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  1. cityofRaven

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Light Blue and Red were part of the color scheme at Richlands before the 80's.
  2. cityofRaven

    Park View of Sterling cancels their season

    Looking over at FourSeasonsFootball.com, you can see PV Sterling has had success in the past. Sad to see a program fall so hard, so fast. Makes you wonder, is any program safe from such a demise?
  3. cityofRaven

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Even though I was on the first team to wear the Lighting R at Richlands I am still a fan of these two classic helmets.
  4. cityofRaven

    VA Preseason Rankings

    It literally took me less seconds (8) to Google "Virginia Area Code Map" than it would to count in seconds (15) the last time Tazewell beat Richlands.
  5. cityofRaven

    VA Preseason Rankings

    Magna Vista is in the 276 area code though...
  6. cityofRaven

    9/10 State Tournament in Coeburn

    Why not just meet at Bowen Field?
  7. cityofRaven

    Graham 2018 home games

    Does everything in Tazewell County have to be a shit show? We all that is rhetorical by they way.
  8. cityofRaven

    2018 outlook region wide

    Palmer cousins.
  9. cityofRaven

    2018 ADM numbers

    Even if you go back a touch further. Grundy and Richlands had enrollments over 1,000 as recent at the mid 90's. Hell, schools like Garden and Hurley were D2 in the old format with enrollments over the current numbers of Richlands, Tazewell, Graham, etc.
  10. cityofRaven

    2A softball

    Virginia High and Tazewell wouldn't have sub .500 records if they played the schedule that Grayson did.
  11. cityofRaven

    2A softball

    Yes, right next door.
  12. cityofRaven

    Trenton Adkins D1 offer

    How did this all come about? Did he ball out at a camp or something?
  13. cityofRaven

    Next episode of the SWVA Sports Podcast

    No one cares what I have to say.
  14. cityofRaven

    Graham 2018 home games

    Please tell me this means that Graham/Beaver will be played at Bulldog Stadium. What a mess that would be...
  15. cityofRaven

    SWD- Baseball Preview

    Not so fast...