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  1. BlueRazor

    Richlands vs Graham

    Total DOMINATION! Well played Gmen. Much the better athletes and speed. I hope you guys can keep playing well and peek at the right time. Congratulations
  2. BlueRazor

    Marion at Tazewell

    Marion in a close one. Marion - 35 Tazewell - 31
  3. BlueRazor

    Richlands vs Graham

    This... An honest post from a proven fair poster here. Your reputation is cemented here and a post like this is why I respect you greatly. My opinion of course.
  4. BlueRazor

    Prayers needed

    Prayers being sent up for this young man.
  5. BlueRazor

    EH31 Frosty Thread

  6. BlueRazor

    Tazewell @ Fort Chiswell

    Sheets and Ryan agree... didn't expect that one anytime this century...lol
  7. BlueRazor


    Offense - Devon Johnson Defense - Todd Mcglothlin
  8. BlueRazor

    FB SCORES Week of 9-12 through 9-17-2018

    You too Beamerball...thanks
  9. BlueRazor

    FB SCORES Week of 9-12 through 9-17-2018

    Thanks Trueblue for the work you do. This fan appreciates it.
  10. BlueRazor

    Richlands at Blacksburg....

    I don't think it will be close at all. Like others have said, to much Bruin speed. I hope we can keep it close for a while but it will be difficult. I love our Blues but Blacksburg is just to good for us right now. I will defend them whenever it's needed but this time "It is what it is". I will definitely be pulling for the Blues because you still have to play the game and I LOVE BLUE TORNADO FOOTBALL!
  11. BlueRazor

    Gate City State Champs

    Yes Graham was OUTSTANDING!
  12. BlueRazor

    VA state championships (3/8-3/10)

    Thanks Trublue for all you do... Outstanding!!! Congratulations Gate City! That was awesome and very impressive. McClung is very special and wish him all the best at Georgetown. Well done Gate City players and coaches. Enjoy Gate City fans...you all were awesome too.
  13. BlueRazor


    You are right about the central argument and statements about politics. You are right about Fred over Fuller in the beginning and who should have probably received the job in the first place. However I don't agree with the rest.
  14. BlueRazor

    State quarterfinals (3/2-3/3)

    Thanks to all who provided the updates.
  15. Very very good Counselor... I could see the gentleman in this clip being you...lol