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  1. Flanker87

    Baseball getting started

    I'm curious to see how Tazewell shakes out with the coaching carousel that was.
  2. Flanker87

    AA & A State Championships...

    Who beat them?
  3. Flanker87


    So who has info on what area kids signed where?
  4. Flanker87

    2019 schedules

    Not shocked by the Adkins rumor. Where is he looking to go play?
  5. Flanker87

    Bluefield’s Sean Martin

    Anyone with any knowledge know to which school has a advantage? Would love to see him in a Hokie uniform playing for Bud Foster.
  6. Flanker87

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    Thought so.
  7. Flanker87

    WCYB Friday Night Rivals

    Is that bc of WVVA or Spectrum?
  8. Flanker87

    Akers Out at GC?

    I'll back you up on that.
  9. Flanker87


    As the Early Signing Period came, I, and I think most of you would as well, would like to know about kids going to play at the next level. Anybody have any info? And keep it classy. These kids deserve their shots at college ball, not shots at bringing them down. Congrats to Cam Allen on his signing as a Purdue Boilermaker.
  10. Flanker87

    Changes for 2019

    First two, I'm fine with. Last two, not okay. You ruin any Cinderella hope. This past years Richlands squad or Blacksburg's 2016 State Championship team would not even make it in those brackets. they are probably only considering it with so many 1 and 2 win teams in the east still making the playoffs. Maybe go to 6 with top two seeds getting a bye week like in the NFL.
  11. Flanker87

    Any Info on All State?

    2A is available now.
  12. Flanker87


  13. Flanker87

    Podcast Q&As

    Any rumors circulating thru the coalfields? Coaches resigning/retiring/moving onto other jobs? Players transferring? Should Purdue University give Cam Allen a look at QB? Possibly a Deion Sanders/Charles Woodson type that lines up at WR and Special teams in addition to DB duties? To build on Big Winners question about Fuente, what does Bud Foster's situation look like. And OC Brad Cornelson. They put up big numbers at TCU and then Memphis. At times, especially 3rd quarters, the play calling got more conservative than Fox News around Election Day.
  14. Flanker87

    Chilhowie Field

    Yeah, they only use it for baseball games, The true king of athletics at Tazewell (insert sarcasm). 🙄 Back on topic. Chilhowie should have at least have gotten a say. I think its just poor PR the way VHSL went about it, but as cityofRaven put the VHSL does not care about anyone's feelings. It will still be a good game regardless. I see Chilhowie winning but in their closest game yet. They will have to battle, which is something they haven't had to do. Look for Chilhowie starters to play their first full game of 2018. Galax will put up a fight bc they are the most battle hardened team in the coverage area. But this is the year of the Warriors. Frankly, this is probably the beginning of the end of State Semifinals being hosted by home teams. I don't think they will touch regionals. I do believe once it gets to state semifinals, you are going to start seeing games moved to neutral sites, closest to the home team for "home field advantage". I could even see teams with turf losing hosting rights, not for fairness, but bc the VHSL said so (insert Stone Cold Steve Austin voice). It sucks frankly but its just a sign of the times. I also just realized how many memes and Late 90s/ Early 2000s WWF/WCW pro wrestling catchphrases I could have included in this post. 😅
  15. Flanker87

    Podcast Q&A

    Will Mance return if Richlands falls to Graham on Saturday? I know he is sitting at 199 in the win column. Asking for a friend haha With the Narrows-PM scuffle, Who do you hold responsible for the actions committed. Its easy to say the Head Coach, and in some circumstances it is true, but Coaches don't play the game. How much is a player held responsible? Can you say something nice about Tazewell?