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  1. Graham or Gate City. Who you got and why?

    Gate City 62 Graham 58
  2. Graham Clark Resigns

    Why am I shocked? Everyone knew it was coming sooner rather than later, but I didn’t expect it to be right now. Do you guys think the new coach will be someone already on the staff or will they go out and try to get a big name? Would it be out of the realm to say Sensabaugh?? Lol
  3. Region D Brackets

    Haven’t been on the site in awhile so I thought i’d drop off my opinions for tomorrow nights region 2D semis. Graham and Central will probably come down to guard play. If Mullins and Mcamis get going they will be right there with graham IMO. I think graham will win by 7-10 in the end though. I’m hoping Union can keep the Game with Gate City somewhat close like they did the first time they played at UVA Wise. I personally think they will keep it close for a half and then the Blue Devils will turn it up in the 2nd half and win by 25 or so.
  4. Region D Matchups and Predictions

    To me, it would be foolish for them to assume that no matter what. Especially since Floyd was such an inferior team and the game was a distance away it would be expectedly for Gate City not to play up to their potential. When the Most prolific scorer in VHSL history rolls into town with a 6’5 (?) D1 Recruit and another D1 recruit who has range anywhere across half court on his team, it’s gonna take a special effort from Radford or anyone else IMO.
  5. Best McClung dunk yet?

    In regards to him “having an attitude” about being fouled hard, couldn’t it be that he thinks some of the shots he takes are cheap? I’ve seen probably 90% of the GC games this year and he has a target on his back every time. Last night he had a guy purposely elbow him in the back of the head. Just a thought.
  6. GC 99 Wise Central 70

    I’m not here to point the finger, and I normally hate the “how much did they pay you?” Notion. With that being said, the ref that gave the boys HC the double tech also gave the Girls HC a tech for turning away from him towards her team and clapping. Something seemed off about him. Sure, some calls you can always make some sort of defense either way, but from the moment he stepped onto the floor he was awful. The other official that the GC fan behind me nicknamed “Smiley” wasn’t too great either. Lol. The 3rd ref I thought officiated fairly well.
  7. GC 99 Wise Central 70

    I’ve never seen the deck stacked against a team the way it was against Gate City last night. That includes all of my trips to that gym with Union, and I wasn’t sure it could get any worse.
  8. Gate City @ Ridgeview

    I hope Zac can make it back atleast by the postseason. I wasn’t there so how did the injury look/how did it happen? With Zac out its hard telling what kind of numbers Mac will go for. Dean will be able to step up big. I have no doubts about that.
  9. Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    Was 21-6 after the first quarter and then union did a really nice job of slowing the game down and making their 3s. That kept the in it. Every time Union began to gain momentum it seemed Mac or Zac answered with a 3 and limited it. Not much you can do with those guys!
  10. Gate City/Union @ UVA-Wise

    I don’t think so... Gate City will have their way as they will with the rest of M7
  11. Can Mac get past 2770?

    I will never associate the word “Never” with Mac. I wouldn’t count him out of it.
  12. I’m sure you know by now, but if not he’s out for the year with a torn ACL and meniscus.
  13. GC 64 North Mecklenburg 80

    I’ve seen Tennessee High play Union and even if GC has a down game I think they will win by 10-15+
  14. Eastside VS Union

    This ^^ Union is down right now. The Union 7/8th grade team is down right scary though. The future is bright but it’s a few years away.
  15. GC vs Boone

    There was a moment early in the game where he was standing right beside them and they were just letting him have it with the overrated chants. He looked at him and just gave a thumbs up (I think is what it was). If memory serves a couple possessions later he put the guy on a poster. As for Friday, you’ve peaked my interest with the 7 footer talk. Lol. I assume I’ve now got plans for Friday night, aye?
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