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  1. I can’t divulge a lot of how I learned the information I have, but suffice it to say, the economy was booming in Richlands in the 2000s to early 2010s. The economy isn’t as strong down there these days, and there are plenty who are wistful for those days AND jealous of Graham for its recent run.
  2. That’s not how I understand it, based upon the input of some of the other posters here. Man, I’d be happy to be wrong.
  3. Graham gave up 6 unanswered runs to lose 6-5 to a 1-win Marion team. That’s an extremely bitter way to end a season that showed flashes of future hope and promise. Tazewell, who allowed 16+ runs in each of its games against Graham, will get the #4 regional seed over Graham.
  4. That’s what I hoped would be the outcome this year. Being a realist, this team came fairly close to maxing out its potential later in the year. Graham will be better still yet in coming years, as the time put into the BVLL in the early 2010s is paying some dividends. The kids from the outstanding middle school program are moving up and continuing their training. Baseball is becoming fun!
  5. If I’m reading the tea leaves right, Graham should play Marion and Tazewell should play Richlands in the opening round of the SWD Tournament. Marion is dreadful, and Graham should not only win, but should be in a “save your ace” position to face the VHS/LHS playoff loser in Round 2. Presuming Graham doesn’t collapse, it’s pretty much win-and-you’re-in for Tazewell.
  6. Looks like the only drama is for 1st and 4th. 1st is explanatory, 4th less so. No clue how the points will shake out between Tazewell and Graham.
  7. What is “not Gate City’s official motto”? I’ll take “Words to Live By” for $2000, Alex.
  8. Don’t be bashful, you’ve got more than enough fool to go around.
  9. The fact that Graham’s even in that conversation is a point of personal pride for me, as someone who played baseball for Graham. Graham hasn’t made a regional appearance since 1991, and has been a doormat virtually since (except for a couple .500-level teams in 2004 and 2005). Graham lost games early on which really put them in a bind in terms of points, teams they’d probably beat today. But in any event, I have hope for that program again, and I haven’t been able to say that in 15 years.
  10. Honestly, in the current age, Union’s best team probably goes toe-to-toe with DB’s worst team. It’s sheer strength in numbers. DB should be head-and-shoulders better than SWVA schools, and that’s OK. It’s why DB doesn’t play SWVA schools in football. Win, they’re supposed to steamroll schools with 1/3 to 1/4 their enrollment. Lose, and they’re a laughingstock.
  11. Apparently not. Odder still, Graham’s positioned fairly well to be there for a while.
  12. Graham in the top half of the SWD standings in baseball. That’s literally unbelievable to me.
  13. Under. If you all can’t beat Sullivan South, you’re an ironclad lock to start 0-4. Union’s another virtually guaranteed loss. I don’t think you sweep the remaining slate.
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