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  1. Leatherhead Larry

    Union at GC

    The T-Formation will forever be my favorite formation. It’s all I knew until Middle School ball until we started building off of it and ran some Power-I. The Chicago Bears lined up in the T a couple weeks ago vs Green Bay and I got extremely excited, like a fan girl. Every formation has its place. I think teams are better off mixing in everything they can mix in. Anything to keep defenses guessing. But there was nothing like the opponent knowing where the ball was going, but still couldn’t stop it. I’ll never forget guys from PV pointing to where the ball was going and we would still rip off 5-6 yards at a time. I hope GC can get back to the days of taking pride in the 3 yards and a cloud of dust days out of the T. At least you all in BSG still have that. The secret to running the T is having a defense that can get off the field and force turnovers. Hard to play catch-up out of, but if you have a good defense, you can eat the opposing teams dreams alive.
  2. Leatherhead Larry

    Union at GC

    Going for the 2pt conversion straight up or are we going to fake the XP? Or TD no XP, then get a safety? I’m interested here. And I could probably guess which “coach” that is.
  3. Leatherhead Larry

    Union at GC

    Union 49 GC 6
  4. Leatherhead Larry

    Boone @ GC

    Heard it wasn’t pretty.
  5. Leatherhead Larry


    RV 28-21
  6. Leatherhead Larry

    Boone @ GC

    Mam, I hate it for you child. Hopefully next season will be better.
  7. Leatherhead Larry

    Boone @ GC

    Nah, not perfect, just a blue devil who wants things fixed, ASAP!
  8. Leatherhead Larry

    Boone @ GC

    I agree that applications should be accepted and reviewed for the job. But I’ll just throw this out there. If nobody with a good track record wanted the job last time after 1 losing season, why would they want it now after GC’s 4th losing season in a row? The program was in a spot to rebuild in a year or 2 after 2015. And now the program has self-destructed so much since then. I can’t see too many good applicants applying for the job. GC is not going to get a Mance or Turner (at this time, in this state). But I’ll throw this out there about Darren, he had 4 winning seasons at Abingdon in 4 years. Going back and looking to 1999-2017. Abingdon has had 8 winning seasons, Reed was in command for 4 of those. He doubled their winning seasons since 1999 in 4 years. That says a lot. I don’t count his time at Wise-Central, because no one is going to win there, and was a trial run for him. If Darren wants the HC job, he’ll more than likely get it (i’d assume), unless someone surprises all of SWVA and wants the job. What would really suck for GC is if Reed says no. Then it’s really back to the drawing board. I say Reed is seen as a safety option. Have him as the front runner but test the waters a bit and see if anyone else bites, if not, Reed is the man. I just hope not a lot of time is wasted after the season the over, I hope the ball gets rolling very soon after. Back to the game; Watched Betsy @ Boone last week, Betsy in the first half pretty much shut Boone down. Betsy looked very solid but Boone looked pretty weak. GC might be able to play with them and even lead them early like they’ve done the past 2 weeks. But I don’t see GC stopping Boone’s offense like Betsy done. 37-13 Boone.
  9. Leatherhead Larry

    Gc south.

    Same as last season. Same story, same outcome, different year.
  10. Leatherhead Larry

    Gc vs ab

    Darren may not be the answer. Who really knows until given the chance, right? I’m not saying he is, but he’s better than what we have, he’s at least worn the blue and white, he believes in discipline from the classroom, to the weight room, on the field, and in the community. Darren is old school that way, and right now other than numbers, discipline is what GC lacks. I was told my whole playing career “take care of the little things and the big things will work themselves out”. Firm believer of those words from Coach Colobro to this day. Reed was under Colobro long enough to know how a team should be ran. Reed was never really the yang to Colobro ying, they are very similar coaching style wise. I’d rather lose with one of our guys than to lose with an outsider who has ruined the pride and tradition. We are years away from changing the culture. But it can be done with hard work and dedication. Reed would put in more hours a week than Akers probably does in a month.
  11. Leatherhead Larry

    Gc vs ab

    Replay of last week. Abingdon names it. And I agree 99Bama.
  12. Leatherhead Larry

    Richlands vs GC

    What happened to Vermillion? Hope he isn’t banged up too bad, he’s punting for a good cause and possibly a free education.
  13. Leatherhead Larry

    Gate City vs Graham Benefit Game

  14. Leatherhead Larry

    Richlands vs GC

    48-0 Blues
  15. Leatherhead Larry

    8 Man Football

    I’m not too many years removed from the game, but if I known what I know now about CTE and other head injuries caused by football, i’d still play the the great game. We take risks everyday when we jump in a metal shell and drive 50-60mph to work. Yes, it worries me about the chances of brain issues later on in life, but if that’s God’s plan for me, then that’s how it’s supposed to be. Football taught me to be on time, listen to my boss, do my job to best of my ability, how to take orders, and how to get back up when I got knocked down. No other American sport teaches young men the lessons that football does when coached right. I’d do it all over again, 100% no doubt about it!