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  1. There is a nice social media trend going on called #clearthelist. Teachers post Amazon wish lists to groups, and if someone or some companies want to purchase, they do. My wife actually has had some items purchased by anonymous donors by doing such a thing. Given the minuscule supply budgets, that’s one way social media has helped.
  2. I’ve seen tape from the 7-on-7s. Creasy has made some throws that no other QB in SWVA can make. That’s not biased. I’ve seen the kid roll to his left (he’s a righty), uncork a bomb that goes 45 yards in the air, and hit a streaking receiver in the numbers. Freshmen aren’t supposed to do that. Most seniors can’t do that. I’m excited, let’s put it that way.
  3. Speak for yourself. 😉
  4. Having seen Mount View in 2019, I’d have to concur with this. There’s no one there in the same class as Cousin or even Fritz.
  5. A Mississippi State guy coaching at Auburn? Cats and dogs sleeping together!
  6. I expect the series to continue for the foreseeable future.
  7. The economy’s booming in Bluefield…
  8. 8/6: Green/White Scrimmage 8/13: @Ridgeview (Ridgeview/Patrick Henry) 8/20: Chilhowie (Benefit)
  9. (1) Graham (2) Union (3) Central (4) Richlands (5) Ridgeview (6) Tazewell (7-10) Make a case for any team, you’d be right (11) Lee
  10. Given that 8 of 11 teams in Region 2D will make the playoffs, at least getting to the 8-seed is not impossible if Lee can notch 3 wins. At least two of Virginia High, Marion, Lee, Battle, and Gate City are going to qualify for the playoffs.
  11. This website is the pinnacle for remembering things the way they never were. I played baseball around the turn of the millennium, and I was one of 4 players on the team that DIDN’T dip or chew.
  12. Carter Creasy throwing bombs to Cassius Harris in 2022 will be worth the price of admission!
  13. As dominant a state championship performance as you will see. Congrats, Lebanon! Been a long time coming.
  14. UVAObserver


    It’s the Hoos! Welcome to the family!
  15. This. Tazewell’s got some weapons, and they’re not going back to the 2-8 and 0-10 days.
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