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  1. Leatherhead Larry

    fort chiswell

  2. Leatherhead Larry

    Union vs John Battle / Central vs Abingdon updates

    I much rather see a 1 game playoff for the spot.
  3. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Hmm interesting 😏
  4. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Jeremy has asked for every GC fans support and here you all here bashing the man before the first practice. This ain’t Akersland anymore. Jeremy, had a prior dedication to the girls b-ball team. I’m a firm believer that he should finish the season if he wishes. What example does it set for the girls he coaches if he quits on them? (No one answered this last time so I’ll ask again) Plus he is trying to recruit b-ball players. Good way to do it is to be around them daily during practices. As for Stan, the kids always loved him. He is a blue devil and a motivator. We need that around our kids. We’re trying to rebuild this ship, quit putting more holes in it. Jeremy and the program needs our support more than ever before. Get behind him and the team, we gotta get rid of the negativity. Jeremy isn’t a fool and is doing his thing. Reed is right guy to lead the weight room. And I hear he’s whipping those boys into shape.
  5. Leatherhead Larry

    GC at Union

    Even though I believe GC still has more talent. There is one thing I’ve have always been told and believe. And I also believe it’s why GC won last night. Heart > Talent. GC could have folded when they knew Zac wouldn’t play vs WC, they could have folded down double digits to Union last night with Zac out and Dean unable to break out of the triple team. This team found a way to win despite Dean only having 11. That my friend, is pure heart....and Scotty out-coaching Moore in the 2nd half.
  6. Leatherhead Larry

    Central at Gate City

    Hats to the whole GC team last night. I feel like everyone stepped and got things done without Ervin. Dean dropped 40 and we got 21 from the rest of the team which is huge considering the rest of the team probably hasn’t combined for that much in a long while. Very good defense, looked like the days of old. Very happy with the team effort. GC now leads the series 17-0 in boys, poor McAnus.
  7. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Just now being poured.
  8. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

  9. Leatherhead Larry

    Central at Gate City

    The ESPN thing is a hoax. Not true. The Ervin thing started last night. Not sure if true or not.
  10. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Well if it’s gonna be that big of deal. Stan Rogers.
  11. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    Can’t mention that yet.
  12. Leatherhead Larry

    2019 schedules

    Gate City dropped Daniel Boone (TN) the other day and picked up George Wythe. Boone is maddddd and has threatened to never play us again in any sport. We fulfilled the 2 year contract, so they shouldn’t be, but whatever. I was told that Tennessee High wanted to play us, but we went with GW instead.
  13. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    I was told the same staff with the addition of recent GC football grad Hunter Jones who coached with Houseright last season at Rye Cove. Heard Darren Reed will be the OC with Jeremy running the defense with. Heard a Gate City great is even gonna offer some of his time. This is all hearsay. Might be a few changes, I’m not sure. We’ll find out soon enough. I was able to talk to Jeremy a few weeks ago. We didn’t go into specifics. I mainly congratulated him and offered my help if there is anything I could do this. But anyways he is excited to get this thing going. He mentioned it will be an uphill battle but we will work our butts off. Jeremy is all about the community the support and told me to tell any and all former GC football players to not be strangers and to visit the fieldhouse anytime they want considering it’s the house they built. (Big change already!) Jeremy was very humble, but no doubt excited. I heard Reed is leading workouts due to Jeremy having basketball. Numbers are up and none of the basketball (uh huh, I said b-ball players 👍🏻) or spring sport kids are there yet. So that’s good news.
  14. Leatherhead Larry

    M7 Boys Games Tonight (January 4)

    Gate City is in straight struggle mode. GC has a lot to fix. I’m confused as to why we don’t screen and move the ball. It’s just let Dean and Ervin go down, throw up a bad shot and hope it falls. But the yang to ying is we gotta have the other 3 guys on the court wanting to score themselves. GC was lucky to turn tonight’s game after a foul on a 3-pointer from Dean at the buzzer to end the 3rd then made all 3 shots to tie it. It was enough to take the wind out of Battle’s fans and players. If that doesn’t happen, GC would’ve lost tonight.
  15. Leatherhead Larry

    2018 Arby's Classic Thread

    East certainly didn’t shoot the ball up to their standards. But GC did a very good job having a hand in the face and contest most shots. Forced East to shoot off the dribble instead of catch and shoot off the pass.