball will it in football too? JIB better pray that Fischer takes the basketball job if not that coupled with this move would have your two main programs going from regional contenders to also rans.
  5. Union survives 5-3. Grayson left a small village on base. Hunter Anderson with big time pitching. I’m sure if GC had it to do over they’d walked Baker. His homerun was the difference and they had a base free. Not sure we’ve got anything for Lebanon but man what a hell of a ride this has been. I’d never dreamed they’d be a game away from the state tournament when this year began.
  6. Yes, everyone knows you. Hope to see you there! Go Bears! You do well supporting football and basketball, I’ve not seen you at a baseball game all year?
  7. Union hosts Grayson Monday. I expect to see you there, we’ll need all the fan support we can get.
  8. Union hosts Grayson Monday. I expect to see you there, we’ll need all the fan support we can get.
  9. Then what is the point of playing or attending any of these games? So Battle is 1, Union 2, GC 3, Central 4? There seems to be no point to any of this.
  10. What a God awful setup. You can finish second in the regular season and fourth in district tournament and be the one seed? No wonder nobody can keep up with this stuff.
  11. I think it all changed when Abingdon came in. They did away with regular season automatically gets one seed because Abingdon could win and you could be giving the one seed to someone who didn’t win regular season.
  12. Unless the M7 changed their point system that’s not accurate. Union would outpoint JSB with a win or a JSB L.
  13. So if Union beats Abingdon or GC beats JSB, Union is the M7 #1 for regional baseball? Not going to lie, I didn’t see this one coming.
  14. Do any of these players have college offers? If so where?
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