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  1. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon @ Patrick Henry-Benefit Game

    If this game is remotely close Abingdon is in for a long year. The Mountain District is much tougher than the Hogo.
  2. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    That team did have some success but they also lost in the first round of the playoffs on their home field when they were expected to make it a lot further. In my opinion Abingdon is in a tough situation. They aren't strong and physical enough to compete with the Mountain District teams when they switched to the ground game offense. On the other hand if they go spread they don't have the athletes to win at the 3A level. Not sure what their identity needs to be to win in the Mountain District and the 3A playoffs.
  3. Widespread_Panic

    Abingdon Football Head Coach

    Abingdon happy to get rid of Reed. VA High happy to break in a new OC. Gate City happy to get Reed. Everyone is happy in the preseason.
  4. Widespread_Panic

    Darren Reed Out

    Reed is not the answer to Gate City's problems unless you want it to be a really good basketball school. Abingdon football is on a downhill slide and that is due to Reed. His coaching staff has turned over every year and the number of players in the program continues to go down.
  5. Widespread_Panic

    Rivalry Game(s)

    UVA-Wise Vs. Emory & Henry. How these 2 teams don't play ever year is beyond stupid. Big gates and very competitive games but Emory refuses to play.
  6. Widespread_Panic

    Honest question

    Agree. It seems like half of SWVA dislikes McClung for whatever reason but I hope nothing but the best for him. The NBA is a long way away but his performances in their summer league against other D1 players have been very impressive.
  7. Widespread_Panic

    Coaching changes

    Mills resigned. Wise needs to bring in a coach that is capable of turning around a program that was once the best in the state. The talent and numbers are still there if they can recruit a coach that will put the time in to building a successful program.
  8. Widespread_Panic

    Mountain 7 Preview

    VA High Vs Abingdon Football won, volleyball lost, Girl's & Boy's Basketball lost, Softball lost, Baseball split, Girls and Boy's tennis lost, Girls and Boy's soccer lost. 2 wins and 17 losses for 2017-2018.
  9. Widespread_Panic

    Mountain 7 Preview

    Well they do beat VA High in just about every sport the VHSL offers.
  10. Widespread_Panic

    Graham Clark Resigns

    Stacey Carter is still relatively young and has built Science Hill into a winner. He has brand new facilities and excellent numbers. Why would he retire from that situation?
  11. Widespread_Panic

    Graham Clark Resigns

    Very boring hire. DB is already falling behind Science Hill. This hire won't change that trend.
  12. Widespread_Panic

    Graham Clark Resigns

    That guy won't be able to get an interview for the water boy position much less the head coach.
  13. Widespread_Panic

    Donald Trump

    Some people in NOVA would say you live in the s*** hole of VA. Are they right too?
  14. Widespread_Panic

    GC @ Abingdon

    Please provide a quote or link to this. I don't remember seeing it anywhere.
  15. Widespread_Panic

    GC @ Abingdon

    SWVA has always had good basketball teams, just not state championship winning teams. Haysi, J.I. Burton, Council, Twin Springs, Pound, J.J. Kelly, Lebanon, Abingdon, Gate City and I'm sure I've left off several other programs that fielded very competitive teams.