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  1. One’s a done deal, another’s about 95% certain.
  2. I take that as a sign that he was indeed FBS caliber after all...
  3. Not all those pieces will be there in August...
  4. They're building a little SWVA pipeline up there...
  5. I think the 2-district setup is fine. The only thing I would change is to have John Battle merge into the SWD.
  6. Hard to find a role for 51 players, which is historically more than double the usual number. The coaching staff worked more to develop the kids than gunning for a gaudy W-L record. As a result, Tazewell will have a bonafide JV team for the first time in a while. On the varsity level, there will be some meaningful additions this year that will play early and often.
  7. As usual, your finger is pretty close to the pulse!
  8. I saw that it was a perfect game. Just an unbelievably dominant season.
  9. Central and Gate City are good teams, but they're not on Tazewell's level.
  10. I doubt there's anyone in Region D that's going to present a challenge, though crazier things have happened. As in many things, Appomattox appears to present their stiffest test.
  11. Yes it is. It’ll become evident soon enough.
  12. 2nd in a 5-team district = “our year”? Jealousy is green, after all.
  13. My kind-of biased opinion. To be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man. Graham is the man on the block until someone knocks the G-Men off. They return a healthy compliment of players, both in terms of size and speed, from last year’s team. The questions there: (1) Can Meadows the Younger succeed at the QB position and (2) Can Graham find someone to compliment Clements in the backfield? Graham improves throughout the season like few others. However, Graham does tend to play a little haggard early on. Beware Week 2. The 2nd/3rd spots may well be decided in Week 1 when Virginia High visits Tazewell. There’s tons of speed all over the field. Poku and Thomas the Younger. Harris and McDonald. Line play will be the question. I’ve got Richlands slotted 4th. However, Richlands does have the best kicker in the SWD by far in Isaiah Bandy. That’ll keep them in games and make them a viable threat as they seek to replace some key pieces at QB and along the lines. Marion looks like 5th for now. There is some talent coming up, and a new coaching staff should change the culture there. I think the dividends are a couple years off, though. A couple Tazewell players to watch: (1) Cassius Harris. He’s well within striking distance of the all-time VHSL reception record (84 away). Given that he set the all-time single season record last year, presuming he stays healthy, expect that to fall. (2) Carter Creasy. In my mind, the best QB in Region 2D right now. He was 13 yards shy of 3000 in his freshman season, and that’s also a pace that would obliterate the VHSL all-time passing record. With the talent he has returning, he may make an assault on the single season record also, presuming he stays healthy.
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