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  1. Gate City State Champs

    he’s hated Mac for awhile...
  2. Gate City State Champs

    “I heard” that Vaughan was trying out for Team Loaded VA along with Mac. Vaughan had no way to get there to try out so the nice people the McClungs are offered him a ride to and from. Vaughan was cut but Mac made the team. Vaughan was mad because he felt like he was better than Mac since Lee beat GC last year in the qtr finals and deserved a spot on the team. Vaughan has hated Mac since.
  3. Gate City State Champs

    Something all too familiar from teams “up that way”. GC fans, students, and the team were so far into the Vaughan kid’s head it wasn’t funny. He went from dominating inside to playing with no composure after Mac blocked him the first time. He lost control and forced a lot and then started to try and rough us up, which he failed at. He still got his points but he lost his inside presence to a couple of Sophomores which I think frustrated him. Don’t think he was matched up with very much through the season. He then didn’t want to shake hands, especially with Mac, and threw his runner-up medal. And knowing the reasons why he doesn’t like Mac made it even more great, especially since the McClung family treated him well and helped him out. The rest of the team wasn’t as classless, they played hard and didn’t get dirty. Now the coaches are a different story and I can’t speak about the fans cause all I could hear were the GC faithful and Lee was snuggled into that one end so far I didn’t know they existed. I’m so happy for GCHS, Scotty, Seniors, and the team. First boys championship in a few years and we needed it with the turn of football going all to hell. Revenge was all too sweet. Avenged 2013 loss to Radford. Avenged 2018 loss to Graham. Avenged 2017 loss to R.E. Lee.
  4. Can Mac get past 2770?

    The answer to this thread is...yupppp!
  5. Gate City State Champs

  6. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    The way it looks for ticket sales it’s going to be 50/50 GC/Graham. No ticket sales at the gate. All tickets will be pre-sale. Their might be a few neautral spectators, but not many. Going to be a big wild mess tomorrow night. Go Blue.
  7. Your Region 2D Champion...

    Screw job.
  8. 2A Region Championship

    Gate City vs Graham This game was predicted to be the final 2 since December. Who ya got? Devils 83-64
  9. Region D Brackets

    Bad night and foul trouble. He played very well on the boards and defense though.
  10. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Very stingy defense. I agree to that. Is the offense always that lackluster? I was only impressed by the big fella for Graham tonight. The kid can do it all, seems like he has to. Not sure what’s up with GC, that’s 3 bad games in row for us. We are going to have to wake up before 8pm tomorrow.
  11. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Keeps the trend going for another 40+ game passing Stacy Ervin for 2nd all-time.
  12. Region D Brackets

    I was confused the whole time people even mentioned them.
  13. Region D Brackets

    Looks like the M7 represented fairly well in the first round taking 3 of 4 games.
  14. Da Cats!! Its Time To Rep!!!

    My bet as well.
  15. Gate City versus Central

    They do things wrong like I stated. We played awful, got into foul trouble, and Mac tried to force things that were not there. I even put it in black and white. That’s 3 things we did wrong the other night. And I credited WC for playing their best game. What else do you want me to say?
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