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  1. trumpet1988

    Akers Out at GC?

    I am pretty sure Gate City has used forum posts and newspaper quotes as locker room material during the Colobro days. It can be a motivational technique. I am certain they are not the first or the last to do so. Coaches, teachers, professors, and bosses read social media quite frequently.
  2. trumpet1988

    Akers Out at GC?

    That doesn’t make sense.
  3. trumpet1988

    VA Championship Updates

  4. trumpet1988

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Ah thanks.
  5. trumpet1988

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    I may be clueless but who is TJ?
  6. trumpet1988

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Why am I not surprised?
  7. trumpet1988

    Weather this weekend

    We had about 15 inches here in Roanoke.
  8. trumpet1988

    VA Championship Updates

    I wouldn’t say that. They have 2 state championships in football to my knowledge. And they have made it deep in the playoffs the past few seasons. They have lost to better teams. Graham was simply better than Goochland, just like Appomattox was in 2016.
  9. trumpet1988

    VA Championship Updates

    Congratulations to the G Champions.
  10. trumpet1988

    VA Championship Updates

    G Men are now the G Champions.
  11. trumpet1988

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    Drove by the civic center. I was less than impressed with the Riverheads crowd.
  12. trumpet1988

    Chilhowie/Riverheads, Part II: VA 1A Championship

    That’s a fancy way of saying you are arrogant. A lot of people here know very very well what constitutes a good team. Far SWVA has produced many of them in the past. Riverheads is playing one of them this afternoon. Riverheads beat that same good team last season.
  13. trumpet1988

    Graham/Goochland: VA 2A Championship

    Still may show up at the games.
  14. trumpet1988

    Weather this weekend

    It will most likely be safe to play the championship on Saturday, even if the possibility holds up. Right now Sunday seems like the danger day, assuming it all holds up. Models are beginning to agree on the possibility. They’ll be more sure in a couple of days.
  15. trumpet1988

    Weather this weekend

    I live in Roanoke and they are still keeping a close eye on it. At the moment they THINK—based on models—that any snow will be late Saturday night and early Sunday morning into Monday. It will probably change a thousand times before then. If it tracks the way the European model currently shows then it will be snowy.