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  1. Round Two Score Updates

    And the stadium should be condemned... http://www.yourohiovalley.com/story/35685255/colaianni-construction-to-head-stadium-repair They ended up spending over $700,000 to fix it...PLUS, every time the river floods, the field goes under water...
  2. Round Two Score Updates

    Mingo is the #1 seed but Mingo and Bluefield tied on the ratings points.
  3. VA Class 2 Region D Marion 15 Union 49 Grayson Co. 22 Graham 48 VA Class 2 Region C Floyd Co. 0 Glenvar 24 Giles 14 Appomattox 45 VA Class 1 Region D Hurley 0 Chilhowie 35 J.I. Burton 36 Patrick Henry-GS 28 VA Class 1 Region C Covington 0 Narrows 21 Parry McCluer 10 Galax 28 WV AAA Hurricane 27 Huntington 28 Cabell Midland 0 Spring Valley 15 John Marshall 0 Martinsburg 54 Capital 48 University 28 WV AA Liberty-Harrison 22 Mingo Central 53 Wayne 8 Fairmont Sr. 43 Point Pleasant 17 Bluefield 49 Winfield 13 Bridgeport 42 WV A Sherman 14 East Hardy 42 St. Marys 47 Tug Valley 0 Wheeling Central Catholic 39 South Harrison 6 Summers Co. 6 Midland Trail 0
  4. Union vs. Marion

    And that's the type of post that gets you the hammer...just sayin'...
  5. Hampton - 85, Bluefield College - 68

    And this happened 35 years ago... https://www.sbnation.com/2012/8/9/1008846/12-23-1982-chaminade-topples-virginia
  6. Union vs. Marion

    At least we agree on one thing...
  7. Union vs. Marion

    I do, but I'm not posting it here...
  8. Union vs. Marion

    He isn't from Graham. I can promise you that. And we don't have any respect for Richlands either...just sayin'...
  9. Union vs. Marion

    He was on the Graham sideline during the Richlands game, too.
  10. Saturday night, it only took 1 hour and 15 minutes from the Valero in Hansonville to my house in Bluefield, WV in a pickup truck hauling a trailer with a BMW X3 on it. But my wife's uncle isn't afraid of going 80mph... He got there at 7:15 PM, loaded the BMW X3 with a flat tire onto the trailer, hauled ass back to Bluefield and I walked in my front door as the Grandfather clock in the den chimed 8:30 PM...
  11. Sames distance as it is by car...
  12. Graham is Friday night, Bluefield is playing on Saturday.
  13. First round Playoff updates

    VT won't be 8-3, more like 7-4...
  14. First round Playoff updates

    I think the streak ends this year, we are terrible right now.
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