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  1. As I said, were you more intelligent, it would have made more sense. Thought I made that pretty clear.
  2. I’m talking more about Central playing like 1970 Gate City in last week’s first half against Tazewell and playing like 2021 Lee in this week’s first half against Union. That would be obvious to a brighter individual.
  3. 4 Central fumbles in the first half.
  4. UVA is historically pretty tight lipped about personnel and Bronco is that to an extreme degree. Would not surprise me if Wells had to “prove himself” or some other probationary measure before earning a listing.
  5. Not in the current climate, let’s put it that way.
  6. You play the team in front of you, but if you think this same result happens with Graham having a full complement of players and adequate practice time, you need to pay a visit to 340 Bagley Circle, Marion, VA. Graham played a game with one arm and one leg tied behind its back, and you needed a miracle to avoid OT. It is what it plainly is. From a fan of a school whose composite entities won 13 football state titles between them, I’d really expect better.
  7. Funny fact #2: The last team west of Radford to beat Appomattox was Lee. The same Lee that took 5 games to score this season.
  8. The Central team that showed up last night blows Union out, far worse than the first meeting. Dangerous team. Union would need to win the turnover battle by 2+.
  9. I am convinced this move is nothing but a massive cosmic joke to require me to support Thad Wells.
  10. Richlands showed a lot of heart today. After getting blasted last week, and being down 28-0 this week, it takes some character to battle back to even take the lead in the 4th.
  11. Funny fact, the M7 is 0-3 in the state semifinals and beyond since 2012. SWD is 3-3 with 1 state championship. 👀
  12. Congratulations on needing a miraculous finish to upset a team that was banged up, depleted, and playing with 3 days’ of preparation.
  13. Welp, can’t turn the ball over 6 times and expect to win a road playoff game against a team as talented as Central. That first half was simply unlike anything Tazewell’s shown all season. The ship was steadied in the second half, but it was far too little, far too late. The fact that Tazewell lost the turnover battle by 5 and lost by just 19 speaks to the mental toughness to never just surrender. That Central team that showed up today would win Region D handily. Speed and surgical precision was simply lethal tonight. Congrats to the Warriors for a dominating performance, and best of luck moving forward. Just a shame the ride had to end this way. Was hard to keep composure at the end.
  14. A No. 1 Nottoway No. 2 King William B No. 1 Stuarts Draft No. 2 Strasburg C No. 1 Appomattox No. 2 Dan River D No. 1 Graham No. 3 Tazewell A No. 1 Nottoway B No. 1 Stuart’s Draft C No. 1 Appomattox D No. 3 Tazewell Semis No. 1 Stuart’s Draft No. 1 Appomattox Champ No. 1 Appomattox - 41
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