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  1. swvafbrespect

    10-12-18 Football Score Updates

    The Honaker score was surprsing
  2. swvafbrespect

    Longest Tenured Coaches?

    Current Head coaches and years Hubburd 35 years Honaker Palmer 25 years PH, SP and Ervinton' Mance 24 at Richlands if I am correct Jimbo 20 JIB Mullins 15 years Clintwood and RIdgeview
  3. swvafbrespect

    Rescue Squad

    Guys did some checking on this and Glade does not have a local unit as mentioned by Ryan4VT. The EMT from ABingdon was assigned the game but went on another call. They were at JMH wnet the injury happened and reported to the game showing up as the 2nd unit.
  4. swvafbrespect

    Virginia High @ Chilhowie

    Chilhowie has at this point of the season has proved something that could have been a question mark. They are not looking past anyone and it appears as if they are improving each week. This may indeed be one of those special seasons for a SW VA team that goes all of the way.
  5. swvafbrespect

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    What was the score? Guys No one from PH comes on here and talks about them being a powerhouse. You guys took pot shots at them and they won big. Maybe they can keep it up just don't compare them to Chilhowie because right now they are a whole other level than the single a teams around here. Chilhowie that is
  6. swvafbrespect

    Patrick Henry @ John Battle

    Lost to Galax which may have won state.
  7. swvafbrespect

    Audio Stream for Union - Ridgeview?

    i thought this game was on tv
  8. swvafbrespect

    Predictions for 1A Region C and D Finalists

    Galax has proven themselves in C as the team to beat each year. Without a doubt Chilhowie has an incredable team in D. Honestjohn is right the others can hope for runnerup spot.
  9. swvafbrespect

    Preseason 1A top 10

    GW will be 4-6 5-5 maybe
  10. swvafbrespect

    Preseason 1A top 10

    Looks like most everyone is going on tradition. If you follow closely and with what teams return I think it would be a bit more like this but it is only an opinion. 1. Chilhowie returns everyone 2. Galax- Dixon is there 3. Grundy Fiser is a difference maker 4. JI Burton Good QB and expereinced RB 5. Patrick Henry- enough returners to score some points 6. TW- returns a bunch 7. Narrows is in a good cycle 8. Honaker- should go 5-5 9. Eastside- enough athletes to crack top 10 10. Rural Retreat played a bunch of youngins last year 5
  11. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    LOL I don't know In my life which I am sure I am on earth longer than you, his 8 years set race relations back. Our deficit during his time became greater than all other presidents combined. Of course what di he do is the better question?
  12. swvafbrespect

    Gate Money

    No the school does not get of the money during the playoffs only concessions and expenses.
  13. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    All Russia was started by the liberal left and they have lied and covered up since. He did not say he trusted the KGB more liberal lies. But with the lies of our US intelligence about collusion LOLwhy would he trust them. How about Obama whispering he will have more power after the election (to the Russian)? OH that's right is t is ok he is a liberal. How about Bill Clinton in the oval office with that young lady, oh wait he is a liberal. How has socialism worked in the world oh wiat we are the greatest country in the world. Communism oh wait that doesn't work so well either. It is ok your ignorce speaks volumes so go collect your check let everyone go to college for free and while I pay my taxes to support all of the free stuff just remember there is no such thing as a free lunch. So eat while the rest of us pays
  14. swvafbrespect

    Donald Trump

    Grapeape Obama almost ruined the country and in two years Trumps record speaks for itself. BTW Obama knew about Russia meddling and did nothing until Trumps surprise election. And I am sure that Coach AKers would appreciate some humilty from you this season.
  15. swvafbrespect

    Fort chiswell

    Good principal? well we shall see