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    Speaking of Helmets...

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    Bluefield researcher

    Speaking of Helmets...

    Graham. But my all time favorite is the 1972 Bluefield Helmet. It had a football with "We Believe" on the right side and a capital B with a Beaver standing through the B on the left side. Right side view is here: https://www.facebook.com/136172729808499/photos/a.1472748899484202.1073741890.136172729808499/1619581344800956/?type=3&theater Left side view is here: https://www.facebook.com/136172729808499/photos/a.1472748899484202.1073741890.136172729808499/1619581168134307/?type=3&theater
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    Prayers Needed

    PRINCETON — Keep those prayers coming for Josiah Gore. A junior football player at Princeton, Gore was seriously injured in an accident involving an all-terrain vehicle on Wednesday afternoon, and is currently in the Intensive care unit at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. According to Princeton football coach Chris Pedigo, he received notice at around 5 p.m. on Wednesday that Gore had flipped an ATV in the community he calls home off Beckley Road in Princeton. He was initially taken to Princeton Community Hospital, and then transported by ambulance to Roanoke. Rainy weather didn’t allow transport by air. “It is very serious,” said Pedigo, of Gore, who was expected to start on the defensive line for a third straight season for the Tigers. “He has a broken spine, he has a broken shoulder, he has broken ribs. (Thursday) they did about a 4 1/2 hour surgery. They did an infusion of the t7 to the t11 (on his spine). They felt like things went extremely well. There was no spinal leakage, no fluid leakage. With the extent of the injuries the doctor thought there was a positive out of that negative, it was about the best it could be in that situation.” Pedigo, who went to Roanoke after practice ended on Thursday was able to communicate with the 16-year-old Gore, who has been sedated with an intubation tube inserted in his throat to aid in breathing. “The early prognosis is he is going to be there at least a week, probably more,” Pedigo said. “(Thursday) I was able to go back and talked to him and he responded to me. I said, ‘Hey, this is coach’ and he squeezed my hand. We talked a little bit, obviously he is not responding back because of sedation. I told him to take care of the nurses and he squeezed my hand. “After I left and got back toward the house somebody texted me and said he had opened his eyes. There were reports (Friday) morning that he had opened his eyes. Once he starts following some commands, their plans are to get the intubation tube out.” Preparations have continued for the upcoming football season, but thoughts of players and coaches remain with Gore, where he is accompanied by his mother and step-father, who are receiving lodging and meals at a nearby Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke. “(Thursday’s) practice was different because we had a lot of guys and coaches, including myself, that were worried about Jo,” said Pedigo, in his second season as the Princeton coach, who said Gore was ‘a strong kid, comes in and does everything you ask’. “We had a good practice. When I finished up practice I went down and spent some time with the family. I was able to see Josiah and what I tried to do on the football end was try to keep my team as updated as possible so they can know. “There are guys that want to go see him, but he is not quite ready to be seen yet. We are just trying to keep them as informed as we can and be able to answer any questions that they may have. Still, on the football end, try to keep preparing as best as we can.” Coaches and players from across the region and state have contacted Pedigo, offering their prayers and support for Gore, including Wes Eddy, who was Gore’s coach as a freshman at Princeton, along with Bluefield senior quarterback Chandler Cooper. “Chandler reached out to me yesterday and he offered his prayers and said, ‘Coach, we are praying for him.’ I appreciate that,” Pedigo said. “We play against each other on Friday night, but we are a big football family when we are not playing against each other and it meant a lot to me...I have talked to probably 8 to 10 different head coaches. I know Coach Eddy had him as a freshman, I know he has reached out and expressed his prayers.” Pedigo was highly complimentary of the care Gore has received, from the Princeton Rescue Squad to the emergency room doctor at PCH and the staff in Roanoke. “Josiah is in the same ICU unit my father was in a few years ago and has brought back a lot of memories,” Pedigo said. “He is getting A-1 treatment. In the world of negatives and everything that has happened there, there have been a lot of things that are going in his favor when it comes to care and prayer. That has been a blessing. It has meant a lot to me, it has meant a lot to our football team and it has meant a lot to his family.” Pedigo said donations for the Gore family can be made through Stacey Hicks at the Princeton Rescue Squad. He added that a GoFundMe page via Facebook is expected to be ready for use soon. — Contact Brian Woodson at bwoodson@bdtonline.com
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    Bluefield researcher

    Top returners...

    I know it will never happen but if you want to make football safer take away the face mask from the helmet.
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    Top returners...

    You are throwing that R word around awfully loosely. I have a hard time with some new rules and adjusting to call them. Its against my football nature as well, but in a day and age of litigation many rules have been added to try and protect the sport. Some have their place, and some I think are unnecessary but I and many others who feel that way will do our best to apply the rules appropriately.
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    Pine Ears

    Rutledge Pioneers which is now Grainger County.
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    Top returners...

    While I agree with you on many things here, I expect that the NFL is ramping up the flags for this penalty in the preseason to try and get it in players heads since very few people are watching. Then they will dial it back as the season starts. I hope I am right on this one at least. HS already has the rules in place to make a difference here IMO without a need to increase their frequency.
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    Bearcat Dad

    Top returners...

    Unfortunately, I agree. So many schools have declining numbers of kids playing sports in this area(especially football). Fortnite, and the like, are more popular with this generation of kids than getting outside and doing the work it takes to become a good athlete. The game of football is also suffering because of the growing number of families that fear the idea of their child being injured. As bad as I hate to say this, I believe the best days of football are behind us, for good. Anybody who watched some of the Hall of Fame game Thursday night, should agree. The new NFL rule on head position when tackling, will make games nearly unwatchable. Typically, things like that trickle down to college, high school, and below. I feel that numbers will only continue to decline in our beloved sport. Yes, I've learned during my son's recruiting process, of the importance of multi-sport athletes, in the eyes of college coaches. There are so many benefits to playing multiple sports versus specializing in one sport.
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    Top returners...

    I believe lacking depth is a problem for several teams this year including some of the high ranking ones preseason. Multisport athletes are often a good thing.
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    Blue and white game

    Let me know what everybody thought of the 2018 blue tornado team....what I saw was they got some good recivers race at qb looked good...they look to have a better running game than they have had the last few years...with brown being a short yardage back and the tonney kid being the more speeder back...and mance won't hesitate to try 40 + yard fgs this season because the kicker has a leg....he hit a 57 yarder...that was with no rush but still impressive.
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    Blue and white game

    Kicker & QB will prove to be their biggest assets this year in my opinion.
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    Bearcat Dad

    Questions for Pod

    I don't know about the most, but VHS has one of the most underrated players, at least from a fan perspective. Coaches know him as he is 2 time All-District and was 1st team All-Region and Honorable Mention All-State last year on defense, and was All-District last year on offense as well. Players know him well too, as he is well respected by players that he has become friends with, around the region.
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    Preseason/Week 1 Top 10 poll.

    I don't follow WV high school sports so I didn't feel the need to vote on them. I'd imagine all the polls that doesn't include them are in the same boat as me. The only thing I know about them is what is written on this board. I couldn't name another high school in the whole state other than Bluefield.
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    Well done Ryan. I'm glad you had plenty of material to use of the Tazewell game and not the Graham game. Lol
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    Football Officiating

    If I wanted the kind of abuse that referees take, such as yelled at, spit on, criticized on everything, and even have my ancestry questioned, I would just have my mother-in-law move in.
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