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  1. Patrick Henry is undefeated, I know. I do not know how many of those wins are VS above average teams.
  2. I know his name, and how to spell it..........he had great players, and great future head coach assistants at every stop of his cussing, racial career. Ask around pal.......
  3. Cougar defense shows off this week. PC 35 AHS 14
  4. Has George Wythe named a new Head Boys Coach yet??
  5. Dennis"Snake" Palmer is one of, if not, the best defensive coordinators in the region. Is he on Grahams staff?
  6. Pretty accurate...I was looking forward to seeing the RB and DB play from Bluefield as I know they are being recruited/committed to D-I programs. Just didn't see that potential today, however I'm sure they have what it takes. The DE is def has a D-I body and played with great effort, IMO. I should also note that Pulaski County is pretty good and I will bet anyone here a soda pop that Lord Bottletop beats Bluefield by 20!
  7. If Beaver has all of those D-l players as mentioned here, then they must have missed the bus. The DE is a good looking kid and plays hard......Pulaski County controlled the game from start to finish.
  8. Hearing that some teams may not finish the year due to low numbers. The Fort is one of them.................stay tuned.
  9. You can thank you Mr. George Brown, former Superintendent of Tazewell County Public Schools for working to secure Coach Hicks in the HOF.
  10. Nepotism means direct Supervision. I know we live in SWVA and that you have relatives working in the same system, but DIRECT SUPERVISION is Nepotism.
  11. hmmmmmmmmmmm I have heard this before. Most school divisions have a policy about NEPOTISM, guess Wythe County does not.
  12. I always thought Bailey's team played hard. He will be at Holston one day.
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