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  1. Is the JSB-PH game final???
  2. VAP may blow up tonight...Salem blown out, Gate City blown out...LOL...
  3. EH31 says 42-7 above...
  4. 8 carries, 55 yards, 2 TDs...typo? I don't get it...
  5. They've quit, just the way Graham did in Coach Williams last game (against GC in the playoffs...70-0)...
  6. You were just across the hill from me...LOL. Did you hear the big clap of thunder?
  7. Rained hard about an hour or so before the least it did at my house and I live 5 or so minutes from the stadium...less than 2 miles as the crow flies.
  8. Thursday night, rain, a non-competitive opponent...people stay home and listen to Jim Nelson...
  9. OK, here's how Freddie blowouts, the starters ALWAYS play the first series of the second half and the he subs. When he hits 60, he takes a knee on the PAT. The complaint about Collier being in the game at that point...that was Bluefield's first possession of the second half...nothing out of the ordinary. Had he not run it back, the starters would have been in until a) they score again, b) they turn it over, c) they punt. No need to get your jellybeans in a jumble...
  10. Did they take a knee on the PAT???
  11. Oh good grief...STOP!!!!
  12. They must be as good as Graham's radio guys...