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  1. Leatherhead Larry

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Union over WC just cause of Slagle. Battle might have the edge on WC as well.
  2. Leatherhead Larry

    COACHING IN 2019

    Has Northwood found a coach yet?
  3. Leatherhead Larry

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    January 22nd will be fun.
  4. Leatherhead Larry

    Gate City vs Wise Central

    Same ole McANUS and clan! The hatred is real. I love it. I hate I missed this one because of work, I certainly make the next one. The updates I was getting had me on the edge of my seat. Kept waiting for the “punches thrown” text.
  5. Leatherhead Larry

    Lee @ GC

    11 3-balls for Lee tonight in the boys game. GC rebounded the ball well imo. Once GC switched to their game ball after Jacob Stewart of Lee High hit his 1,000th point (started the game with a Lee High ball), it was never all that close again. Conspiracy? Good to win that big and not play so great though. Luke Reed is so impressive on the board and hustle. Sallee and George rebounding well too. That’s going to be the key, not letting teams get so many opportunities. Lee was hot from 3 land. Tip your hat and go on. Good to see the girls get a large lead with Thompson having a bad night. Proves they are no one pony show. Fullen is a beast and Houseright is going to be special in a few years. She’s already owning the paint and came up with 7 of her own tonight. And that JV boys team...DEADLY! Going to be a fun run the next 5 years. At one point they scored 10 or so points before Lee could get across midcourt. This bunch could’ve hung 100 if Shannon let them. I know some Lee people are probably mad about Shannon pressing all game, but I personally love it.
  6. Leatherhead Larry


    And actually something you wouldn’t know anything about.
  7. Leatherhead Larry


    They lay eggs and die I believe. Their eggs will survive the winter months and hatch during the spring...I think.
  8. Leatherhead Larry

    All Star Saturday!

    Not sure what happened and why Drew Vermillion of gate City isn’t on the rosters listed above. But Drew was selected as a Punter for the VHSCA All-Star game for Saturday, he will be on the Blue Team. Isaac Stapleton of GC will be playing on the O-Line for the West Squad in the FCA game.
  9. Leatherhead Larry


    On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me. 7 swans a swimming.
  10. Leatherhead Larry


    The McRib is back...for a limited time.
  11. Leatherhead Larry


    Jeremy Houseright lead honcho at Gate City.
  12. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright

    I’m hearing a lot of kids are already buying in (that haven’t played football in awhile) and it hasn’t even been a week. Amazing how hiring one guy can boost moral and change the whole outlook of a program. Jeremy is super excited and ready to get to work. I guess the next question is who will be the assistants and coordinators.
  13. Leatherhead Larry

    Lee @ GC

    Games for tomorrow (Tues 12/11) have been pushed back a day to Wed (12/12). It’s still a super with a 4pm JV girls tip.
  14. Leatherhead Larry

    GC @ Va High

    Got word it was a charlie horse for Dean. Took the air out of the Big Blue fans when he went down. He was able to walk under his own power after the game. Scary moment. He should be ok. Va High’s program has took the turn that the GC football program took. Hardly any fans, and hardly anything promising for the future. That JV team can barely dribble. GC’s JV is something else, those boys can ball and play some defense with some shooters that’ll put em down. The varsity played fairly well for the most part. Some things to work on. I do know the Reed kid might be a starter before the season is over. Luke is very physical and creates a lot of 2nd chances with his play on the boards. He hit 10pts tonight off the bench. It was good to be back at the Den tonight. Miss winning big games in that place. But I now see why they dropped us from their schedule. Bradley Dean 14 Zac Ervin 33 Jonathan Sallee 2 David George 3 DeAndre Mack 6 Luke Reed 10 Jon Compton 4 Andrew Hensley 5 Eli Starnes 2 Jacob Hicks 2
  15. Leatherhead Larry

    Congrats Jeremy Houseright