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  1. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Floyd County Radford Gate City Lee Ridgeview Union Graham Pick sent to Ryan4VT Independence, WV Ft. Chiswell Grayson County Honaker Hurley JI Burton Northwood Patrick Henry No. 14 Ole Miss No. 21 Minnesota No. 2 Alabama No. 16 Baylor No. 23 Florida St. Virginia Tech App. State Marshall No. 5 Clemson Atlanta Indianapolis Pittsburgh Buffalo Tampa Bay Game of the Week: Narrows - 30
  2. No, you're not missing anything. The cylinders in his mental engine are misfiring, and it's lost on no one but him. Tazewell's "air raid" offense of 2021 was that way out of necessity. You have a generationally talented kid at QB, and a kid who committed to a perennial Top 25 FCS program at WR. The other skill position players consisted of tall players who know how to use their bodies in space. The OL was very raw and green, and replacing every single starter from the year before. Logic seems to dictate that you throw the ball until your QB's arm falls off. If Tazewell tried to line up and run the ball 40 times per game, they'd have gone 1-9. Coach Harris getting the Fall 2021 Bulldogs to a .500 regular season was his best coaching job by a mile, even better than 2019 (going 7-4 with the sidelines looking like a M*A*S*H* ward). Sure, Harris had 103 receptions. J. Mullins had 50. E. Mills had 50 (and tied Harris with 11 TDs). McDonald had 30 (with 5 TDs of his own). It wasn't as if Harris had 80% of the catches. He didn't even have 40%. Tazewell's offense of 2022 is less prolific, but considerably more balanced. Injuries have played a sizable role in that: Creasy being out for a couple of weeks led to Harris playing out of position to give his team the best chance to win. What is lost on the dumber folks among us is that Harris willingly threw away an assault on a VHSL career record to try and give his team the best chance to win. That blows the whole "feeding him" argument to smithereens. Personnel also allows more balance. The line play from the 2022 team is markedly improved, so Creasy doesn't have to throw the ball 35+ times per game. The 2022 offense will more likely than not double the rushing output of 2021. Heck, there was even a screen pass last week (that worked pretty darned well).
  3. Yep, she posted about a 4000 word diatribe. Getting close to rock bottom I’m afraid.
  4. It’s funny, because he really doesn’t, at all. It’s doubly funny when, attempting and failing to do so, he posts predictions that end up backfiring in his face like Elmer Fudd’s shotgun.
  5. Going to be a bang-bang call with the start of the rain. Should be OK, and definitely will if the storm slows.
  6. The dirty little secret about Tazewell is that they’re pretty darned good at stopping the run and a fairly sound defensive team overall. Despite a 2-3 record, no team has topped 364 yards on Tazewell this season (and that was Riverheads, who ran 57 offensive plays to do it). Graham (who passed for more yardage than they rushed) barely broke 300. Grundy is playing some solid ball right now, and will be physical and aggressive trying to establish the run. But Grundy is not Riverheads, not even close. I just think Tazewell presents a unique matchup problem for the Golden Wave. If Tazewell brings the same intensity as yesterday, Tazewell should win by a comfortable enough margin. But will the intensity be there? That’s on the team to decide.
  7. This is correct. His son was 2nd string long snapper and didn’t even see the field in that game. Gave up thousands in gate revenue for it, too. And he double-dipped as the AD, with one of his best friends manning the principal’s chair. So there was essentially no recourse.
  8. Anyone trying to predict a Gate City game does so at their own peril this year. Lebanon could beat them by 3 scores or lose by 40. This Gate City team is schizo.
  9. Well, one of Graham’s former head coaches decided that a UNC game was far more important than gate revenue his team would earn for hosting a home game…so not terribly farfetched.
  10. My favorite call was the 3rd-and-long screen pass. I haven’t seen that call since 2019, and it moved the chains on the drive. Executed perfectly and took advantage of Riverheads’s overpursuit.
  11. Many thanks! I have dual citizenship as I see it. 😉
  12. Watch Tazewell get shipped to Bullitt Park in Week 12. 🤣
  13. You’ve gotta do a whole lot better than that to take the title of “Worst Takes Ever” on this forum.
  14. I know all other schools agree, can’t speak for Union fans.
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