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  1. I don't think the problem is that they dropped down. The problem is their coach has access to an unfair advantage and used that to load a team up of kids that definitely don't live in the area. He's apart of the team loaded va aau program and has connections with those players. Some of those guys that played definitely don't live in inter-richmond limits. I know Scotty knew how it was gonna play out on the court way before the game was even played so I don't think he was upset about getting spanked. We've gotten spanked in the Arby's Classic by way worse so that's not the gripe. As he said the TSSAA has done things to prevent this exact situation. He was fine till John Marshalls coach basically told on himself in the press conference lol
  2. From what I understand and done research on, their 2 guards in the backcourt are transfers. Wheeler (6'10, High Major) and the 6'6 wing (also high major) are home grown.
  3. Definitely not complaining....I went to watch them play Sierra Canyon this year and it was entertaining basketball. As someone who's played prep and is going Juco next year I enjoy watching high level and athletic basketball. I think anyone who knows basketball knew that when they dropped down everyone was playing for second. Don't be salty because y'all are sitting at the house lol.
  4. Exactly right lol. They're ranked in the top 5 of the whole state on MaxPreps and their only two losses were to nationally ranked teams (Sierra Canyon by 10 and McEachern by 1). I heard through the grapevine last summer that they were moving down to 2A this year and I laughed. It's ridiculous how they got moved down.
  5. Squints

    TJ McAmis

    I don't know him personally and I don't know why he gets such a bad wrap(I'm not from the area and I'm younger so I don't hear a lot of the grown folk gossip lol) but I honestly feel bad for Tj and his son. Like the first couple times it was funny but now it's not even funny anymore. Been up double digits multiple times on GC this year and couldn't finish. As an athlete myself I know that's gotta hurt. Like I said I don't know him personally but as someone who understands competition I kind of feel bad for them.
  6. He never got pushed that year(2017-2018 season). To clarify (2016-2017 season) McClung is a Junior goes up to dunk and is pushed twice blatantly while still in a vulnerable position. This game was played at Wise Central. (2017-2018 season) McClung is a senior. As the two teams where going to the lockerroom at halftime Wise Central's head coach was heard telling one of his players loudly and enthusiastically to not let him(McClung) dunk again and to out him on the floor before they let him dunk on them again. This caused a couple of players and coaches from Gate City to speak up and say something which caused a short and heated confrontation in the hallway where both Wise Central's home lockerroom and the lockerroom that visiting opponents use are located. It is a confusing situation cause there's some many stories because so many people have interpreted and repeated multiple accounts of the events so if you have any more questions let me know my man and I'll be glad to try and give an answer.
  7. Not contradicting stories just 2 different years. Lets just say I had a closer to seat to the action than most people in this chat. 2017-2018 the year McClung was at his peak, I heard first hand with my own 2 ears as the players were going to the lockerroom McCamis look at one of his kids and tell them not to let McClung dunk again and to put him on the floor(take his legs out) before they let him dunk on them again. Once again I know a handful of Central players personally and have hungout with some of them off the floor and they're a cool people. I feel their coach is the reason for the way they play and if they had a coach that was actually concerned about making them better and trying to help each kid individually and then as a team they would be dangerous. Whenever Wise decides to take a serious look in the mirror and do away with that whole coaching staff then only then will they succeed.
  8. There's a difference between a coach telling a player to do something and then a player getting mad and doing something out of his own frustration. I personally know most of the Wise players and all of em are cool dudes but they do what their coach tells em. Not to knock anyone personally but if Scotty was to tell one of his guys to injure one of their guys why would it be Lester? He averages at the most 8 pts a game why not target one of their best players like they did McClung. Also I can pretty much say with confidence Ervin will start tomorrow so Dean's field goal attempts will most likely drop a little bit. Definitely won't take "20 shots to not hurt his average" tomorrow lol.
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