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  1. Widespread_Panic

    Patrick Henry high school info.

    7-0 against one of the weakest schedules you will find in SWVA outside of the Cumberland District. Chilhowie will beat them by as much as they want.
  2. Widespread_Panic

    Union vs Wal Mart Warriors

    You are remembering wrong. Reed over complicated everything. Tried to change the offense each game, wouldn't listen to any of his asst. coaches and it turned into a disaster. Players didn't like him and they played much harder for Owens in his first year after taking over for Reed. Wise hasn't had consistent success since Kevin Saunders was the coach. They need to make a change but with that administration it probably won't happen and if it does it won't be a good hire.
  3. Widespread_Panic

    Ridgeview @ Abingdon

    Last time Abingdon played a game they were in a dog fight with a bad VA High team. Ridgeview got their wake up call against Battle. Wolfpack wins by 2 TDs, maybe more. The Falcons don't like smash mouth football.
  4. Widespread_Panic

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    I think Houseright would get more kids out and be more successful at GC but Reed has head coaching experience. Houseright makes more sense which means Reed will undoubtedly get the job.
  5. Widespread_Panic

    Coaching Hot Seat/Coach Looking To Move On

    Can't wait for the Reed Vs Houseright show down over becoming the next head coach at Gate City. Abingdon's coach is an interim hire so they may be looking for a new coach. Wise Central needs to make a change ASAP. I would add Holston to the list but they seem content with losing seasons.
  6. Widespread_Panic

    Roanoke College Fall Shootout

    That looks good but I bet most of those schools best basketball players also play football.
  7. Widespread_Panic

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    They beat a 7-4 Clintwood team 28-20 and then lost to Galax 60-21.
  8. Widespread_Panic

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    And then what happened?
  9. Widespread_Panic

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    PH consistently plays the weakest schedule of anyone in SWVA to build up their win loss record. Once playoffs arrive they go home. Battle wins by at least 2 TDs, maybe more.
  10. Widespread_Panic

    Local College Thread

    Wise needs new leadership from top to bottom. Their AD is a joke with zero experience or connections. She makes terrible hiring decisions. I'm not sure the President puts any emphasis on athletics either. They really need to remove all of their head coaches in basketball and baseball and start from scratch.
  11. Widespread_Panic

    Gc vs ab

    Talk to former players at Abingdon and Wise Central and ask them if Reed is good at getting kids out to play football or developing good relationships with his players. GC alum may be drinking the Kool Aid because of loyalty or desperation but he's not turning that program around. Could he do a worse job thank Akers? Probably not, but he isn't going to get the numbers up or win anytime in the near future which would be the final nail in the coffin.
  12. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    If this game is remotely close Abingdon is in for a long year. The Mountain District is much tougher than the Hogo.
  13. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    That team did have some success but they also lost in the first round of the playoffs on their home field when they were expected to make it a lot further. In my opinion Abingdon is in a tough situation. They aren't strong and physical enough to compete with the Mountain District teams when they switched to the ground game offense. On the other hand if they go spread they don't have the athletes to win at the 3A level. Not sure what their identity needs to be to win in the Mountain District and the 3A playoffs.
  14. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    Abingdon happy to get rid of Reed. VA High happy to break in a new OC. Gate City happy to get Reed. Everyone is happy in the preseason.
  15. Widespread_Panic

    Darren Reed Out

    Reed is not the answer to Gate City's problems unless you want it to be a really good basketball school. Abingdon football is on a downhill slide and that is due to Reed. His coaching staff has turned over every year and the number of players in the program continues to go down.