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  1. Graham by however many they want.
  2. Good point. I didn't even think about that, not sure how in the world I forgot Graham.
  3. Well, Union does have Morristown West coming up soon. But they are down a bit aswell. Time will tell.
  4. I know it's probably too early to ask, but if Union and Marion run the table (or both end up 9-1) who would out point the other?
  5. I don't have a score in mind but I think Ridgeview will win. Close game.
  6. Good lord. I knew things at GC were tough, but I had no idea it was getting this bad. Anyways, about the game I think Union will win by a good amount. However, GC has given us so many dog fights in the past it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they did it again. Union - 48 GC- 13
  7. Trust me. I'd come to the Ridge to see a rematch tomorrow night if I could. It was entertaining!
  8. That's unlike him. Although I guess everyone has their breaking point. Either way both are to Blame. The fan and the Player in my opinion.
  9. I can't disagree with you. I just think it would be better to have Qualls playing the quarterback and running the spread with some of the mitchell wildcat peppered in. I think it would make better use of all our weapons.
  10. Agree completely. I think tonight showed that Qualls needs to be the quarterback without a single doubt. Agreed that James could occasionally play it.
  11. A few quick thoughts. Ridgeview is for real. A very good team. I do feel like their kickoff returns set them up really well and helped, but hey, football is 3phases. If I was a Wolfpack fan I'd feel very optimistic. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again!
  12. It's a fun one! Hope you all over there are enjoying as much as we are!
  13. If Collins is out that's just another hit in the secondary. Lord.
  14. Anyone have an update on Dakota Owens?
  15. I would say that Central is one of Unions rivals just because of how bad everyone at Union wants to beat them in every way possible.