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  1. 2018 outlook region wide

    Ridgeview should be the favorite to finish first in the M7.
  2. 2018 Football Schedules

    I imagine Union has the same schedule. Just flipped from home to away and vice versa.
  3. Gate City State Champs

  4. Gate City State Champs

    McClung is something else.
  5. James Mitchell is a.....

    That’s the bottom line. Lol
  6. I have seen a lot of posts on preps that show no respect toward SWVA. My junior year of high school at PV in 04, we played Manassas Park in the championship and lost to an amazing team by a TD. A lot of the Manassas Park fans thought we, the band, would be playing banjos, skillets, and fiddles. And that our uniforms were bibbed overalls and straw hats. They were shocked to see 85 members in uniform compared to 25. And they thought the fan base would be over there in rusted up 1970 Chevy pick ups where the engine is fixing to fall out. And when I see guys like Gator Bait, AdvocateOfMany434, and perhaps Stabler, I am glad I do not post on preps. And you had people in Appomattox on Facebook who think we are a bunch of hicks. I am pretty sure Appomattox is no less “hick” than SWVA.
  7. SWVA Best

    McClung is on a high level.
  8. maizenbluedoc@aol.com

    The bottom line, home in Wise County is great but there is nothing there.
  9. Football only part of fight for Louisa Co HC

    Go Lions.
  10. Rooting for the Warriors. I don’t think they’ll win though. Still rooting for them. Unfortunately this will likely be a 42-7 type affair in favor of Riverheads. Prove me wrong.
  11. 2A Teams To Watch In 2018

    Union will be back, I imagine. Probably not in 2018. I figure 2019-20 they’ll be near what the past few seasons have been. The past few seasons have just coincided with Appomattox.
  12. Podcast Questions State Title Week

    If Union had won, how do you think they would have fared at Salem?
  13. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I watched it just now. Appomattox got away with one there.
  14. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    I didn’t see it because I wasn’t there. Lots of people who were there said it should have been holding and I believe them. I think that is one of the plays that doomed us.
  15. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

    While a couple of calls should have gone the other way, Union just got beat. The bad first half hurt them. Union mounted a nice comeback second half. Al Appomattox needed was a TD or FG to ice it. They got the field goal. Union got the answering TD but couldn’t get the onside. Special teams was the difference.
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