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  1. 100%. Didnt think GC stood a chance....they surprised me with the way they played and battled. I know the other teams couldnt help the circumstances....but getting a Co Champ trophy is too much like a participation trophy (without even participating). Congrats to the Devils and congrats to JM....they were just a force this year.
  2. Class 3-6....which has nothing to do with the GC and John Marshall game being played today.
  3. I wasnt sure if all the games you posted were regular season or if some were benefit games or not.
  4. 86 Gate City 68 Eastside (Dec 3rd) 78 Gate City 52 Oak Hill (Red)
  5. GC fumbles the handoff. Lee recovers and scores in 2 or 3 plays. 25-7 with 10 mins left in the 1st half.
  6. This Hokies team is really bad....and I'll be the first to admit I thought Fuente was a homerun hire for VT. But now its starting to look like one of the more disappointing hires right up there with Taggart at FSU. Their recruiting has been abysmal and there doesnt seem to be much life on the sidelines from the coaches and players either one. So that leads me to these questions......is Fuente a good coach and just not a good fit for VT? Is there turmoil within between Fuente and Foster and the rest of the coaching staff? Or was Fuente just a product of good coordinators at Memphis along with a stud QB and turns out hes just not a good HC afterall? Also, will be interesting to see what direction they go in next year when Foster leaves.
  7. Be interesting to see where things go from here for Zac. I'm sure there will be offers pouring in over the next few weeks. Appy State sent one out just a few hours ago. I'd love to see Zac follow Young to VT and Mac get the chance to leave Georgetown and transfer to VT as well. Probably a pipe dream but it would be pretty cool for them to finish out their collegiate careers together.
  8. I was wondering myself if Wofford would be an option/possibility. I'd sure wouldn't mind seeing it happen.
  9. Akinjo still wouldnt pass him the ball.
  10. Them first round upsets seem to be a bugaboo for the local fanbase around here....whether its in the NIT to the SuperNerds or a 1 seed to a 16th seed in the big dance. All poking aside....the tension between these two guys could be cut with a knife. Be interesting to see if either of them do any shopping around. It looks as if the chemistry is good with the rest of the players for both of these guys. It's one another that they struggle with.
  11. Have you got a pretty reliable source? I had heard something of the sorts myself but it wasnt from a trusted source yet.
  12. Ray Charles could see that the one player in question wont look the others way.....at all. And he starts playing hero ball and trying to catch up in the points column near the end of the game if the other superstar is ahead of him in pts total....no matter if the game is still in question or not. It's been blatantly obvious all year long. The chemistry between other players is there.....just not with the one that has the little man syndrome. I would say you are right. Hope if he leaves he makes the best decision possible for his future.
  13. Congrats to the Bobcats on advancing to the Championship game! Heck of a team and the best of luck. Congrats to the Devils on a great season....just ran out of gas in the final qtr. Hate to see Zac go....won't be the same not seeing Ervin or McClung on the court.
  14. If anyone thinks the West is down in 1A this year compared to the East.....they are in for a big surprise. Eastside and Burton are both tough as nails and very capable of winning it all. I dont see either of them losing by 15-20 pts.
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