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  1. 2A Region Championship

    GC over Graham 85-62...Mac finishes with 42...
  2. Can Mac get past 2770?

    GC will win 85-62 and Mac will get 42...book it...
  3. Richlands

    Trust me, I know enough people from Richlands that have directly told me that is how he got the job...it isn't a secret...
  4. Richlands

    I guess. BTW, didn't FP get a school board member on his side in order to get rid of the former coach so he could be HC?
  5. Region D Brackets

    But you lost by 17, Graham won by 10 = Graham +27 > Richlands That's just about correct...Graham won by 30 and 20, an average of +25 over Richlands this year.
  6. Region D Brackets

    And Gate City will beat Graham by 30+...what's your point???
  7. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Will be interesting to see what happens to Graham after March 1, if, in fact they make it that far...how many times has a team playing in the State Tournament just lost their head coach???
  8. Can Mac get past 2770?

    Graham beat an M7 team by 31 last night and held them to 46...
  9. Region D Brackets

    Yes, win the Region Semi, you qualify for State Quarterfinals. The Region Championship is only to determine who "hosts" the State Quarterfinal game.
  10. Da Cats!! Its Time To Rep!!!

    They aren't playing in Class A anymore...
  11. Region D Tournament

    If Richlands gives Central problems, then they aren't very good...
  12. Da Cats!! Its Time To Rep!!!

    Consider this your warning...
  13. WV state championship games

    The $hitter is full again...
  14. Region D Brackets

    Well, that would be either Graham, according to the Richlands HC, or Radford according to HowTheWestWasWon2017...
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