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  1. 2017-18 Boys Season

    We heard this Graham > Gate City last year. Didn’t work out that way.

    They put up a make shift screen and projector up for a couple games last year. Sounds like this is going to be a permanent thing this year. I hear they are demo’ing out the lockers in the cafeteria to make way for it. Going to be interesting.
  3. 2017 Arby's Classic

    GC does have a good shot at placing in the Arby’s though. 6th place at the Arby’s is a great acheivment for one of the local teams.
  4. 2017 Arby's Classic

    Good test for our team. Highly doubt we are even close. But if we want to make a run at a state title then these types of opponents are going to help us in the long run. We don’t play in the Arby’s for wins (we would like to win though). We play in the Arby’s to get ready for what we could see up the road the in playoffs. North Meck is by far better than anything 2A Virginia has to offer.
  5. Gate City Football

    A cancer will spread, and eventually kill what it infects. If you care, show up tomorrow. That’s all I ask. Don’t accept the state of the program in the shape it is.
  6. Gate City Football

    Scott County School Board Meeting this Thursday, November 9th @ 6:30pm. I urge you to be in attendance if you are a Gate City Football player, parent, or fan.

    Scrimmage/Benefit Games: Nov 17th: Gate City vs Science Hill @ Johnson County HS. Time: TBD. Dec 2nd: Gate City vs Virginia High @ UVA-Wise. Time: Approx 7pm.
  8. Coaching Hot Seat

    Chris Akers has done such a wonderful job (sarcasm) at Gate City the past 2 seasons that the school board is extending his contract at next weeks school board meeting. Rest In Peace Gate City Football! I can’t believe that this man is going to be given more time to completely destroy something that was the pride staple of our community. I guess I will just have to boycott games along with the others until he is gone. I can no longer support him after the way he has done his assistants and players. Huge mistake school board, HUGE!
  9. Central @ GC

    Extremely happy for the players and especially the Seniors tonight. I’m glad I was able to see smiling faces after the game. True Blue Devils never give up. Thank you to the Seniors for all your hard work and dedication throughout the years, it was certainly a pleasure watching this bunch all the way through LL, MS, and HS. Things didn’t end the way we wanted. But I’m glad they went out with a win. As for the underclassmen, time to get bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter and build off of tonight’s win and get ready for August 2018. Go Big Blue!
  10. Central @ GC

    Article about Brady Webb’s season ending injury. “I’ve had a lot of support from everyone at the school,” Webb said. “The one person that has helped me more than anyone was my old coach, Jeremy Houseright. He has checked on me almost every day.” Quote above speaks volumes. Rest of the article here: http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/sidelined-webb-still-pours-heart-into-gate-city-program/article_d6af5218-bacf-11e7-a216-0b32ed6ca20c.html
  11. Gate City: Blue Devil Hoops Mania!

  12. Central @ GC

    You can be against what a program is doing and where it’s heading and still be a fan and support. Just ask any Tennessee fan. Though they hate Butch Jones, they still want UT to win and they still attend games and wear orange every day of the week. (Unfortunately) Winning is an expectation at Gate City. It’s basically that simple. It’s hard to stand beside a coach who tells the players to not embarrass him and calls plays that the team doesn’t even know. At some point, you have to know when enough is enough. If you complain about your boss and how he handles certain things, does that mean you don’t want your job? Exactly! no, you still want your job. Just because someone didn’t vote for Trump and despises him, does that mean they want to move to North Korea or Mexico? Absolutely not, no matter how big of a game they talk. (My reference: a bunch of people in Hollywood who claimed they would leave)
  13. Gate City: Blue Devil Hoops Mania!

    Gate City Basketball will be hosting a “midnight madness” type event on November 10th at GCMS. They are having a fundraiser spaghetti dinner at 6pm. And the basketball festivities are set for 7pm. This will be the first opportunity to see the 2017-2018 Blue Devils. Tell your friends.
  14. Central @ GC

    I think the days of being a playoff tier team year in and year out are over. Until we fire Akers, it’ll never happen. But that’s step #1 in rebuilding the program. I questioned the hire myself. I was willing to give the guy a shot to prove himself. He has drove the last nail into the coffin of GC football in only 21 games and only proved that the GC job is too big for him. I honestly don’t think we win the 5 games that he has in his win column at GC if it were not for Gary Collier stepping in last season and finally convincing Akers to let Hunter Collier and Tyler Hamilton shine in the spread formation where they can be athletes and not power runners. Once Gary Collier left, Akers went back to what he knows. Time to swallow some pride as an admin and school board and ask Jeremey Houseright to take over. It’s not about anyone other than kids playing, put egos aside and hire the right guy who is already in the hallways. The kids love Houseright, he still cares about the players, he cared enough to paint the GC at midfield for homecoming for the boys when they asked for it when it hadn’t been there all year. (Been a staple st GC since 2009, Another tradition Akers tried to kill) He doesn’t have to go to games, talk to players, or even spend his time painting the GC logo on the field when he isn’t even coaching any longer, but he does. I hate Jeremey stepped away, but maybe it’s because he cannot get along with Akers like other assistants couldn’t last season and didn’t want to cause any friction with him in front of the kids? Jeremey Houseright might not be able to fix the program, but he will have players come play for him that are threatening not playing next year, he will teach Gate City football and how things are to be done, he will listen to his players and assistants and respect their input. And Houseright has fire, how much fire have you seen from Akers? Absolutely none! Kids don’t feed off of him. He gives a negative vibe if any. Akers is the type of guy so set in his ways he rather sink the ship doing things strictly his way than to plug the holes and keep it afloat with someone else’s ideas. But I don’t think our program will survive another year of Akers. All the assistants jumped ship last year for a reason, now the players are doing the same. And we all know why, some just don’t want to admit it. If we continue on with him, we will not have a football team in 2019 due to underclassmen and middle schoolers players threatening to walk away if things are not changed...quickly! The days of Colobro are gone, he is not coming back. Big Bill is not coming back. Reed is not coming back. Jones is not coming back. Maybe it’s time to see what Jeremey can do. After 3 straight losing records, it can’t get worse. Time to give him a shot imo. And you don’t even have to hire him and worry about him moving his family and etc. He’s already here and has blue blood. It’s time to bring back the Pride and Tradition to GC football.
  15. John Battle vs Gate City, Predictions ??

    Wished it all wasn’t true.
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