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  1. No problem. I just realized that I have 2 kids that went to 2 different schools and it had nothing to do with what the kid wanted and it had all to do with the adults involved and I need to just keep my mouth closed because I should be the last person to judge in this situation. Your post just made me think about my own sisituatuon. Sorry if it seemed personal, I didnt intend it that way.
  2. And I wasnt speaking to only you. Us includes me and is plural. I have chimed in on the matter and I probably shouldnt. None of my business.
  3. None of us "adults" know the circumstances.
  4. Graham will not allow very many points against SWD competition this season, that I can guarantee.
  5. I agree. Giles put up 50 Plus on Graham a few years back. They may return the favor this year.
  6. Back to the topic of Graham vs. Tazewell. I was wondering what some of the fellow Tazewell supporters thought of the game plan against Graham. I watched Bluefield have success against Graham by having the QB in the shotgun and getting rid of the ball very fast. Tazewell's plays developed too slow and the QB was in trouble from the time he touched the ball. I didn't see any adjustments and it didn't seem that Tazewell had prepared for that fast defense at all. Bluefield, on the other hand had a game plan for Graham's aggressive Defense and got rid of the ball quickly. Also, Davis was able to get to the edge when the defense of Graham over-pursued and break a couple of long runs.
  7. No, the out of state transfer rule is pretty liberal.
  8. I see what you are saying. Not sure this transfer would be that beneficial to Graham, anyway. Maybe they can fit him in and have him come in and spell Lester for a series or 2 here and there to give Lester a breather. But Lester is and will be the best QB Graham will have. Lining Lester up at receiver once in a while would definitely draw a lot of attention from opposing defenses and free up other receivers. Blevins is more of a drop back passer than a scrambler. I'm sure the coaches will put their heads together to utilize him. I don't think Blevins has the skill sets to play another position (I may be wrong) He may have a chance to start next season, once he learns the system, but he will have competition from the younger Meadows next year.
  9. If a kid transfers from out of state and moves in the attendance zone, he is immediately eligible to play.
  10. Booker, Ray, Bradshaw, Dales, Justice.... New transfer...
  11. That's the one. Before that one, it looks like they have Abingdon, Bluefield, Tazewell and Radford. I'm not pulling against Tazewell, since I'm a Bulldog fan and I believe Richlands will be the underdog in the other matches.
  12. When do they play Marion, Lebanon or V-High? I'll say whichever one of those is first on their schedule is win #200.
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