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  1. Below average coach + average talent = Richlands basketball. They have played a cupcake schedule to get to 8-0 with wins against weak 1A opponents.
  2. It is virtually like this everywhere regardless what people say.
  3. There we go... credible evidence lies within topix! The one stop shop for all your informational needs lol
  4. Carlock is liable to beat Richlands by 50 at Richlands if possible. I would run it up as much as I could next time they played.
  5. Anyone have pics of the Lee High Gym with the water damage?
  6. We are virtually at the half way point in the season without much chatter on the boys side. Obviously GC is the front runner by a significant margin, but who is battling for 2nd? IMO Graham is probably the team but Union is making a decent case at possibly upsetting Graham when it counts. Anyone else have any input? Also saw that Richlands lost to a weak Lebanon team giving Richlands it's first loss. Graham seems head and shoulders better than anyone in the old C39. Region D teams consist of: GC, Central, Lee, Union, Ridgeview, Abingdon, Va High, John Battle, Lebanon, Richlands, Tazewell, Graham, Marion, (Grayson Co? or are they Region C?)
  7. For the record... Richlands is 8-0 and has played all 1A, struggling, schools. It is one thing to be 8-0 with a GC style schedule and another to be 8-0 and bash up on a bunch of schools with losing records.
  8. What kind of crowd does everyone think will show up at the Prior Center?
  9. I actually have... among several other teams. There is a following but lets be honest. Ridgeview/Central have had top 1-2 teams in C40 for a few years (plus GC) but their boys teams (minus GC) have been basement dwellers. I was speaking more so about all the chat on this board about girls basketball...
  10. I like to look at what he did against the local teams and compare that to the next 13 games. He "Should/Could" average 40 points a game... Give him some cushion when the postseason begins in case he has an off night by scoring 25 lol. Factors that I think that play in are how far GC goes this year (obviously) and how much He/Vermillion pump the breaks against the local teams. Judging by what he did against Lee/Wise/TN High, I doubt there will be much pumping of the breaks though.
  11. Literally, in the opening post, it says "just got his 2000th in it tonight." Which was the last Arby's game. So he has a handful over 2000.
  12. He has 13 regular season games left. I assume that there will be a district tournament (3 games)? and a Region(3-4 games) tournament, quaterfinal, semi final, and state final... Rough math says he has a max of 23 games left. He needs 34 points a game to achieve this. Of course, a lot of variables go into this. It is possible but doubtful I think.
  13. I have never seen this much interest in Girls Basketball...
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