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  1. Your Region 2D Champion...

    Screw job.
  2. 2A Region Championship

    Gate City vs Graham This game was predicted to be the final 2 since December. Who ya got? Devils 83-64
  3. Region D Brackets

    Bad night and foul trouble. He played very well on the boards and defense though.
  4. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Very stingy defense. I agree to that. Is the offense always that lackluster? I was only impressed by the big fella for Graham tonight. The kid can do it all, seems like he has to. Not sure what’s up with GC, that’s 3 bad games in row for us. We are going to have to wake up before 8pm tomorrow.
  5. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Keeps the trend going for another 40+ game passing Stacy Ervin for 2nd all-time.
  6. Region D Brackets

    I was confused the whole time people even mentioned them.
  7. Region D Brackets

    Looks like the M7 represented fairly well in the first round taking 3 of 4 games.
  8. Da Cats!! Its Time To Rep!!!

    My bet as well.
  9. Gate City versus Central

    They do things wrong like I stated. We played awful, got into foul trouble, and Mac tried to force things that were not there. I even put it in black and white. That’s 3 things we did wrong the other night. And I credited WC for playing their best game. What else do you want me to say?
  10. Gate City versus Central

    Here is the deal. GC and WC have developed a hatred for each other. It started last season at WC when Mac was going for a dunk and WC tried to take him out. GC hasn’t forgotten and WC doesn’t want GC to dunk. WC’s whole objective is not to let Zac and Mac to the rim. McAnus yelled all night “no layups”. His whole game plan is to hack GC when they get into the paint. 1) it’s typical McAnus 2) The game was overly physical and the officiating was horrid on both sides 3) hard to beat a team 3 times especially when the game “doesn’t matter”. I blame the refs for not taking control of McAnus who continually showed them up and argued every call. Refs lost control early. Not sure if anyone noticed, but Scotty coached from basically the base line the other night to be as far away from McAnus as possible. McAnus continually clapped towards Scotty and gave him stares as he done it. Mac tried to force a lot (he admitted it in his post game interview). GC truly played ugly, but WC probably played their best game. WC can have their moral victory of keeping GC in reach, but they still lost. All of that and GC still took a double digit win. Luckily for GC, it’s another good test to get us ready for region play. I honestly believe the game the other night is the physical play and atmosphere we are going to see the deeper we get. GC had some foul trouble and overcame that as well. Overall it benefited GC.
  11. GC @ Abingdon

    I hope you Abingdon fans are feeling better now since Scotty decided not to hang 100 on you tonight. He took your posts to heart and let off the gas.
  12. GC @ Abingdon

    Take your beating and go on. It happens. Ole ponytail for Abingdon didn’t seem too upset as a player as he was posing for pictures with Mac and Zac after the game. Seems to me, you as a fan was embarrassed and mad yourself, not the team.
  13. GC @ Abingdon

    Mac doesn’t care about any record, he only cares about a state title. He has said that multiple times in his quotes. He is all in for the team. Scotty doesn’t care about Mac chasing a record, he wants a state title. Yes it’s nice, but does it really mean anything if you don’t win it all? Too me, not really. You can’t sit players after a half or even the end of the 3rd. It’s getting close to the nitty gritty, you have to play 4 qtrs. Scotty cannot help if teams can’t keep up. Scotty and his team has to do what’s best for Scotty and his team. Right now what’s best is that this team play a whole lot of minutes, because before too long vs the Radfords, RE Lee’s, and Martinsvilles, GC is going to have to play a full game like they did in the Arby’s and vs Cleveland. Almost every other game has turned out to be a comfortable lead and win. If Scotty sits the starters at the start of every forth qtr in those other 15 or so games, how is his team going to react when they all the sudden have to play a full game? Exactly it won’t be good when everyone is sucking wind. Just be thankful he pulled them with 5 to go. Cause he could’ve tried to hang 125+ if he really wanted to. You Abingdon folks should have enough cheese to go with your whine.
  14. GC @ Abingdon

    I’m sorry. But if GC pulled starters at halftime of every game it would kill them when it comes tourney time. Will eventually have to play 4 full quarters the rest of the way and you have to keep your legs under you. If you don’t like it, well sorry, stop it if you don’t want to be ran off the court... And plus Abingdon made some bad blood at GC last meeting with some uncalled for fouls and over physical play that he called ridiculous during the game (it was heard in the stands). Maybe Scotty was making a point to not do it to his team again.
  15. GC 99 Wise Central 70

    When a Union person says that about GC, you know it’s true
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