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  1. It will be an interesting matchup. The last couple of years that Graham spent in the Mountain Empire District was Tony's first couple of years as head coach. I think Tony is 2-0 as a head coach against Galax. I don't think Graham had beaten Galax before that as a member of the MED. I do believe Graham wins this one, but Galax is a hard nosed team that runs the ball well. Graham had trouble defending the run against Union. Graham has good linebackers, but they played too close to the line of scrimmage, got caught up in traffic and over-pursued a lot. There were a lot of broken tackles as well. If that stuff hasn't been cleaned up somewhat, this game will be much closer than expected.
  2. How does everybody see this one going? Union exposed some defensive issues for Graham. It will be interesting to see how the defense responds after they spent a lot of time on the field against Union and gave up a lot of yards on the ground and we know that Galax always has a good rushing attack.
  3. From Grahams outstanding radio crew....
  4. A big turning point was when Graham was threatening to score to go up 21-14 and threw the interception in the endzone. After that, the game had the feel of Union going ahead and Graham not being able to match scores with them. Grahams linebackers were overpursuing and got burned. Lomax would appear to be turning upfield and bounce plays outside and caught the Graham defenders flat-footed several times. Union wins the rematch, I believe unless Graham cleans up some things on the defensive side of the ball.
  5. I'm going to disagree. Tony is a great coach. He turned a program around which had been decimated in no time flat. What is his record? Something like 65-10? That is insanely good. He has surrounded himself with an excellent staff also.
  6. Nothing but respect for you goose.
  7. I dont recall that either.
  8. If I'm Graham, Im pulling for somebody to upset Union in the playoffs. That team is like a wrecking ball on offense. Good grief. Graham's speed is what kept them alive and with a chance at the end. Lomax is a beast.
  9. Glad you enjoyed the trip. I am a fan of Trents also like to sit at the picnic table across from the saw mill when I stop there. It was a battle for sure. Graham's defense is young and still learning. Hopefully by the end of the season, they will be able to deal with Unions excellent execution on offense. Graham looked like a defeated Rocky Balboa late in that one, they kept taking the punches, but came out swinging at the end and landed the last minute knockout. What a fun game to watch. I agree, these 2 teams are top tier for sure. Hard to imagine anybody in Region D will beat either of them.
  10. Well, Im the other moron who was talking bus nonsense last year with him. Just having some fun, God forbid
  11. They won a state title in 2018. Would you consider that accepting success?
  12. I was sure that they would go for 2. Graham couldnt stop Lomax.
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