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  1. WV state championship games

    Rt. 19, near Spanishburg Elementary School, Mercer Co., WV...
  2. SWD- Baseball Preview

    Not once the SWD games begin...Richlands, Tazewell, Virginia High, and Lebanon will likely beat Graham every time they take to the diamond...
  3. Unfortunately, It is a "third world" sport for most high schools in SWVA...
  4. Gate City State Champs

    Congrats, Gate City!!! You guys earned it. Well deserved!
  5. State Semi-Finals (3/6/18)

    You're welcome...
  6. Age Limit for Varsity Sports

    Yeh, and you can marry your sister and have kids that call you uncle in Kentucky, too...
  7. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    As I said, Tazewell is fine for a Tuesday night in SWVA...
  8. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    He was a "one man team" the last time they played...
  9. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    GC over Graham 85-62...Mac finishes with 42...
  10. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    Probably the same futzy clucks they had doing the football broadcast...
  11. Age Limit for Varsity Sports

    I think 8th graders can play JV without any Issues. From the VHSL Handbook...
  12. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    No, you all are making it a story. The VHSL did what was right...ugh...never thought I would say that. If they had bungled, then Graham would be traveling to either UVA-W or Bristol to "host" a game...
  13. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    A friend of mine just bought 7 tickets from Gate City high school...apparently they have plenty...
  14. Graham vs. Gate City live stream

    Don't waste your money...live stream sucks. Just check VAPreps for thoughts on how it was this past weekend...
  15. State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    And the VHSL said Tazewell would be fine...end of story...
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