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  1. So happy for these young men and Coach Carlock.
  2. I doubt there is a younger team in the area. The team, coaches and community need to be patient.
  3. I have set back and watched this for a while. Bluefield has not raised the rent much since they first imposed it nearly 20 years ago, which was before the Field Turf was installed. I know the fee includes use for Middle School and JV games.Turf was put in as a gift from June Shott (God Rest Her Soul.) Replacement is having to come from local funds. That said the City Manager is very savvy. $50,000 is probably going to be negotiated down to $40,000 or so. All sides come out looking good. BTW since it is late in everyone's budget preparations, the new fee might also get put off to next year. Since I am old, and been around a while, I have seen this come up a few times. I doubt TCPS is going to spring for any new multi-million dollar facilities when they are in the process of looking at long term needs in light of declining enrollments. You can also make a lot of $50,000 per year payments for what it would cost to amortize a $3,000,00 - 5,000,000 debt service on a new stadium. A new stadium will come when High Schools are consolidated, and I am not holding my breath on when that will happen.
  4. The parents were overbearing. (I know this story.)
  5. That decision was purely political. To have tried to include the lower end of Lee Co. would have killed that whole effort. I had a front row seat for that consolidation. If the political leaders of both parties hadn't have been united behind the idea, it would never have happened.
  6. I would describe Bluefield as a Swiss Army Knife team, they can beat you with so many tools.
  7. The formula is similar to football. Consistent coaching Running the same system from rec league through high school Getting buy in from parents and kids. The biggest difference is the influence of AAU coaches and helicopter parents. Case in point Graham girls. Everything was in place and working well until AAU coach and parents started meddling. They haven't sniffed regional success since Raben left.
  8. When you live your life like an AH, this is how you are remembered; though usually not in print.
  9. I've known TJ for quite a while, and the one thing that stands out is that he is a true scholar/athlete. I wish him only the best in Hooville. No matter what happens with football, he will get a world class education.
  10. Curious to hear how Gate City compares to Bluefield? I've not seen GC at all.
  11. Wasn't there last night, but am curious if folks on the western end of Tazewell Co. are concerned about going in to a playoff game on a two game losing streak. Is their something going on?
  12. I set behind a Richlands fan during the game. He said before the start that he thought the team had been walking around with their chests puffed out all week.(His words.) I expect they got a bit of humble, and the next game will be interesting.
  13. No chance of a forfeit. TCPS wants Graham to get the gate from this on just like Richlands did for the first one. Money talks.
  14. With High Schools approaching the end of their useful life, if not already there, consolidation will come sooner than later. Which would you rather do keep pouring money into buildings that are falling apart or build two new building that should last half a century?
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