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  1. A lot of athletes running around on the field for appo. Graham looked sluggish and couldn't capitalize on opportunities. Credit to Appomattox. They played like a determined, focused and mature team. Appo defense did an outstanding job of nullifying Lester's legs. Great defensive scheme. GMEN have represented SWVA well. Proud of the coaches and players.
  2. Weather in Roanoke valley is perfect. We'll see what it's like up the road. S perfect day for some football.
  3. Difference of 2 halves looked to be the change at QB. Both are play makers but #15 is a QB. When he's leading the offense it produces results. Maybe it was discipline issue but he didn't play last week either. Thats the poor use of talent. The defense cannot tackle. They are in position to make plays more often than not but get dragged 3-4 yards before a tackle is made if at all. Far to predictable on offense. If you swing a hammer at nail enough you will eventually hit it. Marion's top 2 rushers RB and QB carried the ball an obscene amount. Marion's fourth quarter lapse was more about fatique than the dogs finding something. I'll agree with the lack of effort and desire. Flat is flat. When tazewell scored early in the fourth it appeared they found a desire to win but still were unable to keep Marion on their side of the fifty. Maybe a combination of your assessment and mine?
  4. Tazewell problem. No defense. Unable to tackle. Limited playbook and poor use of athletes. Very talented and quick. In space athletes make plays on offense. Defense will usually be in the right spot but tackling is awful.
  5. Very limited play book against Richlands. No adjustments made in second half. Tazewell attempted to run the ball into the heart of Richlands defense. Didn't find a way to get the athletes into open space with few exceptions. Tazewell defense played with some emotion and were in place to make plays but missed tackles. Race Moir dominated on short downs, extending drives. Tazewells pass D looks to have improved a bit.
  6. Richlands had some run success in the first half. Bluefield found an adjustment and shut it down. LB will need solid O-Line play to establish any run offense. Think I might travel to watch this one.
  7. Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Glenvar Union Ridgeview Galax Graham Tazewell George Wythe Narrows Grundy JI Burton Eastside HChilhowie Northwood Penn St Florida St Georgia Tech Clemson Iowa St Stanford Oklahoma Tennessee Alabama USC Baltimore New Orleans Carolina Seattle Dallas Oakland Virginia 33 Twin Springs 60 Miami 49
  8. Union Graham Giles Radford Ridgeview George Wythe Richlands Marion Tazewell Galax Auburn Chilhowie Narrows Honaker JI Burton Eastside Thomas Walker Oklahoma St Virginia Penn St Georgia TCU Notre Dame Virginia Tech Tennessee Buffalo New England Carolina Houston Dallas Pittsburgh Lee-49 Gate City-35
  9. Graham Tazewell Giles Union Lee Lebanon Auburn Chilhowie Narrows Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Eastside Rye Cove Northwood Texas Tech Oklahoma Tennessee Miami Virginia USC Detroit Arizona Kansas City Oakland Denver Galax 52 Marion 39 Ridgeview 49
  10. Galax Giles Radford John Battle Marion Union Grayson Graham Richlands Bland Narrows Grundy JI Burton East Ridge Castlewood Eastside Hancock Co Patrick Henry Louisville Virginia Tech Virginia TCU Miami Michigan New York Jets Tennessee New York Giants Dallas Kansas City GotW Virginia 55
  11. Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Giles Ridgeview Morristown West Grayson Graham Marion Tazewell Virginia Galax Patrick Henry George Wythe Narrows Grundy JI Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Miami USC Georgia Auburn Clemson Miami Dallas Pittsburgh Carolina Oakland Bluefield, WV 71 ***BONUS PICK*** The Tiger
  12. Basham kids throws up on sideline. Comes back in and scores again.
  13. Abingdon Giles Allegheny Patrick Henry Graham Union Ridgeview Marion William Byrd Bluefield Eastern Montgomery Holston George Wythe Hurley Twin Valley JI Burton Castlewood Thomas Walker Chilhowie Virginia Tennessee Virginia Tech Oklahoma St. Georgia West Virginia Atlanta Tampa Bay Seattle Kansas City Oakland GotW Grundy 39
  14. Pulaski Radford John Battle Central Sullivan South Lee Union Grayson Grundy GMarion Tazewell Tennessee Northwood Galax Narrows Honaker Pike Central Castlewood Patrick Henry Rye Cove Chilhowie Tennessee Louisville West Virginia Indiana Virginia Tech Nebraska Auburn Notre Dame Oklahoma USC Arizona Oakland Rams Green Bay Dallas GotW Giles 44
  15. Gate City George Wythe Giles Radford Virginia Central Lebanon Ridgeview Carroll Graham Marion Narrows Eastern Montgomery Twin Valley Chilhowie Honaker Patrick Henry Holston Harlan Independent Michigan Virginia Alabama LSU UCLA G(s)otW Union 34 Virginia Tech 54
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