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  1. swvafbrespect

    Preseason 1A top 10

    GW will be 4-6 5-5 maybe
  2. swvafbrespect

    Preseason 1A top 10

    Looks like most everyone is going on tradition. If you follow closely and with what teams return I think it would be a bit more like this but it is only an opinion. 1. Chilhowie returns everyone 2. Galax- Dixon is there 3. Grundy Fiser is a difference maker 4. JI Burton Good QB and expereinced RB 5. Patrick Henry- enough returners to score some points 6. TW- returns a bunch 7. Narrows is in a good cycle 8. Honaker- should go 5-5 9. Eastside- enough athletes to crack top 10 10. Rural Retreat played a bunch of youngins last year 5
  3. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    LOL I don't know In my life which I am sure I am on earth longer than you, his 8 years set race relations back. Our deficit during his time became greater than all other presidents combined. Of course what di he do is the better question?
  4. swvafbrespect

    Gate Money

    No the school does not get of the money during the playoffs only concessions and expenses.
  5. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    All Russia was started by the liberal left and they have lied and covered up since. He did not say he trusted the KGB more liberal lies. But with the lies of our US intelligence about collusion LOLwhy would he trust them. How about Obama whispering he will have more power after the election (to the Russian)? OH that's right is t is ok he is a liberal. How about Bill Clinton in the oval office with that young lady, oh wait he is a liberal. How has socialism worked in the world oh wiat we are the greatest country in the world. Communism oh wait that doesn't work so well either. It is ok your ignorce speaks volumes so go collect your check let everyone go to college for free and while I pay my taxes to support all of the free stuff just remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. So eat while the rest of us pays
  6. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    Grapeape Obama almost ruined the country and in two years Trumps record speaks for itself. BTW Obama knew about Russia meddling and did nothing until Trumps surprise election. And I am sure that Coach AKers would appreciate some humilty from you this season.
  7. swvafbrespect

    Fort chiswell

    Good principal? well we shall see
  8. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    Did Donald apologize to the foreign nations for America's past? Oh no that was Obama
  9. swvafbrespect

    TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    Coaches will be paid
  10. swvafbrespect

    Cumberland, Black Diamond, and Hogo

    CD 1. TW-have a bunch back and Coach does a great job 2. Burton-jimbo is jimbo and they will be there in the end especially with the QB 3. Eastside 4 RC up and coming 5.TS Warner has a tough job but will get it done n a few years HOGO Chilhowie all back except 1 starter and played for state title easy PH solid group back Holston Coach patterson has the troops working hard Northwood lost too much to contend BD Grundy great back to lead them coming back Honaker- returns a bunch Hurley- new coach will be interesting TV- new coach will have work to do REgion D 1-Chilhowie,2-TW, 3 PH 4 Burton, 5 Grundy, 6-Honaker, 7 Hurley, 8 Eastside
  11. swvafbrespect

    TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    The question is how does states around us continually build new schools? KY, WVA, NC, SC do it and are they really better off financially? I think it comes to the above post and forward thinking. Building are not going to last forever without major overhauls. But both supervisors and school boards do not plan for those items. Schools get to a point of being patched for so many years that when there is no choice but to build there is no money. Ad declining enrollment and our economy is makes for hard times. Just wanted to make a comment
  12. swvafbrespect

    TazCo Cuts Middle School Sports and more

    I dont see the varsity coaches not being paid. I read the article did not say that but did mention the 300,00 in cuts. If so it seems that the Tazewell coaches are the most dedicated because not one has resigned and all are coaching for free
  13. swvafbrespect

    Eastside Head Coach

    whos is getting this job?
  14. swvafbrespect

    Graham Clark Resigns

    Probably has nothing to do about being happy. The DB job around here is the premier job to have . for va coaches it would be big payday. That is three good candidates
  15. swvafbrespect

    Region D Brackets

    I just don't think GC will beat Radford. Defending state champs and has every bit of moxy GC does. ANd GC is traveling