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  1. Didn’t matter a lick last season...
  2. Tazewell already had 3 out for the season coming into that game; lost another one in the 1st half; and Harris went out early in the 2nd half with a minor leg injury.
  3. Literally nothing in this post is correct.
  4. I think Graham is very slightly better, but would be surprised if this were more than a 1-score game either way.
  5. This aged worse than Brigitte Nielsen.
  6. Blacksburg Carroll Co. Radford Union Gate City Ridgeview Graham Castlewood Marion Pick sent to Ryan4VT Narrows JI Burton Hurley Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Chilhowie Holston Marshall No. 5 Oklahoma No. 12 Oregon Virginia North Carolina No. 13 Utah No. 7 Penn St. No. 1 Alabama Cincinnati Indianapolis New York Giants Seattle Philadelphia Game of the Week Galax - 59
  7. I’m surprised he’s not moved up the ranks by either school size or division. But don’t mess with happiness.
  8. Tazewell played 4 of its first 5 games this season on artificial turf. Bears consideration.
  9. This is a good suggestion. Makes too much sense to ever be taken seriously.
  10. This is standard operating procedure in Central VA and the Shenandoah Valley. They adjust school district boundaries like people change their underwear, and they're not ashamed to hide the fact that the VHSL's leaking them the numbers. When 3 of the top 4 AAA schools by enrollment are Western Albemarle, Charlottesville, and Monticello, it's almost gloating about it.
  11. Must be awfully nice when the VHSL spoon feeds you enrollment cutoffs cycle after cycle after cycle.
  12. 35-6 was the final in that one. They may have led early on but wore down in the 2nd. In any regard, Haysi and GW were far better and should have taken Rye Cove’s place.
  13. I was gonna post something but this is pretty darned good. Galax can beat them, though.
  14. Ah, yes, the “Rye Cove Rule”. Rye Cove would win the Cumberland with middling records every year and knock one of the powerful BDD/Hogo teams out of the playoffs who were far superior. In 2003, Rye Cove won its district with a 5-5 record, and lost every non-district game in the process. Honaker went 9-1, losing its only game 6-0 AT Haysi, and was left out of the postseason because Honaker didn’t win the BDD. Haysi did everything short of decapitating Rye Cove in Round 1 of the playoffs. In 2004, Rye Cove went 8-2 by feasting on a marshmallow-soft OOC, though they were still blown out at home by Haysi and lost at home to Honaker. George Wythe went 9-1; shut out SEVEN opponents; gave up more than 6 points just twice all season; lost an 8-point game on the road to 9-1 Lebanon, and were left sitting home for the postseason because Lebanon won the Hogo. Eventual state runner-up, Powell Valley, clocked Rye Cove in Round 1 of the playoffs, yet again. P.S. That Haysi team that blew out Rye Cove in 2004 also missed the playoffs in 2004 with a 9-1 record, because they lost a road game to Honaker, thereby losing the BDD to a Honaker team that couldn’t beat a 6-4 Tazewell team at home. As much as we complain about the way it is, it beats watching the 2003 Honaker, 2004 George Wythe, and 2004 Haysi teams, all of which could have won a state title, sitting at home with 9-1 records.
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