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  1. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    I do hope they win the whole thing though. Now that the game is over, maybe a far Southwest VA team can finally bring back a state championship in something other that wrestling & baseball.
  2. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    Yeah, when I played football & basketball in high school, I set the bench my freshman year and was excited when we won too. Lol I didn't get better though watching somebody else do all the work. You're just happy to win, didn't care who got us there. Maybe next year GC's other players show how good they really are...
  3. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    He's good, he takes all there shots, scores the most points and won them the game tonight, but I wouldn't wanna play on a team with him. I don't see other players getting better around him.
  4. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    Lol and that's why they lost.
  5. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    I think Graham has Gate City's #. GC cant beat Graham if McClung is a one man team tonight. The style of basketball Graham plays is just a bad matchup for GC. If GC cant fix the problems they had last time they played Graham, they loose by 10+. I'm sure every time GC drives in, their going fear getting a offensive charge. I've not seen a high school team in a long time get into position and plant the feet better than Graham does. Graham wins 68-60.
  6. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    You're telling somebody to me be a man from behind a keyboard. Irony at its finest. 90% of your response isn't even irrelevant to what I said either. Sorry I hurt your feelings though!
  7. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    You're the person that said McClung could sit and GC would still walk through the Region D, and now you're saying GC will probably lay the wood to Graham in the rematch. If Graham wins the rematch, man do I feel sorry for you cause the Graham faithful will troll the crap outta you! Lol
  8. Region D Brackets

    Wythe beats Honaker around 10+ I'd say. Eastside should beat Covington. I lean towards Graham beating Martinsville. Definitely will be hard fought game though. Will likely come down to the end. Radford will likely beat GC. I hope GC wins, but I believe Radford's defense will prevail. Their undefeated for a reason!
  9. Region D Brackets

    Reminds me of the old Southwest District 10-15 years ago, when Richlands, Graham, Tazewell and Grundy all had one thing in common; they all seem to hate Carroll Co. Lol
  10. Best McClung dunk yet?

    Question. Did McClung have any dunks tonight?
  11. Region D Brackets

    Somebody better scream down there and tell those guys to enjoy that moment cause when it's gone you never get that feeling back.
  12. Region D Brackets

    I knew Graham had a solid defense. I was told a couple weeks ago by somebody that GC gets so my hype that Graham gets overlook in SWVA for not putting up 90-100 points a game like GC. I guess it is true offense wins games defense wins championships. Thought that was just a football saying. Guess that means basketball too.
  13. Region D Brackets

    And I thought GC was suppose to walk through the Region D even if McClung was sitting & resting? LOL I was wrong, he is playing and Graham is still winning. My bad.
  14. Region D Brackets

    Could you imagine being a GC fan right now? Lol
  15. 2A Region Championship

    I think GC wins, but I think Graham can hold it to a single digit margin.
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