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  1. Love all the passive aggressive gossip and beating around the bush. Can anyone be straight with information or is this CNN News?
  2. Should have followed coach to Virginia Tech.
  3. Saddest day in Tazewell Baseball.
  4. I guess we can include recruiting. I know its rampant in Tazewell County.
  5. I'm curious to see how Tazewell shakes out with the coaching carousel that was.
  6. So who has info on what area kids signed where?
  7. Not shocked by the Adkins rumor. Where is he looking to go play?
  8. Anyone with any knowledge know to which school has a advantage? Would love to see him in a Hokie uniform playing for Bud Foster.
  9. Is that bc of WVVA or Spectrum?
  10. As the Early Signing Period came, I, and I think most of you would as well, would like to know about kids going to play at the next level. Anybody have any info? And keep it classy. These kids deserve their shots at college ball, not shots at bringing them down. Congrats to Cam Allen on his signing as a Purdue Boilermaker.
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