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  1. I would hope so. Cougar defense was really good last year
  2. Ritchie Thomas had success playing Marion, VA High, Abingdon, Haysi, Coeburn, George WYthe, et........I would love to see what he would do with the schedule Ph plays now.
  3. Vaught coming back????
  4. Galax by at least 30...........PH regular season schedule was WEAK, it will show today.
  5. Yes, three times this year and it wont be close. Galax 45 PH 12
  6. Is The Maroon Tide good enough to beat Riverheads? PH will not be a challenge at all, IMO.
  7. and I heard they have installed a new offense and a lot of trick plays.
  8. GW can not spot Galax 14 like they did Narrows. GW has a good team and a lot of speed. They could have blocked 3 punts VS Narrows, and special teams are big this week.
  9. Patrick Henry is undefeated, I know. I do not know how many of those wins are VS above average teams.
  10. I know his name, and how to spell it..........he had great players, and great future head coach assistants at every stop of his cussing, racial career. Ask around pal.......
  11. Cougar defense shows off this week. PC 35 AHS 14
  12. Has George Wythe named a new Head Boys Coach yet??
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