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  1. Flanker87

    Any questions for podcast this week??

    Given the ties each of the past two week of the NFL, do you like the overtime rules as they are in high school or could you ever stomach a tie in a football game or even a band competition (for Ryan)
  2. Flanker87

    Gc vs ab

    I have no idea. But cannot you really do any worse of a job there? I think he would be successful in getting kids out and excited and possibly even getting the community behind him. I'm from Tazewell, we've lived this scenario.
  3. Flanker87

    Gc vs ab

    Agree. Then Reed returns the favor when he takes over as head coach in 1-2 years.
  4. Flanker87

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em - Week 1

    Union Abingdon Buckhannor Upshur, WV Fort Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Eastside Richlands Tennessee High, TN Ridgeview Alleghany, NC Honaker Chilhowie Bland Glenvar Holston Narrows Rye Cove Twin Valley Patrick Henry Northwood Thomas Walker Bluefield 59 Tazewell 49
  5. Flanker87

    SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 20

  6. Flanker87

    8 Man Football

    It has frightened me, I wont lie. But The risk of injury is in every sports. I think I may have had one more concussion in football than i did in soccer. And elbow problems from baseball still bother me to this day. The rules against the old-fashioned tactics have helped the game from an injury standpoint, but sacrificed some of the sanctity of the traditional ways. The glory of football is that you don't necessarily have to be a player to contribute. Look at you with the podcast. It's awesome! I follow it to a tee and I have heard you mention many times that you didn't even play (and I even overlook your contractual obligation to oppose anything Kelly Green lol). People will always continue to follow football and its incredible integration into our way of life. As far as me as a parent and if I had a son, I would make sure that I coached him the right way to tackle and monitor his health very closely but i wouldn't essentially hold him out from playing altogether. Every lesson i learned and apply to life was learned on the football field, more so Mon-Thurs and Sat-Sun. Friday nights were times to shine but the other days taught you about life.
  7. Flanker87

    8 Man Football

    The stigma of football has scared parents away from the game. They will still follow and cheer, but they don't want their kids playing. Tazewell's knock against football goes back to Coach Perry making kids choose between sports, and by choose I mean quit football. That's why out football number dwindled and little baseball number rocket. Hopefully, this will reverse some of the thought processes.
  8. Flanker87

    8 Man Football

    Tazewell has adopted something similar for their PeeWee program. I believe it is 7-on-7 but I'm not sure. Still tackle with older kids with pads.
  9. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Let's ask Carlock together, shall we?
  10. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    In our area and was told that. Plain and simple
  11. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    We do need a solid vendor. We just don't have a Carlock that went from one end to the other and made BSN exclusive to only Graham. Its nice, but Kelly Green still pops better over that anthracite haha.
  12. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Alright, This is the great debate of Tazewell. Ask anyone and according to age and if they played, you will get different answers. Kelly Green and White are official colors. The Gold has dabbled for awhile. Tazewell great John Rainey wore uniforms with Gold trim then they went away until Litz brought then back in the mid-80s during our heyday. After Litz left so did the yellow, Hart was strictly green and white. Wyatt's first year he wanted some black added and it got shot down so he went with Gold pants towards the end of his tenure. I think Smith was the one who ordered the Grey 80's Eagles lookalikes, tho I liked them. Allen brought the black. It is a hot button issue in our town, but only in every sport other than baseball. Lou Perry teams always had a black jersey and not an eyelash was batted at them. Every other team has had to succumb to the "only green and white" rule at least once. Cheerleaders still wore yellow into the mid 2000s and every some black in there now. Soccer dabbled with black until it was forced out and got stuck with hunter green uniforms. Now every team has sported black in some fashion. I love Kelly Green and White and I'm kind of old school with uniforms, but having black as an accent color makes the green really pop and I'm not alone in that opinion.
  13. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    I was told that Carlock took the colors from his time in the Marines. BSN (where younger Carlock now is employed) is now the Nike to their Oregon. So the colors shouldn't be shifting anytime soon. I'm a Bulldog and Kelly green is extremely difficult to mimic between suppliers. The one huge pet peeve I had with Graham and helmets and uniforms, especially when I played them, was the yellow gold on the helmet and number shadow and the Vegas gold pants.
  14. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Second this. They scream Cardinal and Gold, then randomly you see Maroon. I know the School's academic colors are maroon and gray, would be a much better choice. But then again I cant stand anything Graham so it doesn't matter what they pick.
  15. Flanker87

    Speaking of Helmets...

    I wore the the same helmet minus the Gold. Easily the best looking of the choices. The Power T with Bulldog with always be the best logo.