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  1. 8 minutes left in 4th, Central up 27-7.
  2. End of 3rd. 20-7 Central over Marion. All JV in for both teams now.
  3. Mid 3rd qtr at Wise and lots of 2s playing for Central and Marion. 20-7 Central driving.
  4. 20-7 Central with 9:13 3rd qtr. Many Central starters out on D.
  5. I dont see anyone coming back from this, even Jimbo.
  6. 20-0 Central over Marion at the half. Ben Brickey with 3 td receptions.
  7. 4th and goal from the 1 and Central stops Marion, turnover.... 6:39 2nd qtr
  8. 10:23 2nd quarter 14-0 Central over Marion
  9. Crabtree from Central put up good numbers last year. Performed well at a combine over the summer. Should be a breakout year.
  10. Crabtree is teaching at Norton, and his son goes to Central. He's not going to Castlewood.
  11. Agreed. Watched online. This game was won in the trenches. Riverheads offensive line consistently pancaked Chilhowie defensive line. Chilhowie got beat up front.
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