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  1. GC @ Abingdon

    Please provide a quote or link to this. I don't remember seeing it anywhere.
  2. GC @ Abingdon

    SWVA has always had good basketball teams, just not state championship winning teams. Haysi, J.I. Burton, Council, Twin Springs, Pound, J.J. Kelly, Lebanon, Abingdon, Gate City and I'm sure I've left off several other programs that fielded very competitive teams.
  3. GC @ Abingdon

    If you don't like it then do something about it. Spend more time in the gym and less time at the Barter.
  4. Region 2D power points

    Power points do not matter in basketball.
  5. Richlands @Graham

    Or getting a technical and then whining about sportsmanship being dead.
  6. Richlands @Graham

    Phillips needs to A) quit scheduling cupcakes to make his win-loss record look good and B) learn how to lose with class. These quotes were an attempt to put a bullseye on Graham because Richlands just got rolled by 30. Hopefully Graham beats them by a lot more in the rematch.
  7. GC 64 North Mecklenburg 80

    It will be interesting to see what Radford's pressure defense might do to Gate City if they were to meet up in post season play. Radford is always well coached, usually have the athletes (although they may be down a little this year) and they will have the confidence of winning numerous state championships on their side. I don't believe they will beat Gate City but if Radford can catch the Blue Devils on a night where 1 of the big 2 is struggling it could be a tight game.
  8. Mountain 7 Predictions

    Absolutely. East would beat Battle or Lee by 15 plus.
  9. UT dumpster fire

    Fuente is a Gary Patterson disciple. He knows that staying at Virginia Tech is a much better situation than the pressure that comes along a job like Florida State. Plus, having Bud Foster as your DC is a luxury that Fuente would not have at FSU and Babcock is one of the best AD's in the country.
  10. UT dumpster fire

    Fuente isn't going anywhere. This is the problem with UT fans. They are completely delusional and living in the past.The strategy of making up stories about Schiano just because his record wasn't great was a terrible look and now coaches only use UT to increase their pay checks. Georgia and Florida are now on an upward trajectory and UT continues to fall behind.
  11. That's o.k. because Va High's tournament for both the boy's and girl's has been terrible the last few years. The teams in it are really bad.
  12. The rematch: Appomattox @ Union

  13. 2017-18 Boys Season

    Gate City then Graham and everyone else can go ahead and get ready for baseball season. I would put Union at 3 and then after that it really drops off but Wise Central should be better than Battle.
  14. JI Burton @ Chilhowie

    Playing in the Hogo tends to give you that feeling.
  15. SWVA Best

    I was agreeing with you right up until this statement. Powell Valley and Appalachia could care less about basketball. Those were both football schools who had enough athletes to be competitive in basketball.
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