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  1. Dick_Vitale

    What is going on with Richlands

    Below average coach + average talent = Richlands basketball. They have played a cupcake schedule to get to 8-0 with wins against weak 1A opponents.
  2. Dick_Vitale

    Hold Backs for Sports in High School

    It is virtually like this everywhere regardless what people say.
  3. Dick_Vitale

    Richlands @Graham

    There we go... credible evidence lies within topix! The one stop shop for all your informational needs lol
  4. Dick_Vitale

    Richlands @Graham

    Carlock is liable to beat Richlands by 50 at Richlands if possible. I would run it up as much as I could next time they played.
  5. Dick_Vitale

    Top 5 players to come from SWVA

    Why all the CAPS?
  6. Dick_Vitale

    Lee High Gym

    Anyone have pics of the Lee High Gym with the water damage?
  7. Dick_Vitale

    Region D projections (Boys)

    We are virtually at the half way point in the season without much chatter on the boys side. Obviously GC is the front runner by a significant margin, but who is battling for 2nd? IMO Graham is probably the team but Union is making a decent case at possibly upsetting Graham when it counts. Anyone else have any input? Also saw that Richlands lost to a weak Lebanon team giving Richlands it's first loss. Graham seems head and shoulders better than anyone in the old C39. Region D teams consist of: GC, Central, Lee, Union, Ridgeview, Abingdon, Va High, John Battle, Lebanon, Richlands, Tazewell, Graham, Marion, (Grayson Co? or are they Region C?)
  8. Dick_Vitale


    For the record... Richlands is 8-0 and has played all 1A, struggling, schools. It is one thing to be 8-0 with a GC style schedule and another to be 8-0 and bash up on a bunch of schools with losing records.
  9. Dick_Vitale

    Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    What kind of crowd does everyone think will show up at the Prior Center?
  10. Dick_Vitale


    I actually have... among several other teams. There is a following but lets be honest. Ridgeview/Central have had top 1-2 teams in C40 for a few years (plus GC) but their boys teams (minus GC) have been basement dwellers. I was speaking more so about all the chat on this board about girls basketball...
  11. Dick_Vitale

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    I like to look at what he did against the local teams and compare that to the next 13 games. He "Should/Could" average 40 points a game... Give him some cushion when the postseason begins in case he has an off night by scoring 25 lol. Factors that I think that play in are how far GC goes this year (obviously) and how much He/Vermillion pump the breaks against the local teams. Judging by what he did against Lee/Wise/TN High, I doubt there will be much pumping of the breaks though.
  12. Dick_Vitale

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    Literally, in the opening post, it says "just got his 2000th in it tonight." Which was the last Arby's game. So he has a handful over 2000.
  13. Dick_Vitale

    Can Mac get past 2770?

    He has 13 regular season games left. I assume that there will be a district tournament (3 games)? and a Region(3-4 games) tournament, quaterfinal, semi final, and state final... Rough math says he has a max of 23 games left. He needs 34 points a game to achieve this. Of course, a lot of variables go into this. It is possible but doubtful I think.
  14. Dick_Vitale


    To each their own.
  15. Dick_Vitale


    I have never seen this much interest in Girls Basketball...