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  1. Mountain man

    Ab vs gc?

    I can’t believe I’m coming out of retirement for this, but, it’s time to set the record straight. Kids during Coach Reed’s tenure did not like or respect him. They loved Coach Colobro and Coach Amburgey (who was the OC during those years). Have you noticed how many ex-players come back now to help and tutor? Amburgey creates that kind of atmosphere. Reed never could. All the players that I know despise him
  2. City of Raven. Can you recommend a wine and tapas establishment near the new multimillion dollar school? I hear the school is state of the art. Surely there are some upscale places for our refined Abingdon palates!! Lol
  3. BigO. Doss and Sturgill are going to Hampton this weekend along with Howie and Asbury. Humphies from PH is going out there as well. Coach Palmer from PH is one of the coaches. VERY underrated coach! Not sure about much else
  4. Congratulations from the Falcons!! Well done.
  5. Nothing is impossible. Godspeed Blues!
  6. Thanks Vitale. I get your point. Some of us Falcon fans still have raw nerves about this season. Sorry for the name calling. Just know that if Abingdon would have a game this week against the freaking Cowboys, we would be drinking the kool-aid for our team and holding freaking parades. We wish the best for the Blues and Coach Mance 1st class group of people in my opinion Bulldog go back to your pen in your trailer park, don't remember you being invited to this conversation
  7. Not big talk. Real talk Taking up for these kids If that twist your panties - so be it!
  8. F@&$ you vitale!! These kids have played their asses off and overachieved this year. You may have forgot patriots/ giants a few years ago but a catch by Ball (like the Plaxico could change everything). My advice to You is quit being a dick. RYAN nice post! Falcons have the Blues back. If you can't say anything positive, shut your f@$€}ng mouth! Real tired of some of your shit From the Falcons-GO BLUES!!
  9. Good luck to Richlands and Blacksburg. I think we should get a participation trophy since we beat both teams! Lol
  10. Havok. Glad to have you. Sturgill is actually half Sutherland from Haysi. Small world!! Safe trip. Thanks for the support
  11. I thought it was if you eat the burrito you might be running
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