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  1. I don’t anticipate any of the new treatments effectively stemming the movement of the virus into all areas of the country. We’re going to see a lot of death before things get better.
  2. Hmmmm, I suppose “athletic” can be a relative term.
  3. Wait. Was UVAObserver trying to annoy Tornado fans by reminding us that we’ve owned Tazewell for almost a third of a century? Counting the number of eating establishments in each town would have caused a hell of a lot more pain.
  4. Nice article— and if Tazewell beats Richlands by an average 47 points for the next 10 years ... they will still trail Richlands in total points scored in the series. No one’s talking to you, Bluefield (WV or VA)
  5. I’ve attached a not too recent sports page from the October 3, 1953, edition of the Bristol Herald Courier. Articles on Richlands beating Tazewell, St. Charles whipping Gate City and Saltville stunning Graham. I’ve not yet looked thru all the papers from earlier in that week, but I’ll post Bulldog52’s pregame complaint as soon as I find the letters to the editor.
  6. If Mitchell is touching the ball every play, I'll take Union by 2 touchdowns.
  7. I can't say that the 2004 Bluefield team wouldn't defeat the 2006 Richlands team, but I do know that they squeezed out a 3 point win over Mount View (6-4), and would have lost to Weir ... had the Weir coach simply kept the ball on the ground with a 2 score lead and under 2 minutes to go. The idea that the Bluefield team would "murder and then feast" on that Richlands team is absurd.
  8. As a Richlands fan, I wasn't upset with the caliber of play by the Blue Tornado. They stuffed the Gate City running game, and both major drives by Gate City were sustained by long passes on 3rd and forever ... passes on which the defensive backs either had position to make a play or the ball just happened to be placed in the perfect spot. Credit should go to the Gate City receivers for making better plays on the ball than the defensive backs. Regarding the offense, they were able to run the ball well and they hit on big passes when they did go over the top. The dedication to run by both teams shortened the clock.
  9. They just need to learn to play the ball. Coverage wasn't really the issue.
  10. I won't be surprised if this is a close game. Season openers are unpredictable.
  11. Strangely enough, most of the points I've seen have come from explosive passing plays. I'm not saying this team is anywhere near as explosive as last year's team, but I have been happy with the big play potential as shown in the scrimmages.
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