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  1. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Don't get me wrong here, Chilhowie is good, and I expect them to beat Burton. But they lost to Marion, Wythe and VA High.
  2. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Feel free to remove Chilhowie from contention if you want. Lol
  3. 2017 SWVA Coach of the Year

    Throw Narrows coach in there. For a school that's not known for a great football program, they've had a good season and good shot at beating Galax. So hats off to Narrows coaching staff & players!
  4. Head Coach?

    It would be hard to replace Greg T. Hopefully these rumors are false, and if true, hopefully he has a change of heart and stays put. With all the political BS & that buddy buddy system Buchanan Co. is known for, the school board could very well hire the most unqualified candidate, cause their related to a schoolboard member or just knows the right person as HC!
  5. Round Two Score Updates

    Final Chilhowie 35-0 over Hurley
  6. Grayson Co. @ Graham

    I think Grayson Co. upsets are over when they travel to Mitchell. The players & coaches do deserve a lot of respect & praise after those comeback wins & never giving up against Galax & Ridgeview! Really this game just depends on what Graham team shows up. If Graham comes out firing on all cylinders, the speed will kill Grayson. But if a flat Graham comes out & makes a lot of mistakes then it may be close, but I think Graham will still win. Its Graham's game to loose.
  7. First round Playoff updates

    If John Battle beats Graham tomorrow, I'm deleting my account. Lol
  8. First round Playoff updates

    Grayson Co. two weeks in a row with shockers!
  9. First round Playoff updates

    Good thing VA State Police headquarters are near by! Lol
  10. First round Playoff updates

    FINAL Marion 21 VA High 7 Marion goes to Union next week.
  11. First round Playoff updates

    FINAL Parry McClure 14 George Wythe 9
  12. First round Playoff updates

    From what I seen from him the past two seasons he was an accurate kicker with a strong leg. I'm not surprised he missed it, but I wouldn't been surprised if he had made it either. Just one of those things.
  13. First round Playoff updates

    Definitely when its a high school kid & sports mean everything to you!
  14. First round Playoff updates

    Marion still up 14-7 over VA High Late 3rd Q
  15. First round Playoff updates

    Parry McClure 14-9 over Wythe 11:49, 4th Q
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