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  1. betting man says they would still complain
  2. this sum of these guys or gals on here are really good at thrwoing stones
  3. kids are quick to adjust there idiot parents are not
  4. Thank you youre brain much bigger than mine! you are the man for figuring all this out!
  5. I know its highly unlikely but what if Abingdon upsets both THE PACK and Union?
  6. now this is the content i frequent this site for
  7. im expecting much of the same this friday night than last friday a good game for a while but then adkins takes over in the 3rd quater and we pull away, and the scores from gate city come through the air, sheewww goodness we dont defend the pass well 41 21 PACK
  8. i think this one is similiar to last weeks match up for the PACK close for a half and then turns into another big night for adkins 42 18 PACK
  9. God made football when he saw man needed legal violence to help release frustration he also saw the state of man maybe not man in 2019 coming so he created baseball
  10. after having seen graham in live action this past week even with the miscues they had they are still the team to beat in Region 2D and more than likely the state and tazewell seems to be much improved but im still saying graham by at least 2 tudders
  11. Looking forward to another epic game between these two, with the loss last week im guessing Mance and Co. will have the blues ready to go Field goal late from 62 yards wins this one because why not? 23 20 richlands
  12. its bee a few years since ive been able to attend this game with my pack playing on thursday im looking forward to making the drive
  13. that semms a little steep just because of the shuffling around this week of the players due to the few that parted ways but i would have to agree that this one is over by halftime
  14. was at press day for ridgeview and the 69 or 70 that were there were for sure a good looking bunch sproles kid looks like a grown man and id say adkins has put some muscle on as well plenty of size on hte line to go around as too hoping for big things from the ridge this year!!
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