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  1. I remember some teams from this area that went 5-5 and won state championships. I like to believe some of the best football in the state is in this area.
  2. Please tell me you had Robert California's voice in your head when you typed that.... because that's what I heard 😂😂😂
  3. Not offended here. You're the one who keeps trying to reveal identities, though you're close, but no cigar this time.
  4. I'm not trashing the kid. I laughed at post that was funny. Folks do that on here. If that offends you then don't read the posts. He's a great kid and great athlete. It's funny to see someone say D1s don't lose to wise. If you don't think that is funny, then don't post a reaction to it. That's how all this works.
  5. Nice try. Guess your only concern is trying to figure out who everyone is on here? Get a clue and a life.
  6. Radio said Crabtree had 150+ yards rushing on the night.
  7. Lee will probably beat battle....
  8. Adkins will rush for 400 yards before half time.
  9. This has been mentioned. 20+ ACL/knee injuries since 2014 would have one scratching their head for sure.....
  10. I think Central is actually better now. It's hard to see, but they are blocking and running the scheme alot better. Time will tell!
  11. Zach Berry was a beast...
  12. Having played both, I think Battles new scheme better suits them, and defensively I felt they were better, more physical. But I think it could go either way based on turnovers.
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