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    LL Southeast Regionals

    Bluefield wins! Defeating Mooresburg/Bean Station, 4-3. Bluefield will face Fort Myers-Cape Coral (FL), again, in the championship game.
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    Defensive Coordinator

    That would be him
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    Leatherhead Larry

    Darren Reed Out

    A good head coach is only as good as his assistants. BUT, a good head coach knows how to get good assistants.
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    Donald Trump

    Grapeape Obama almost ruined the country and in two years Trumps record speaks for itself. BTW Obama knew about Russia meddling and did nothing until Trumps surprise election. And I am sure that Coach AKers would appreciate some humilty from you this season.
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    Brazil's Neymar suffered "spectacular" injuries during the World Cup. When would his season end if he played SWVA football? A. First play of the benefit game B. During the pre-game, non-contact walk-through C. First day of practice D. First day of summer weight lifting E. Other
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    LL Southeast Regionals

    Honaker defeated Hite-Saunders again, this time score was 7-0. Honaker will face Grainger County (TN) Sunday morning at 11:30. Winner of that game will take on Keystone/West Tampa/Bayshore (FL) in the following game for the championship and a chance to advance to the World Series. Bluefield plays winner of Darlington County (SC) and Bean Station (TN). **How about this SWVA/East TN/Southern WV representation!
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    Single A west

    Fort chiswell

    Thank goodness Fort has a good principal in place to make the next hire. He will put Fort students/players first.
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    Donald Trump

    There is plenty to apologize for. Humility is a virtue.
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    I always forget about the Eastern Montgomery/ Riverheads game from 2010 in the State Championship. They played before GC and Gretna. That was one of the wildest games I've ever watched. Riverheads won 63-49. If EM hadn't fumbled on one of the kickoffs, they may still be playing.
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    Donald Trump

    (1) Trump’s comments at the Helsinki Conference don’t even come remotely close to meeting the definition of “treason” under 18 U.S.C. 2381. That argument is legally fraudulent. (2) That tweet from December 2, 2017 (a) alludes not one iota to obstruction of justice, and relies upon some “moon landing hoax” level conspiracy to tie it back to anything resembling obstruction of justice, and (b) was arguably not even written by Trump. (3) You’re relying on fiscal investments by China into organizations which Trump constitutionally must have no financial stake. (4) Questioning the militant ANTIFA does NOT equal Nazi sympathy. He has roundly condemned Nazis in the strongest of terms, over and over again. (5) Why would a man worth $9,000,000,000 need campaign funds to pay off Stormy Daniels? That sub-Mendoza Level Logic. I could go on, but you might need to make a trip back to Occupy Democrats or some other liberal cesspool to find some more softballs for me to knock out of the park.
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