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  1. They’re good for Virginia 2A, but Charlotte area football is in another dimension. Bluefield, WV, the winningest program in this area by any measure, played 5 games over 4 years against Charlotte Country Day and Charlotte Latin. Bluefield went 0-3 against Charlotte Country Day, and only 1 of those games was close (2009, and they won the WV AA title that season). Bluefield went 1-1 against Charlotte Latin (a 31-14 loss and a 61-37 win). Bluefield would beat Richlands 4/5 of the time if the schools played that often. That’s about the best comparison I can give.
  2. For Mooresville, it would be. 🤣
  3. If you think this is going to be over in 2 weeks, I have a Virginia Tech national championship trophy to show you...
  4. Would be shocked if any school district conducts any more educational days in the 2019-2020 school year.
  5. Congrats, Gate City, I suppose! In no way, shape, or form was Gate City better than John Marshall, but the record books will show them as equals. The converse applies for the girls.
  6. Gate City just reloads on the basketball court. Though no sane person would predict them to beat John Marshall, making it back to the state championship game after losing legitimate D1 prospects in back-to-back years is astounding.
  7. Fair enough. But when you don’t have a dedicated thread for the girls, then this can happen. FWIW, as imbalanced as the boys’ 2A tourney is in favor of the East, the girls’ tourney is just as strongly in favor of the West. Some fantastic girls’ athletics on this end of the state.
  8. Love you, buddy, but Gate City would be a massive and prohibitive underdog in Richmond should they survive Radford, and deservedly so.
  9. You’re the one who said that it was a “wish”, so put your money where your mouth is, Giles boy.
  10. How much money do you want to bet that JM loses the state title?
  11. The level of play is not professional caliber. Ultimately that’s what doomed the first league. This one may have a little more staying power, especially taking lessons from the AAF, but if the level of play does not approach a level becoming of professionals, then it’s going to fail. I don’t think it was marketed particularly well in the weeks leading up to the XFL’s debut. It’s virtually impossible to find real-time stat tracking, even in Week 4. And it’s a shame.
  12. Dollar General, Inc. off the top rope!
  13. I’d subtract a hefty percentage from that. Of course Richlands would offer; they’d be dumb not to. But there’s 0 justifiable reason besides “he’s from there” that’s he’d leave the Mooresville area. Would be a massive coup to get him, but I wouldn’t assume this until it’s formally announced.
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