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  1. 2 NFL tailbacks certainly helped with that run!
  2. Absolutely! Just holding out on all hope that a season happens.
  3. Central might have something to say about that ....😉
  4. And if memory serves me correctly, Palmer gave Clintwood an L in their final game, ever, in the playoffs, and they were in the Cumberland district at that time.
  5. https://www.timesnews.net/Sports/2020/02/07/Adams-fired-by-Norton-School-Board.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=
  6. Just saw that on twitter.
  7. Did Ridgeview rush for more than 4000 yards? Just curious. Adkins had 2800, who would have had the other 1200+ considering he had the vast majority of carries? Just wondering. Central rushed for 4200 yards..... and that was spread over 5 backs. But Ridgeview's line was big and physical I agree.
  8. 2019 Times News All-Southwest Virginia Football Team Offensive Player of the Year Trenton Adkins, Ridgeview Defensive Player of the Year Mason Polier, Union Offensive Receiver of the Year Ben Brickey, Wise Central Defensive Back of the Year Ethan Mullins, Wise Central Offensive Lineman of the Year Trevor Wagner, Union Defensive Lineman of the Year Tanner Jervis, Union Coach of the Year Luke Owens, Wise Central FIRST TEAM Offense QB—Jadon Boothe, Abingdon RB—Trenton Adkins, Ridgeview RB—C.J. Crabtree, Wise Central WR—Christian Hinkle, Twin Springs WR—Ben Brickey, Wise Central TE—Tyler McCloud, John Battle OL—Trevor Wagner, Union OL—Noah Sage, Lee High OL—Major Cook, Abingdon OL—Josh Price, Wise Central OL—Dauntay Woods, J.I. Burton Utility—Esau Teasley, J.I. Burton K—Landon Knepp, Ridgeview KR—Grayson Whited, Eastside Defense DL—Joey Yates, Ridgeview DL—Michael Calhoun, Gate City DL—Tanner Jervis, Union DL—Austin Jones, J.I. Burton LB—Mason Polier, Union LB—Mikey Culbertson, J.I. Burton LB—Evan Bellamy, Eastside LB—Alijah Sproles, Ridgeview DB—Luke Reed, Gate City DB—Antwun Jenkins, Union DB—Ethan Mullins, Wise Central Utility—Najee Steele, J.I. Burton P—Jayden Farley, John Battle PR—Carson Jenkins, Gate City SECOND TEAM Offense QB—Jaymen Buchanan, J.I. Burton RB—Mason Polier, Union RB—Kenny Ball, Thomas Walker WR—River Carter, Abingdon WR—Najee Steele, J.I. Burton TE—Logan Ely, Thomas Walker OL—T.J. Miller, Wise Central OL—Logan Davidson, Gate City OL—Brayden Mullins, Eastside OL—Lucas Deel, Ridgeview OL—Kaleb Carter, Twin Springs Utility—Mason Hardin, Rye Cove Utility—Corbin Kilgore, Twin Springs K—Jayden Farley, John Battle KR—Esau Teasley, J.I. Burton Defense DL—Jason Cowden, Thomas Walker DL—Daniel Hawkins, Wise Central DL—Caleb McCurdy, J.I. Burton DL—Dylan Hale, Abingdon LB—Conner Gilmer, Twin Springs LB—Logan Mullins, Wise Central LB—Logan Tomlinson, Gate City LB—C.J. Jones, Union DB—Grayson Whited, Eastside DB—Christian Hinkle, Twin Springs DB—Trey Keys, J.I. Burton Utility—Matthew Hardin, Rye Cove P—River Carter, Abingdon PR—Esau Teasley, J.I. Burton
  9. jonah58


    I've only seen bits and pieces. Can't find the entire list.... frustrating lol
  10. I said "one of".... no disagreement needed.
  11. Johnson Centrals offensive line is one of the best I've seen in a long time.
  12. I have said for years that kids don't need to start playing football until 6th grade.
  13. I think you can actually "blind side" so to speak, if you actually lead with your hands and it's not a "pancake" block. I think the idea is to eliminate the helmet to helmet contact, and subsequently, the helmet to ground contact. Just my understanding of it.
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