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  1. chipinbogey

    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    By my math, a about 10 whole life policies for adult smokers above the age of 50 and that's before you grease underwriting to get them written FOR SURE.
  2. chipinbogey

    Congrats to Chris Akers

    I would argue Honaker as Article A by scheduling George Wythe (perennial 1A power), PH(Stevie Wonder saw Palmer making them a winner), Ridgeview and Burton. Grundy as Article B by scheduling Lebanon(although they're down still a decent 2A in most years), Pikeville(Top 5 KY 1A), Tazewell (much love to them on the rise), Burton and Ridgeview(enough said). A case can even be made for Burton by playing their opener against the U every year and Chilhowie, although, it is not their fault that the Cumberland is year in and year out a cake walk usually coming down to a winner take all matchup. The relative top heavy BDD coaches realize that with only 3 games, they must schedule some tougher non district matchups to battle test their kids for playoffs. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
  3. chipinbogey

    Week 9 Pod Questions?

    With the recent temperature drop, what makes for better football games, the heat and humidity ones, or the muddy, sloppy, bone chattering ones that spit snow? Do you think there is a chink to be found in Ridgeview's armor, if so explain, or was it just an off week for the Pack?
  4. chipinbogey

    Predictem Week 9

    Picks in BOLD
  5. chipinbogey

    Bluefield Beavers and WV football

    That game would be a SELL OUT at either stadium. Can you imagine how high the half and half would get?
  6. chipinbogey

    SWVA Sports Podcast - Episode 35

    Brady knows his food after listening to this episode. The egg roll is unlike any other egg roll you’ll ever have. Also, I am a die hard Kentucky fan, not just basketball although I will pull for the Gobblers in Saturday too, but cannot necessarily claim fandom. I will also bet against Tennesuck and UVA any chance I get when the terms are right but never for them.
  7. chipinbogey


    According to the NFHS, targeting is defined as the act of taking aim and INTIATING contact to an opponent ABOVE the shoulders with the helmet, forearm, hand, fist, elbow, or shoulders. If it fits in this box IT IS TARGETING. That is the guideline we are given. Personally as an official, since there is no ejection rule in HS, I would rather err on the side of caution and make a targeting call on a bang bang play than keep it in my pocket. I am trying to recall if we are instructed as an association at the high school level to do this as a mechanic, but in my college association, if you're not sure, call it anyway and the video will sort it out before next Saturday.19 times out of 20, if it's a targeting call, we get it right. These actions are not football moves but, attempts to injure and maim. You, me or anybody else out there does not know a player intent when making a hit, so whether it was on purpose or not is irrelevant. I am all for a player overpowering another one and showing his ability, but not at the expense of another player's long term health and wellness if we can prevent it. It is football and things do happen that we will never be able to ultimately prevent. As officials, we are charged with protecting the players and managing a very fast paced, physical and emotional game while and upholding the rules provided to us, in that order. Now for your specific example, I have seen ball carriers lower their head and shoulders my entire life. I have seen the running styles also evolve over the years to avoid contact instead of "running through someone". Here is my philosophy though, if I can identify the main ball carriers for a team and watch how they run, I can see their tendencies. Do they avoid contact? If they initiate, are they trying to extend the play, or punish the defender? What part of their body are they leading with? All of those draw my eye to keep a closer eye on a particular player. Some plays are more obvious than others, and will happen right in your lap. I like many other officials I have spoken with are having a tough time reprogramming our brains and eyes on what would have been just a hard nosed play 10 years ago to what is now a foul. If I see a kid running with his head down and not commit a foul on that particular play, I do some preventive officiating and speak with the kid and the coach during the dead ball period to try to avoid him even risking injury, much less the foul itself. It is going to take years and cycles of kids to adapt to the new rules by players, coaches teaching the game and officials who are in a position to teach and apply the rules correctly. The game of football is under attack by the United States of the Offended to change our ways and make the game safer by removing the types of hits that lead to long term head trauma, and we must do it to preserve the game we all love so much.
  8. chipinbogey

    New Podcast Questions???

    He’s right! In all honesty, I hope I can achieve his skill level one day. Most people think we just drop out of the sky on Fridays and will never understand the work, level of understanding and people skills involved in our roles as officials.
  9. chipinbogey

    New Podcast Questions???

    Seeing how I pull on my stripes almost every Friday night, which schools and coaches would you say give officials the hardest time? I am interested to hear this from an outsiders point of view. Also, in another questions of hard hitting journalism, Cuz's cheezed egg roll or Bearded Moose's Holy Cheezus option? If you choose the latter, what burger do you choose.
  10. chipinbogey

    Predictem Week 8

    It's your show, but these 0.5 spreads should be labeled "pick em" to stay true to the Vegas format, which I find to be the most attractive part of this game. But that's just like, my opinion, man.
  11. chipinbogey

    VOTE Week 8 Top 10

    1) Bluefield 2) Ridgeview 3) Pulaski 4)Chilhowie 5)Union 6) Galax 7) Graham 8) Mount View 9) Richlands 10) Patrick Henry
  12. chipinbogey

    Predictem Week 7 Results

    I agree. This is better than fantasy football by a long stretch. A little more challenging than a basic pick 'em. I love it.
  13. chipinbogey

    Tazewell @ Fort Chiswell

    Grundy has not played Montcalm in at least the last 30 years if ever. To not get too far into the weeds, Grundy scrimmaged Tazewell at Central. IIRC, the 1's played each other very evenly. They should give Tazewell all they want if they do not beat them. I think his stats alone certainly put him in the conversation for best RB in SWVA, and definite candidate for the Pappy in the spring.
  14. chipinbogey

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    Piggy backing off of the fantasy team convo from weeks past, if you were building a coaching staff made up of current coverage area coaches, who do you pick? You have to choose a head coach, OC, DC and Special Teams coach.
  15. chipinbogey

    Q&A for this weeks pod???

    Worst team was easily Council whenever they fielded a team although I can remember some pretty pitiful Whitewood teams before TV was formed. 0-40 I think. There was a History with Hayes article last year I think? That game with Jenkins would be a 0-0 multiple overtime slugfest that would make those in attendance getting home about the time College Gameday starts.