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A message from the office of Ryan4VT

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Hello everybody. 


It’s been quite a while since I’ve been on the boards. Nearly 5 months now. While I won’t go into exact details — I felt it necessary to get away and take a break from most forms of social media. I left the board and also left Facebook for over 2 months. I used that time to look inward, instead of always looking outward and trying to find the negative around me. 


Through it all, I feel like I’ve started to turn a corner in my mental health. My family has went through the gauntlet this fall and winter. Multiple deaths — many due to Covid — have taken away people I loved dearly. Rifts with family and friends. Personal health and financial hardships. We’ve been through it all and come out (so far) stronger. 


Over the last several years, I’ve become unnecessarily combative to those around me — and that includes many of you here. For that, I am sorry. I’ve seen the pattern of who I was as a human, and continue to strive to correct that flaw on a daily basis. I don’t always win the battle — but I am determined to win this war. I hope that you can forgive me for things I may have said or done in the past that were out of line and unnecessary. If not — I understand that as well and truly respect where you’re coming from. I did years of damage to relationships and friendships that aren’t easily repaired. 


In any case, I am excited to get back and talk local sports with all of you. We are so lucky to be alive and healthy and able to talk about our amazing athletes from Radford to Ewing (hey Brady). 

Also, a huge thank you to GMan for checking in on me in what was a low point. I really do appreciate it. 

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Glad to see you back... 

Some winters can be especially hard, but I thank God you are seeing the renewing of spring.  May you continue to grow stronger each day. At times friendships may pause or end, but friends last in the winter seasons.  Your insight and depth are an integral part of this board.  




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9 hours ago, GMan said:

Fact...friends don't need to apologize to friends...unless they slept with their wife or stole their dog...

I have done neither, but I still feel like I needed to apologize. I’ve been nasty to people who didn’t deserve it. 

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