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  1. Lee lead the first quarter only I didn't think that Richlands would win bet was proud of the game they played they did not get blow out like you thought
  2. Richlands lead half way through the middle of 3rd quarter Central never lead until then Richlands played 6 player's until the last 2 minutes Central played 11 player's Richlands run out of steam Richlands starter out played Central starters
  3. What quality will does Graham have
  4. Horn, Simmons, & Cole are all out
  5. That is true but they had 6 starters out
  6. Rumor has it he's going to Oak Hill Academy next year
  7. When is it a fumble when YOU on sitting on the ground i am on the45 had good look
  8. I can't wait for 50 & 52 for Graham to meet #14 from Union he makes Bill Lambere look like an Angel
  9. Have you ever seen Richlands play
  10. Extra seating a joke at Appomattox
  11. When Richlands had the ball on the 5 yard line and they called it a fumble I thought it was clearly a forward pass
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