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  1. Widespread_Panic

    Ridgeview 59, Wise Central 41

    Disagree. J.I. Burton, J.J. Kelly, Powell Valley, and Pound have all had their good seasons in basketball over the years. Eastside is still a very successful program.
  2. Widespread_Panic

    Pulisic to Chelsea

    I’m not underselling him. A majority of Premiere League followers would agree paying $70 million for a player who didn’t even start in the Bundesliga is way too much. Selling jerseys to Americans is great but that doesn’t make him a success in Europe. There is a stigma that Americans are overrated so I hope Pulisic does well but there will be a lot of pressure on him due to the significant wages Chelsea has committed to him as well as a target on his back from opposing teams.
  3. Widespread_Panic

    Pulisic to Chelsea

    Don't be too disappointed. Chelsea overpaid by a lot and he wouldn't crack the top 5 for Liverpool with Mane, Salah, Fimino, Shaq, and Sturridge. I'm not sure that Pulisic will get that much playing time at Chelsea in the first 2 to 3 years of his contract unless Hazard makes the move to Spain or Italy. It is a plus for the USMNT but unless the head coach moves away from favoring MLS players they will continue to struggle.
  4. Widespread_Panic

    Radford vs Graham?

    And If I were coaching Gate City I'd run Dean off a million screens to get really good looks since he's being guarded by 1 person. If he misses I've got 3 players rebounding against 2.
  5. Widespread_Panic

    Richlands vs Abingdon

    They are basically the same team as last year. I wouldn't say they were competitive with the M7 last year. Battle and Abingdon swept them last season. Union came close to knocking them off in the first round of regional play even though VA High was a 1 seed. They went on to upset Ridgeview and then lost to Central. The Bearcats live and die by the three. If they go cold they are capable of losing to any team.
  6. Widespread_Panic

    Richlands vs Abingdon

    SWD girl's side is way down compared to the Mountain. If VA High played in the Mountain they could struggle to finish in the top 4.
  7. Widespread_Panic

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    All coaches defend their players. Most do it from their own box though.
  8. Widespread_Panic

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    I've seen Vermillion come way out of his coaching box many games. I don't think he's innocent in all of this.
  9. Widespread_Panic

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Union beat South. South beat Battle by 30. Battle is not in the mix for top 3. Two things are certain: Gate City finishes first and Abingdon finishes last.
  10. Widespread_Panic

    Akers Out at GC?

    Of course he applied. No one else will touch the guy and rightly so. He's got 0 options.
  11. Widespread_Panic

    M7 Boys Basketball

    Outside of Gate City the Mountain is going to struggle to do much in the postseason. Wise and Union might be decent but it drops off real quick after that.
  12. Widespread_Panic

    Girls: Gate City vs TN High

    TN High is really bad. Wait until they play someone decent to get a better gauge on Gate City.
  13. Widespread_Panic

    M7 Boys Basketball

    If they can't beat Northwood they are finishing last in the Mountain.
  14. Widespread_Panic

    Garrett Amburgey

    4? Holston had a losing record the previous 4 years and got bounced in the first round of the playoffs. Battle also bounced in the first round of the playoffs and finished with a losing record. Abingdon got blown out in their 3A playoff game 63-27. Might be time to set the bar a little higher.
  15. Widespread_Panic

    Akers Out at GC?

    Considering J.J. Kelly had averaged 1 win a year for the previous 4 years before he arrived and then making 3 playoff appearances after his arrival is not bad.