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  1. trumpet1988

    Graham vs Union

    Graham gets one against Union I’m afraid. Graham 28, Union 7.
  2. trumpet1988

    Rain already playing a factor in Region C

    I don’t recall Appalachia fans whining about field conditions. I have seen Appalachia smack teams around in bad conditions.
  3. trumpet1988

    Tonights 93.5 schedule

    Without a doubt.
  4. trumpet1988

    Battle @ GC

    Doubtfully. Best case scenario is 2-8 and Lee losing didn’t help matters. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. trumpet1988

    Union vs Wal Mart Warriors

    That’s common.
  6. trumpet1988

    Union vs Wal Mart Warriors

    Union 49, Central 0
  7. trumpet1988

    GC @ Lee

    Bands definitely have a place in a football discussion. In the stands they are part of the atmosphere for the game. You have Tennessee playing Rocky Top, Vt playing Carry me Back, GC doing some of their pep tunes, etc. If fans and cheerleaders are part of the conversation then so is the band. Second, these days you see more shows with less familiar music because those shows win. It hasn’t always been that way. When Graham’s band was under Mr. Brown they would win with Blues Brothers. I think (don’t quote me) that Holston one year did a Michael Jackson show and got a superior at state assessment. I can’t remember. I see GC winning this game if they can hang on to the ball.
  8. trumpet1988

    GC @ Lee

    I think Gate City in a thriller.
  9. trumpet1988

    GC @ Marion

    I wouldn’t doubt it if he’s one of the GC “fans” who have given the GC fan base a bad name around the area when GC is a powerhouse.
  10. trumpet1988

    GC @ Marion

    Gate City is in a down cycle. Plain and simple. In the words of the late Lou Rawls “But there’s no ifs and buts or maybes!” This is going on for a variety of reasons.
  11. trumpet1988


    No room for that.
  12. trumpet1988

    Wolfpack @ GC

    Ridgeview 52, GC 0
  13. trumpet1988

    Springs. Cove. Gc

    Gate City is in this CYCLE for a myriad of reasons. Lack of talent is one. I am certain the players try. I feel bad for them for all of this. Incompetent coaching is another. Quit expecting them to automatically be dominant again IF Reed gets the job. It is going to take time.
  14. trumpet1988

    Springs. Cove. Gc

    And how do we know Reed will fair any better than Akers? How do we know Reed will even get it? Lack of talent is part of it. Poor leadership makes it that much worse. Gate City is capable of winning certain games. Unfortunately the coaching may prevent it.
  15. trumpet1988

    Springs. Cove. Gc

    Be that as it may, as much as we enjoy football and spectating, we must realize that this is high school football and these are students. School board decisions must be made for the benefit of educating the students. Someone said that Scott County football wouldn’t be competitive until consolidation happened. Consolidation may be necessary in the future for various reasons and making a football team competitive should not be a reason. Just like many people from Appalachia had to be reminded that an argument against consolidation should not be because of a football team. Both BSG and Appalachia benefitted nicely. Consolidation in Wise County was needed. Without it the school system would be in worse shape than it is now.