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  1. Region D Brackets

    I hope you haven't/don't breed.
  2. Richlands

    After Isaiah McAmis got his 1,000th point they stopped the game as they always do to take a pic or two, get the ball to the parents, etc. As all of this was happening, Fred, his entire staff and entire team came off the bench and congratulated McAmis on his accomplishment. I had never seen the entire opposing team and coaches congratulate a player mid-game like that. Say what you want about Fred but he runs a program Richlands can be proud of, he truly cares about the kids, school, and town.
  3. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Sorry guys but Mac hasn't earned anything yet, but thankfully the BDT got it right again!
  4. WV state championship games

    It's like Truck ran thru a dam or something.
  5. Region C pairings

    Bland play their home games at Bland or Rocky Gap now?
  6. Region D Brackets

    Logically you are correct. But again were talking VHSL/Region D. Honestly I want to go to Gate City. If any team is going to put out Richlands I would rather it be the eventual state champ.
  7. Region D Brackets

    And Richlands was the #2 seed, they got the bye.
  8. Region D Brackets

    Techncally Richlands finished 2nd in the SWD. The difference was Richlands' win over Abingdon, a 3A school. Lebanon played no 3A schools.
  9. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Pretty sad that you have a state championship team with no radio coverage.
  10. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Who broadcasts Gate City games? Online stream?
  11. Can Mac get past 2770?

    I own a Jeep and only a douche sometimes...
  12. Region D Brackets

    I'm sure a lot of people are sitting at home right now, its only noon.
  13. Favorite area places to play/see a game, past and present.

    It's no Cliff but I guess it's ok.
  14. Region D Brackets

    This entire playoff system is screwed up. I'm being told that the only way Lebanon can get the SWD #3 is if they win the SWD tournament. I've also been told that with the final tonight, Lebanon is the #3... Both from credible sources mind you.
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