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  1. cityofRaven

    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    Good thing arteries don't sweat.
  2. cityofRaven

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 9

    Ridgeview Wheeling Park, WV Grayson Glenvar Radford John Battle Lee Virginia Tazewell Bluefield Galax George Wythe Rural Retreat Narrows Grundy Tug Valley, WV Rye Cove JI Burton Chilhowie North Greene, TN Patrick Henry Michigan Oklahoma Duke Marshall Alabama Clemson LSU Oregon New England Detroit Cleveland Dallas Kansas City GotW Richlands 69
  3. cityofRaven

    Richlands vs Graham

    Graham's fight song is one of my favorites besides Big Blue... I hope I only hear it once Thursday.
  4. cityofRaven

    Richlands and Marion

    Two memorable games for me against Marion. At Marion my Freshman year, first playoff game and Marshall Doss was a stud. I think they went on to lose to Pulaski in state-semis. And 1992, I think it may have been homecoming that year as well but Josh Perkins (pictured) hits a field goal in the rain to win and preserve the perfect record.
  5. cityofRaven

    Richlands and Marion

    Fuller would start at any other school in the area, not a bad backup option to have.
  6. cityofRaven

    Region 1C & 2C Power Points

    Only those scared to play teams with below .500 records should worry about records of teams in playoffs. If a 2-8 team plays a solid schedule and gets in, who cares. The team playing them should prepare and play to win. If a 8-2 team loses to a 2-8 team then that's on them. It will never be perfect but I would much rather have all teams that deserve to be in on the field than back when one loss kept good teams out of the playoffs (i.e. 2003 Honaker)
  7. cityofRaven

    SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 8

    James Monroe, WV Giles Ridgeview Union Lee Graham Castlewood Richlands Tazewell Bluefield Auburn Galax Chilhowie Narrows Honaker Thomas Walker Eastside Rye Cove Northwood Auburn Georgia Washington Marshall West Virginia Miami Virginia Tech Michigan New York Jets Carolina Jacksonville Tennessee New England GotW Grundy 43
  8. cityofRaven

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 7

    Abingdon Ripley, WV Galax Giles Radford Central Marion Union Grayson Graham Bluefield Bland Narrows Grundy JI Burton Twin Valley Castlewood Eastside Hancock, Co., TN Patrick Henry Marshall Oklahoma West Virginia North Carolina St. LSU Texas A&M Virginia Tech Miami Jacksonville Denver Philadelphia San Francisco Houston GotW Richlands 69
  9. cityofRaven

    Podcast Questions?!?

    Show me on this doll where the poll hurt you.
  10. cityofRaven

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 6

    Abingdon Graham Richlands Ft. Chiswell Radford Ridgeview Morristown West, TN Grayson Marion Tazewell Galax Patrick Henry Narrows Grundy Eastside Northwood Thomas Walker Georgia Washington California West Virginia Virginia Florida St. Virginia Tech Penn St. Notre Dame Tampa Bay Philadelphia Oakland Seattle Pittsburgh GotW Chilhowie 62 Honaker 49
  11. cityofRaven

    Week 4 Game Reschedules

    Haysi did something similar to this once if I'm not mistaken?
  12. cityofRaven

    Grayson County

    I was more so referencing the playoff mess in 2D that allowed Grayson to compete in a SWD spot without playing in the SWD. I think 1C is a great spot for them to be quite honest.
  13. cityofRaven

    Any questions for podcast this week??

    How can you give Pizza Factory below a 6 rating?
  14. cityofRaven

    Grayson County

    And all I heard last year was, "Grayson is right where they need to be in Region D"...
  15. cityofRaven

    2018 SWVA Sports Pick'em Week 5

    Abingdon Musselman, WV Floyd Radford Patrick Henry Graham Union Ridgeview Grayson William Byrd Bluefield Bland Holston George Wythe Twin Valley Montcalm, WV JI Burton Rye Cove Eastside Chilhowie Louisville Alabama West Virginia Virginia Tech TCU Florida Stanford Atlanta Green Bay Jacksonville Los Angeles Rams Dallas New England GotW Grundy 47