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  1. Agree 100%. Lateral quickness will be/is a huge issue for him when talking about the NBA level. Even with desire and good coaching to get better defensively, does he have the lateral quickness to cover at the NBA level. One thing he does have to his advantage to compensate is his arm length and ups. He has long arms and 6'2 is more like 6'3 or 6'4 with his wingspan, but he had insane hops which can allow him to play off at least a little bit to anticipate the dribble. It will be interesting to see. I hope he makes it. He's in a good program and I'm sure he knows and understands that much like UVA, same for Texas Tech, if you don't play defense, you don't play, period.
  2. A huge issue I see, is the following. In AA, Oak Glenn is a higher seed than Fairmont. In AAA, Cabell Midland is the number one seed ahead of South Charleston (the 2 seed). That's a problem for WV right there. If it would have worked out where all that was left, for example........... if Fairmont was the number one seed coming in and South Charleston the number one seed coming in, then maybe the issue isn't as big (I don't know). In Single A, St. Mary's, who will be crowned the single A champion was the highest remaining seed and they would have shi* kicked the winner of the other game, which likely would have been Ritchie County. St. Mary's was the far away best team in Single A and at least WV kind of a** backwards got it right in Single A, but in AA and AAA, it's ugly, or like the Giles Hokie said, it's a joke. I can't help but feel bad for teams like Bridgeport and Cabell Midland in AAA or Oak Glenn in AA. Oak Glenn had a bunch of seniors and was just annihilating opponents this year.
  3. Final Score: Fairmont 21, Bluefield 19. Beavers down 21-12 with 4 minutes left and Fairmont with the ball inside the Bluefield 20 yd line and fumbles. Bluefield recovers and goes down the field and scores with about 2 minutes left to make it 21-19. Bluefield didn't recover the onside kick and Fairmont crabbed 2 first downs running the ball forcing the Beavers to use up their timeouts and time expired. Heck of a hard fought comeback by the young and gritty Beavers.
  4. Also, Calpreps had Fairmont by 6 over Bluefield today. 2 weeks ago, it had Oak Glenn by 2 points over Fairmont and this week, it has Fairmont by 1 point over Oak Glenn.
  5. They would be favored over Robert C. Byrd. It would be a pick em with Oak Glenn, which is a school located about as far North in the State of WV as you can go and is actually more North of Pittsburgh (not far from Pittsburgh either-40 miles). Oak Glenn was favored by 13 points tomorrow over Robert C. Byrd according to Calpreps. Nothing official, but Calpreps had it 35-22 in favor of Oak Glenn over Robert C. Byrd. Oak Glenn and Fairmont would be considered a toss up game. Either team/50/50 game. Which is why is really sucks if the policy isn't changed.
  6. All but over. Fairmont up 21-12 with 8 minutes left and has the ball at the Beavers 21 with a first down. Great Season for the Beavers and way to hang in there against a very big and physical football team in Fairmont.
  7. Fairmont gashes the Beavers with 7 straight runs to score and now leads 21-12 with 4:47 left in the third. It sounds like Fairmont just is to dang physical up front.
  8. Hokiebird, they don't have to play. They chose to. Probably a bad choice, but they made it and are sticking with it. It's ain't pretty either.
  9. TOUCHDOWN BEAVERS!!!!!!!! Two point conversion no good. 14-12 Fairmont leads in the early 3rd. Bluefield doing everything to get back in to the this thing.
  10. Yep. Agree. Unless the Governor steps in and changes the policy, this is it.
  11. 5 pm Map just released and it's ugly. No games will be played at Charleston. St. Mary's is the Single A State Champion with its win today. South Charleston is the AAA State Champion, and this............Bluefield vs Fairmont game is the State Title Game. The winner is the AA state champion.
  12. Guys, been reading this thread. Perhaps we have some Appalachian Bubble Vision (I'm guilty of that many times). Texas Tech just played for a national title. Their coach and staff is among the BEST in America. They are in the Big 12, but what many of you may not know about Texas Tech is........they have a HUGE Conglomerate. It's one of the largest schools in the country and in the Southwest, trust me, Texas Tech has prowess. The exposure comparing Texas Tech and Georgetown isn't in the same ballpark. The kid wasn't getting the ball enough at Georgetown and it was obvious. Texas Tech is bigger. He plays for a team that is ranked in the top 13 in the country (possibly another final four team as the Red Raiders are very good again (and he's leading them in scoring). The dude made a brilliant choice and of all the schools mentioned, he went to the right one. He also went to the best one with the best basketball program at this very time. Texas Tech is going to be there with Kansas and West Virginia to battle it out for a Big 12 Title and likely the Raiders will be a top 4 seed when all is said and done. The kid made a brilliant choice. The only better choice out of all of those schools mentioned as potential transfer material would have been BYU (homer I am).
  13. Meanwhile, in the Southern part of the West Va, It's 5 minutes prior to kickoff and listening on my radio to the legendary WKOY in Bluefield, and right on Q, you can hear Bluefield Researcher say in the background, "Here come the Beavers!"""""""
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